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Monday, May 30, 2011
First, thank you for all the good wishes and prayers for Harry.  He is having a really rough time right now getting through the prep for the colonoscopy/endoscopy.  It is NOT going well.  So, please keep praying.  We are struggling getting him to drink all the prep.  I will give y'all an update tomorrow when all the procedures are complete.

Secondly, I want to share with you an opportunity to help a friend bring their daughter home from China.  Kathy and I know each other through the adoption community and they have a lovely big family.  I even had the pleasure of meeting Kathy and her oldest daughter at Epcot last Fall:)


{Please excuse my sweaty Disney World look}

She recognized our family (Dave, I think) at Epcot!  How cool is that?

Please go to Alivia's website and bid on some great goodies in the raffle.  Also, please pass this info along to others you know.  They are getting ready to travel and they really need to raise funds.  Unfortunately, they have experienced some unexpected medical issues that have really put a chink in their financial plans.

Solomon Bead


  1. So sorry Harry has to go through the prep and the scopes. These things are hard enough for an adult--I know I found the prep difficult--let alone for a child. You all are in my prayers.

  2. Thank you my friend! I really appreciate your blog post. Love that picture of us! All though I look like a giant next to you, your so cute and petite!

  3. Hello, sweet friend. Your message brought tears to my eyes; thank you for thinking of me.

    I can see China from where I won't be long now; "I will not be moved."

    I am grateful to you for allowing me to watch your sweetness blossom; soon I will smell my own flower in all her glory.

    Thank you, Kim, you inspire me to be a better person.

  4. I hope they give Harry some good sedation. I will be think of him.

    You are very sweet doing this post when your own family is having some problems. I am off to check things out.


  5. I've been following you and your beautiful family for a while now. I hope sweet Harry can get through the prep. You'd think they would make that stuff taste better!

  6. Kim,

    I am definitely praying for sweet Harry -- peace and wisdom for you all! I've been terrible about commenting, but I've been catching up on blogs on my iPhone in the wee hours of the night. =)
    Much love to you and prayers are coming your way.


  7. Praying for sweet Harry.. I love that boy! Also, why do you apologize when nothing is wrong camera, look sweaty.. we love you just the way you are..and ALL of your pictures are perfect. Your family is precious and you do an amazing job capturing their lives!!

  8. I am so sorry that the prep stuff is not going well for Harry. My heart is breaking for him and you. He has been in my prayers constantly these past few days - especially today!


Thank you for your kindness.