Tea and training wheels {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Since we forgot to give Kate her present at her party, we decided to give it to her the next morning.  Kate has never had a new bike.  We are big believers in reusing, reducing and recycling.  So, she has used the boys trikes and bikes (and she has not minded one single bit).  Now that is was time to learn to ride without training wheels, we finally decided it was time for her own girly bike.

Ironically, Kate never noticed or cared that we did not give her a gift at her party.  She was completely surprised with her bike.



Right away, Dave took off the training wheels, took Kate to a field and taught her to ride sans training wheels. He said she was a quick study and had it down in no time.  They called us and we went to see her newly acquired skill!



Later that day, I took my Mom and Kate to afternoon tea at a boutique hotel here in town.  The boys were busy having a nerf war with friends;)



Kate adores her Mimi and has not stopped talking about her since she left.




Kate was so cute!!  She immediately informed our waitress that she would like the "ginger tea, please."  Unfortunately, they did not have ginger tea.  None of the other varieties sounded appealing so they made her a special batch of hot chocolate.

Kate was not a big fan of the tea sandwiches but she LOVED the scones and sweets!!!



This tea was very nice but it dragged on and on (2 and 1/2 hours!) which is a bit long for a 4 (soon to be 5 year old).  I have to say though Kate was impeccably behaved the whole time.  She even asked me to tell our "fancy" waitress that she was beautiful.  She had a lovely accent and was very poised and Kate appreciated that.  I know that we will never forget this special tea with 3 generations of us ladies:)

Sunday Snapshot


  1. I just love the picture of Dave with Kate with arms up in the air with victory! so cute! really, really cute.

    Have a great Sunday!


  2. Nice idea this 3 generations 4 o'clock tea. Love the picture of Kate drinking her hot chocolate and the way she looks at you ;o)

    Have a great long week-end!

  3. Adorable! Love your new calypso dress:) I can't believe we never thought of a field for teaching bike riding? So genius ! Child # 5 will benefit from this great tip ,thanks!

  4. Oh, what a fun day. have to say i love the picture with Kate riding her bike and your husband in the back ground with his hands up! I always love catching up on your blog with your beautiful family.

  5. It all looks so fun. She is such a little sweetheart!

  6. Your date for tea looks just perfect! Glad you could share it with Mimi! Love the new girly bike we just got new bikes as well. Still using the training wheels though. Hope you guys are having a great long weekend!

  7. That is AWESOME!! I remember teaching my daughter to ride her bike. NOw once Charity and JB get here, we get to do it all again (Laugh). I think we still have Bethany's bike that looks a lot like hers.

  8. It looks like a very special outing! Love it : ) 2.5 hours sounds like a very long time for a little girl. Wow.

  9. Wow, she really is a fast learner! Amazing!!!

  10. Yay for Kate!!! Looks like a lovely tea - I like your dress - J.Crew?

  11. That is so sweet in the first video how Harry reaches out to steady her as she turns the bike and then both boys follow her as she tries it out. I love how they look out for her =)

  12. Yay for Kate for learning so quickly!!

    The tea looks lovely and Kate the perfect little girl! Love your dress and Kate looks great in that color!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  13. what a great moment to tuck away. She will love these when she is older and what fun to be able to share them with her kiddos!

  14. That is the cutest thing. I love her reaction? Her smile says it all.
    That white nightdress Kate is wearing is adorable.

  15. What a sweetie pie Kate is! She has the most adorable little voice and spark in her eye. Great job on the bike riding...WOW! Daddy looks so proud :)

  16. Her reaction was so sweet! sounds like she had a great Birthday.

  17. So cute you have to just love the brotherly love in the video. Tea loosk fun wish I could do that with my little girl but she wouldn't be able to eat anything with her allergies.

  18. You know how much I adore tea!! :) What great photos Kim and more importantly, what great memories!! I LOVE your white dress!! Love you!

  19. Great pics. Just went out and bought training wheels today in fact for our 4 yrs old. Love your blog.
    A fellow adoptive parent & new follower,

  20. I think it is so sweet how Will and Harry helped her on her bike in the house. Harry putting his little hand behind her to make sure she was on just melted my heart. You're raising some amazing children!


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