take me out to the ball-game

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Hoot's Mom invited our family to go to an Astros game last night.  We were fortunate enough to sit in a corporate suite and it was amazing.  I will tell you my children are officially spoiled now. I am not sure they will ever want to sit in regular seats again! They all LOVED it.  Well, Kate started off a little scared.  New situations and LOUD environments still scare her at first.  In fact, she hid under a table in the suite for a few minutes.  But the company of her friend, Libbie, the security of Daddy's lap and most of all the great junk food made her warm up pretty quickly.


Will loved the food.  I am not sure I have ever seen him eat so much!  He provided us all with a running tally of his intake;) That is a teenage boy for you.  He is almost 14!!!! Where has the time gone?!


Libbie amazes me.  This little girl was running around the box toward the end of the night with the big kids.  She melted my heart when I saw the look on her face that she recognizes us and knows us now.  I love this lil doll.

Harry and Hoot had a lot of fun too.
While Will is all about the food, Harry is all about the game.  He loves baseball.

Hoot liked dancing around.  He is a lot of fun!

I know he is out of focus.  He dances around too quickly for me to capture;)


One of the highlights of the night was when the sundae cart came to the suite.


Look at Libbie's eyes light up in the corner of the shot:)

Needless to say the kids (and a few of us grown-ups) really enjoyed the sundaes.



The employees at the sundae cart made it a point to tell me how polite and well mannered Will was.  What Mama does not like to hear that?  He has his Yes Sir and M'aam, pleases and thank you's down pat. (at least to other people;)

Harry cannot have ice cream, so we tracked him down this giant snowcone.


He was happy. And yes, his lip are blue.

Yesterday was apparently Jackie Robinson Day in MLB.  So all major league players on all teams wore #42 on their jerseys.

The funny thing is that Shelley and I did not even notice that until the last inning!  Think we talked more or watched the game?

After the game, we got to watch an amazing firework show at the ballpark.

According to Kate, "the only bad thing about the whole night was that the Astros lost."  She told us that this morning.  I was surprised she even noticed that it was a game let alone knew we lost. She fell asleep within 2 minutes once we got in the car. Kate had such a good time last night that she told Shelley she wished she were in their family (so she could go all the time and "because they are sweet to me") Ouch! Oh and Kate had a big time singing "deep in the heart of Texas" with quite a southern twang! Here we sing that right after take me out to the ball game at the 7th inning stretch!

THANK YOU Shelley and family!!!!

For those of you who are interested, I am finally posting all about our Disney trip last fall.  I have a bunch of posts ready and I will post one everyday.  Look below for the first one.


  1. What a fun time. And those sundays look yummy! Loved all the pictures friend.

  2. For me , little frenchie , it's so an unusual way to spend time ( a sundae cart !!! a chil dream no?)
    You seem to have fun !
    I work on well manners a lot with my daughters , i hope some day somenone will make me such a compliment : you have amazing kids!

  3. I so enjoy baseball games. It's my husbands first true love so I like going with him and look forward to one day (far future) taking our family too.

  4. It looks like you had loads of fun. Baseball is the best, especially the food! We went to a game last weekend and the boys are headed to another game today!

  5. Oh you are not kidding....after that the regular seats are not going to do:)

    It looks like everyone had a fanatastic time, who would not with a sundae bar right in your suite?

    I love all the photos, but especially the ones you captured of sweet little Libbie. You can see the change in her since the post you did when they came for a visit. There is definitely more of a twinkle in her eye.

    Enjoy your Sunday Kim!



  6. What fun! Those kiddos are all so sweet! A sundae cart!! Wow -- sweet!


  7. Oh I'm so glad your two families are getting together:) How wonderful to have an ice cream sundae cart...woo hoo!!!! We are praying for Shelley and her family:)

  8. I am with Will - the best part of a ball game is the junky food you dont normally get to eat!!

    And the sundae cart? would have put me over the edge :)

    Looks like fun - glad you got to get together again with sweet Libbie!


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