The Royal Table

Monday, April 18, 2011
Immediately after Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Kate and I headed to lunch at the Royal table in Cinderella's Castle. It was delightful. Kate was in her glory. I am not sure we will ever do it again but it was totally worth it for a once in a little girl lifetime experience.

When you first enter (the very dark) castle, you line up to meet Cinderella...


Kate bought Cinderella some blossoms that she picked out side..Oops:(


Kate was smitten with Cinderella and she was so sweet to Kate too.  I love how Kate touches all of the princesses.


The castle is beautiful inside...



We were led to the best seat in the castle.  Seriously, we were in the window looking out on the carousel and we could see everything.  We felt very lucky.


This was the view from out table outside:)


Aurora, Belle, Snow White and Ariel all came around to say hello.



Fo dessert the kids got a make your own sundae platter.  Kate really enjoyed that:)

At the end of lunch, all of the children got wishing stars and wands (or swords?).  Kate took this very seriously and wished very hard:)



They all danced around with their wands too...


It was a very special Mommy and daughter lunch:)

Tips I learned:
~this is an expensive meal and the quality of the food is mediocre.  You are paying for the experience and that IS  definitely worth it.  Everyone treated us like royalty.
~having said that, the boys would not have enjoyed it so I am glad they went off and did their own thing.
~ It is A LOT of food.  A few courses are served to both adults and children.  They did make me a gluten free meal (I requested it at the time of reservations).


  1. ha, i love that she gave cinderella some blossoms from outside, too funny! those wishing pictures are so darn cute, too!

  2. Such sweet photos of your sweet girl!

    Thanks for including the "Tips I learned." We are planning a 2012 trip to Disney and this is really helpful to me!

  3. This brings back so many wonderful memories of when we took our daughter there when she was four. She was so excited that she couldn't even eat her mea1. She just sat there in awe, staring at all the princesses. I couldn't eat either, seeing how excited she was. It's a memory I will never forget.

  4. thank you for sharing the good and the bad from your disney trip.It is very helpful in planning future trips.I really trust your opinion and also love your pictures. Thanks

  5. We are going next week! The boys will probably go to Typhoon lagoon while Coco does the salon with me although she is starting to talk about the water slides so we'll see.... beautiful pictures!

  6. How sweet! This is so helpful...even though we are years away from a trip like this ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  7. So sweet! What a dream come true! : )


  8. Very cute..
    Love it..
    Love the photos..
    Have a great week..

  9. thank you so much for posting about disney! this experience looks amazing and i can't wait to do it with molly. when you have time, will you include your thoughts on the perfect age for all of this? molly is 2.5 now, so too young to really get it. but do you feel kate was the perfect age...or should have been older? what about the boys? just curious. i'm sure everyone has their own thoughts about this. also, were there any rides kate wanted to go on that she wasn't tall enough for yet? thanks, kim!

  10. So sweet! We went to a breakfast there one year and it was fabulous! Love how they all go to each and every single table! Your princess looks beautiful!


  11. it looks like a fabulous reservation! And that princess you are sitting with? The prettiest one of all!

  12. These photos really really make me want to go to Disney! Do you think I could look as happy and carefree with a wand in my hand?! LOVE it!

  13. This is Sophie's favorite character dining experience!! I like how you commented on how Kate touches the princesses - so sweet.


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