Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Saturday, April 16, 2011
In cleaning out my laptop files, I realized that I only posted about one day of our Disney trip last fall.   Also, a faithful anonymous reader asks me every couple of weeks or so if I am ever going to post more Disney photos. I know I got very busy when we got back.  Now, I am putting together a little family video of the trip.  So, I am going to do a few posts here and in a few weeks I will post date them so they go back in October 2010 (which is when we went). Better late than never, right?

I knew that we had to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique this time at Disney.  Kate was all about the princesses and she was so excited to go to the "salon" (as she called it).  We brought our own Cinderella dress with us but they have them there to purchase too.


The Boutique is in Cinderella's Castle and it is quite beautiful but it is very dark and very crowded so photos were a challenge.


The fairy godmother called Princess Kate (after a very long wait) and began working on her hair...



Then another fairy godmother came to do her nails and a little make-up.



Some magic dust...and voila...






Kate LOVED it and she felt like a princess.  We went right over to Cinderella's Royal Table for lunch after this.  I will post about that next.

Meanwhile, it was Dave's birthday that day:)



Dave loved Dumbo as a kid and Dumbo is still one of his favorite rides.  We bought him a Dumbo ornament while we were there on his birthday!

The boys had lunch at the Liberty Tavern and rode some rides while Kate and I did the girly stuff:)

Disney Tips I learned...
~Book the Bibbidi Bobbido Boutique as soon as you can.  It books up very quickly. 
~Be prepared to wait.  We had reservations but still had a LONG wait.
~Bring your own princess clothes if you can.  They are much more expensive there and don't always have all the sizes.
~Try to time your appointment for just before your meal at the Royal table if you plan to eat there.
~Don't make the boys endure this:)  Dave and the boys came along to see Kate get called and then they stopped back to see the finished product but they were much happier to go off and ride rides during the whole affair.


  1. I was wondering about the Disney trip too.....thank you for this! I cant wait to get Gracie "done" when she is older!!! dx

  2. It was so great meeting you at Disney! We just love it there. Loved the pictures!

  3. So glad you're finally posting about your trip! We're going next year and I love to read about others' trips. Also, am dying to know how you liked those sandals you bought for all the walking.

  4. Kate looks SOOOO proud!! And gorgeous! I am so glad she got to experience this ;)

    Happy Belated Birthday, Dave!

  5. Love Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! My daughter was all done up last month. LOVE IT! Kate looks adorable.

  6. She is BEAUTIFUL and looks like she enjoyed every second of the pampering!!

    Great tips, I will be sure to note. We are not quite ready for Disney, but maybe in a year or so when Reagan is a little older:)



  7. Kate does look like a princess!! So sweet and beautiful!



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