Tuesday, April 26, 2011
We had a really nice Easter.  I did not buy any new Easter clothes for the kids this year and they all got to pick out what they wore (even Kate).  She picked this dress that my friend, Staci sent to her last year.   Now you might think that is weird that I am mentioning Easter clothes. However, growing up, we always got new outfits for Easter. It was a time for new church clothes for Spring and Summer. In fact, there was a small Easter Parade in our town and our family won "best dressed family" two years in a row.  I know that is silly and shallow and not what Easter is about but it is kind of a family joke and I want my kids to know the story and have this photo to go with it someday.  The photo below was in the local paper one year when we won.

kim old family photo

I am guessing that I am about 3 or 4 here?  I am the only light haired one in the family.  I love how we all have our white gloves and little purses and hats.  I wish my Mom had saved those.  Kate has actually asked me for white gloves!

The kids came down to their baskets Easter morning.  Harry is into gags and jokes so he got some fake barf and trick soap:)  Kate has been dying to learn magic so the Easter bunny left her a beginning magic kit.  She even did a mini magic show for us after dinner Easter night.  She also got Ramona and Beezus.  We watched it yesterday and it is adorable!!! Will found some mini lego figures and wikki sticks in his basket.

Every year I want to get the boys new baskets.  They have had these long before Kate joined our family.  But they like their baskets and they don't want new ones.

I just added this...I wanted to video them because photos don't capture their little voices and spontaneous actions....

Then we went to Mass to celebrate our risen Lord! We took a few photos on the way out the door to Mass...





I adore how Kate is looking up at Harry in this one.  She LOVES her brothers!


I am trying to get more photos of me with the kids so that when I am older they can remember what I used to look like...haha!



After Mass we had lunch and an egg hunt.  Dave hid the eggs and the kids did a great job finding them.




Harry was so quick...we did not get a good shot of him during the hunt:)


This was the last egg.  It was so visible but everyone kept walking right by it as Dave took these photos. I finally found it cause the kids were getting bored:)  It is a cupcake egg.  Cute, huh?  Kate got it at Sunday school.

The best part of the day for me was after the hunt...we let Scout outside and we just hung out on the back porch. No one was fighting or bickering or complaining. I love the rare occasion when that happens. We all just hung out for a little while...





Later we went for a family bike ride and had a delicious dinner.  We had the same thing as last year...rotisserie chicken that Dave did on his grill rotisserie.  It was so juicy and delicious.  We also had roasted garlic mashed potatoes and those skinny french green beans.

Thank you so much for all the support yesterday.  I wish I hadn't needed it, but I did.  I have disabled anonymous comments. I am so sorry to my dear real life friends who are not bloggers and used to like to leave comments that way but I saw no choice.   Someone asked me why I share so much here.  This is my life journal.  I look back on it to remember what we did last year and in years past.  I use it to remember my kids medical history sometimes and all the little milestones.  I so wish I had it when the boys were younger. It is simply the way I record all the important details of my family.  I honestly had no idea so many other people would ever read it.  Someday, when I am gone, I hope my kids and their wives or husbands or children will read this and know who I was and how much I loved them.  I try to show them everyday but I know that memory fades.


  1. Sorry I was not able to leave a comment last night... or maybe it did come through... blogger has been a bugger to me lately.

    I just wanted to let you know that I a so sorry that an anonymous commenter made you feel like you need to defend yourself. You are an awesome mom and the most important people already know that... your precious peanuts!

    Big hugs my friend! While I a not an IRL friend... I feel like I am after all these blogging years together (ha... I am not even blogging anymore. I wish I could catch up).

    Glad you had so many friends send you support and love yesterday! Love you!

  2. What a precious family and day!!! You all look beautiful! Happy Easter!!!

  3. Looks like a fun day for everyone! Love all the pictures and that cupcake Easter egg! So cute.

    Love you...love your blog!!

  4. Great post. I don't blame you. I would disable it too. People are just nosy and rude, so sad, God bless you and your beautiful family.

  5. I love reading your blog. You have a beautiful family and many blessings. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Your family and friends who aren't bloggers can still set up profiles so that they can leave comments. I don't blame you at all for disabling anonymous postings. Hope you're starting to recover from your unpleasant experience.

  7. Your Easter weekend sounds so relaxing. My sister and I got new dresses (usually matching) every single year. Then when my brother was brother was born that slowly went away.

    Sorry that you had that experience with the negative comment. I can only assume that some people have nothing better to do then be mean.

  8. I'm really happy you feel so much better!
    Have a nice day!

  9. Okay, two things.... my comment about the anonymous deal got too long winded yesterday, so I didn't send it. But my one suggestion was to disable anonymous comments. I'm so happy you did that! Now comments will be from people who support you and want to make nice comments about your postings! :) Yeah! And secondly, I'm not sure what it was about these pictures, but I think they are among my favorites. And that says a lot since i've been reading the blog for years and years. The picture of the 3 kids on the porch, with Kate looking at Harry... seriously, it's just so perfect to me. They all look so happy! I'm glad you guys enjoyed a wonderful Easter! He is risen indeed!! :)

  10. Hi Kim,

    Im not sure what was said in the comments because it was deleted but whatever that anon commenter said is just out of jealousy and fear. I have had those comments on my blog and while I should just disregaurd them and ignore them-- I dont! I internalize them and they really bother me all day. I wish I was like my hubby who could care less, but I am not and it really bothers me. Even though I cant take my own advice-- just ignore these hurtful comments. Anyone who knows you for any length of time (and I would say I am one of those since we started the adoption journey together back when we were waiting for Kate and Mia's referrals) knows you have a tender and sweet heart and you try to be an open book and we appreciate that about you. Dont let this bug you and know we all get these stupid comments here and there. Big hugs!!!!

    Christy :)

  11. It looks like a picture perfect day. Your family is so gorgeous. Wishing I had thought to make it into a photo myself. Ha!
    Happy Easter Blessings from Hong Kong,

  12. Lovely photos...old and new!

    Sorry about whatever happened yesterday (I missed it) but what really matters is the love you give and legacy you leave to your children and family. I think most who read your blog respect you immensely for doing those things so thoughtfully, beautifully and with all your heart. I think many of us strive to do those things as well and your are a deep well of inspiration :)

  13. Love the Easter pictures - Kate's dress is wonderfuL! Glad you are feeling a bit better about yesterday - and your children (and your husband!) know in a very deep place in the core of their very being how much you love them. It shows in the people they are & are becoming.

    we love you too!


  14. Love their little voices!!!! They are all so sweet.
    You have a beautiful, loving family.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of them with us!

  15. I didn't comment last night because the only words that came to mind were a bit Bridget Jonesy and I know you are too much of a lady to have wanted me blurting out how I truly felt about Mr. anonomous. (And yes, I say Mr. b/c no LADY could be such a rearend.) So, I took a bit of time to cool off. However, I just want you to know how much I look up to you and your family. I truly feel that you are a prime example of a Godly, Christ-like woman and I am so glad that God allowed me to come across your blog. You are so inspiring, humble, modest, talented, and just pure lovely. You-and your family. You are an absolute blessing and role model to so many people! The only people that could ever have the nerve to say something rude or hateful to you about you or your family is doing so out of pure jealousy. Plain and simple. End of story. You are a brilliant lady and even though we've never actually "met," I am proud to be a friend and follower!! With love...Brooke :)

  16. I also blog for refernece and as a journal for Lilah to read when she's older. Sometimes I feel like I should go private, not because I've gotten any nasty comments yet (thankfully!), but because really all this is for Lilah - memories for her because we missed that first 18 months of her life. But then again, I have to remember how much encouragement other bloggers gave me during my wait for Lilah, and that is one of my main reasons for blogging.

    I adore all your pictures. Kate's dress is picture perfect. I love how your boys want their old easter baskets - they're obviously wonderful boys. And your dress is so beautiful too, not many people can wear yellow/mustard, myself included, but you wear it so well. I agree with you about getting into photos. I really need to start making an effort too!

    Love, Jill.

  17. I rarely comment, but I always enjoy reading your blog. It's obvious how much you love your kids and what a wonderful, caring mother you are. It's too bad that more parents don't take the time to create such special memories for their children to look back on someday. It looks like you had a lovely Easter!

  18. My son just got a harmonica too and he loves it! I never knew it would be so much fun for a kid!

    Kim O

  19. Hey again! Kim, what a wonderful Easter!! I LOVE your dress, it's gorgeous and you look SO pretty!!
    The little video was sweet and I especially love the picture of Dad and the kids!
    The Easter clothes thing isn't silly, it's rooted in tradition! :) In the early days of Christianity, people used to be baptized on Easter and they would wear a new white gown after the christening. That tradition has just carried on through the ages and is why we still like wearing new clothes or our "Easter best" ~ to start anew. We did the same thing growing up and it was a pretty big deal...so of course I carry it on. :)
    So glad you had a wonderful Easter day!

  20. Hi Kim, I just want to say that in my opinion you ARE A FANTASTIC MUM!!! Dx

  21. I really hate that you have to experience the rudeness of "internet trolls". Some people visit blogs just to cause misery and strife! Well we LOVE 3 Peanuts and I personally would like to thank you for allowing me to peek at everyday life. I have enjoyed the beautiful pics, the thought-provoking post and the wonderful recipes! I can truly say it's been a fun ride so far and you will never hear me scream from the backseat "are we there yet?!!" Keep blogging and keep ignoring the trolls!

  22. You have a beautiful family and are a honest person. I have read you blog for a while and it always makes me feel good. I have learned in the past year that there will always be "mean girls." I still get hurt by them in my 40's but I have learned the less energy I give them, the better I feel.

  23. I read your blog from Belgium each week. I do not speak very quite English.
    I like so much to read the news and to see the splendid photographs of your children.
    What a beautiful family!
    Good Easter!


  24. Also meant to comment on the family pic! My emotions got the best of me and I hit SEND to quick! Okay...is that picture ADORABLE or what!!!! Now that is CLASSIC!!!!! Love the peacoats and gloves!!! My sister and I had Easter ponchos made one year and I hold that picture dear to my heart! My mother (who has since passed) was an awesome seamstress, and although she often made us cute outfits, those ponches were the ones I fondly remember! Truly one of the most enjoyable post!!

    BTW check the local dept stores, those gloves should be on Easter clearance by now~~besides they will become handy for those future tea party pics *hint-hint*

  25. It looks and sounds like a perfect Easter! The kids look lovely especially for choosing their own outfits:) your Easter egg hunt looks like it was lots of fun. I love the cupcake egg! Hoping today is a better day sorry again about yesterday!

  26. It looks like everyone enjoyed their Easter. I LOVED the little video clip! Kate's little voice is so sweet, and I love that Will seems to still be "into" the Easter basket thing. It's obvious that your children are grateful for what the receive, too, I heard some genuine "thank you's"...so sweet.

    Gin =)

  27. What a blessed Easter morning you had !! You are blessed in so many ways, I love your pictures but I just melted to see Kate's happiness , God bless you by the kindness you expree by pampering her and the boys too.

  28. Oh my goodness- Kate's voice is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Serioulsy- I had to play it twice. I love your blog, and think you have just the nicest family- and it stinks that people have to go saying mean spirited things on other people's blogs. To heck with 'em!
    Thanks for sharing all that you do. It is always a breath of fresh air for me to see what ya'll are up to.
    Oh, and LOVE your first family pic. Too cute. I love that all three of you kiddos have flower corsages on.

  29. Kim,
    I have been reading your blog for about a year and I honestly love it. I follow many blogs and yours is probably my favourite. I love that you are not afraid to keep it real and post about your difficulties and struggles as well as the happy times in your life.
    Your family seem like the sweetest people, and you are a great mom! I do not have kids yet, but honestly you are an inspiration to me as a mom.
    I am sorry that you have had to disable annonymous comments but you are probably better off now. Thank you for allowing us a sneak peak into your life.
    P.S: these photos are amazing!

  30. OH so adorable... all of them!! And that photo of you and your family... priceless!!! LOVE it! So sweet... I wish I had kept up my blogs like you have... such a treasure for your children to have... love you. xo

  31. So beautiful to see your family having a special day together. I love, love, love that dress you have on. It is very cute. You are really good at finding special and unique outfits.... I can see that your mother taught you well ;) I love your blog too. It is part of my daily life now, to be honest, and I feel as though I am walking in the front door of one of my friends homes, and calling out, "Kim? Are you here?" when I check in each day ;) Thank you. Even though we've not met, I think we ARE "real life friends"! I need to get rolling on my own blog. Pathetic that I keep thinking about it, but not doing it!

  32. SO glad you had a lovely Easter. It shows in all your faces.

    And, love that picture of your family of origin. What a treasure.


  33. The picture of your mom and dad and you and your sisters brought a huge smile to my face :) i loved the outfits!!

    I, too, love the picture that you love of Kate looking at her big brother - I can just feel the love!

    You got some great pictures of the peanuts on your Easter afternoon - beautiful, as always!

  34. You totally look like your mom! I love your 40 bags in 40 days...I might do that next year. You inspired me with your bible reading last year so I started a reading plan and am thoroughly enjoying it. The Lenten jar was really neat, too. Keep all those good ideas (and fashions) coming!

  35. My daughter was looking over my shoulder when I clicked over to your blog and was so excited to see the Easter basket picture because "Momma! Look! They have TWO baskets just like mine!" :)

    Beautiful pictures of your family.

  36. I LOVE that video! You have a beautiful family. Glad to hear you have a wonderful Easter
    Have a great week

  37. I absolutely LOVE your dress! Adorable pictures of your family as well! Looks like you all had a lovely Easter!

  38. I would love to explain to you why i read your blog, even if i didn't know you ; it may be difficult with my english ...
    I'm french and i love the USA , i love to see how different is the life there etc... So i searched blogs where i can learn from... Yours was one of the first i "met" while blogging ... And immediatly i felt a certain connection with your values , your familly , the way you want to live... I didn't comment by the past , because of a sense of discretion but by now i would love to be there to share with you my "thoughts" about your posts ; i hope you wouldn't mind ?

  39. Loving the old family photo - Go Dad with those lapels!! Very groovy, and those flairs are just precious!! Its amazing how fashion changes isnt it. That would have been the height of fashion back then, hence the best dressed award! You obviously have inherited you mums flair for detail!

  40. Oh how wonderful! I love that classic picture of you and your family when you where are child. I remember wearing white gloves and an Easter hat and loved every bit of it.
    p.s. That video truly does capture the moment!

  41. Lovely lovely photos! You DO have the sweetest family! Looks like a fabulous Easter. You and Miss Kate (boys too, of course) have the cutest outfits! Happy Wednesday!


  42. I agree with Lori and Christy on so many levels..people like to bring us down, don't let them! You look just like your Mother!!! My family dressed to the hilt when I was a child also, it was a big deal to get your "Easter Outfit", I too had the white gloves and white Mary Janes of course! The picture of the children with Kate giggling is presh!!

  43. As always, gorgeous photos of your beautiful family. I know you also recently mentioned ideas for Kate’s ballerina birthday party, so wanted to forward some elements that may be helpful to you (we incorporated these details into our own daughter’s recent party). Have you ever seen Martha Stewart’s ruffle cake? It would be absolutely darling for a ballerina party. We did a similar version, having our bakery design a large cake for our guests, and a mini cake (cake topper size) for our daughter. We displayed them next to each other, with the mini cake displayed on a tall glass vintage-style cake stand. We simply printed out the photo and directions from the Martha Stewart website and brought it to our bakery (with a little tweaking on design and cake flavors)... Martha’s version is at http://www.marthastewart.com/259916/ruffle-tower-cake. You could even alter the design and have your bakery pipe the ruffled frosting in a horizontal direction to resemble a tutu. Additionally, an online party retailer Polka Dot Market has pink and white polka dot balloons – while I’m not typically a big fan of balloons, these are really cute and festive (I would suggest the standard pink, not hot pink). We ordered this style in 3 colors: pink, aqua and lime green to compliment our theme, and they looked absolutely gorgeous grouped together. Here's the store's link:

    You have impeccable taste, so whatever you do, your party will be just fabulous! Looking forward to seeing how all your details come together.

  44. Dear Pink Parasol,

    Thank you so much for those links. I LOVE that cake and was going to try to make cupcakes with that kind of icing. I might just order one now though:)


  45. about your tender spot post, I don't see anything that the anon comment referred to in the pictures. Looks like (to me anyway) boys growing taller faster than they are growing out. I see nothing wrong with that. Sorry to read you were hit with a troll. Seriously there wasn't enough picture to see bones unless you changed it but even then boys use a lot of calories in activities!

  46. Hi Kim .. love your old family photo and your Easter outfits. My family did the same .. new clothes and all dressed up on Easter Sunday (complete with new hats and white gloves for my sister and I)!
    Love your dress- you and your family all look beautiful! Easter blessings!! xx

  47. So glad you liked the ruffle cake Kim. But if you should decide on cupcakes, I also have a link for ballerina tutu toppers that remind me of the invitations you adored. The link even provides directions to make them yourself. It's at http://tomkatstudio.blogspot.com/2009/09/cupcake-monday-ballerina-cupcake.html

    When I was planning my daughter's birthday, I too scoured party blogs for hours on end - it's so inspiring to see such creativity, and with so many great ideas, it's really hard to narrow elements down and know when to stop. I think I forced myself to stop looking the day before our party - LOL!

    Take care and happy planning!

  48. LOVE the Easter pics, Kim! I'm a genealogy buff so I love the older family pics - you look very much like your mom to me!

    So sorry to hear about the ugly comments someone made. As the others have said - that comes from jealousy and envy and in no way reflects on you or your parenting skills.

    We all love ya and the Peanuts! Hang in there! (I love the Disney pics too - Wish we could have met up while you were here)

    Kim and Katiebug

  49. I am in LOVE with your dress...Do share where I can pick one up:) and I enjoy reading your blog!

  50. Ok...I missed the Anon comment...glad I did! Those get my blood boiling.

    So much to comment on in this post. First of all, you look fabulous in your Easter attire. We always got Easter dresses and Christmas dresses too!

    I just have to say that Will is so handsome in the photos of the children at Easter. Y'all better watch out. Those little middle school girls are going to have some major crushes!


  51. I can't imagine anyone saying mean words to you my sweet friend Kim...you have the purest heart for Jesus. I love all the pics of the peanuts:)


Thank you for your kindness.