Good Friday and Holy Saturday

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Kate's lil chalkboard cross:)

On Good Friday a friend of mine told us about a Passion Experience at a Baptist church in town.  It was amazing!!  They had interactive stations to represent various parts of the Passion of our Lord.   For example, one station had a crown of thorns, actual nails/stakes like the ones used to crucify Jesus and a heavy hammer. Another station had all of the oils and perfumes used in the burials of Jesus' time.  One station had unleavened bread to taste like that shared at the Last Supper.  There was a station with the torn curtain and an inner sanctuary.  Finally, there was a station where we could write our sin on black paper and nail it to the cross.  At each station, there was a prayer and meditation. We were also invited to taste, touch and smell at the various stations. The whole experience was very solemn and moving.  People were crying.  My three kiddos did great.  It was not designed especially for children and there were few children there.  But honestly, my children were very touched and I am so glad we went.

Kate as asked if they could paint a cross at home.  I bought these last week at Hobby Lobby and they painted them.



{Harry painted his later}

We were kind of sick of cooking fish and shrimp at home for Lent so we went out to an early dinner at Carrabbas.  They make Harry some special gluten free/dairy free pasta and mussels.  Yummy!  I had them too!

On Saturday, we packed a cooler and took a completely spontaneous trip to the beach...


Unfortunately, we found the beach's shoreline completely covered in seaweed!  It had just rolled in.
The danger of the seaweed is all the stuff hiding in it like these dangerous man of war jellyfish


It was also VERY windy and the water was rough!
Kate didn't care though.  She loves playing in the sand...




{Kate's bathing suit is from here. Got it on sale. Wish it cane in my size!}

It was SO bright and SO windy that I really struggled taking photos (even on the lowest ISO).  Next time, I won't even bother because I got LOTS of sand on my cameras and lenses. I spent a long time brushing and blowing sand out at home.

Will found some awesome shells and did some sun bathing.  We all tried to soak up some healthy vitamin D actually.

{those are Dave's old Oakley's--pretty retro, huh?}

Harry braved the water for some boogie boarding...



I could not get too close for good photos due to the seaweed.


Dave carried Kate over the seaweed for a little ocean time too:+)

On the way home, we stopped at Rita's water ice.  We do not have one here in town so the one at the beach is the closest one for us. Rita's originated right near my hometown in Pennsylvania so it is very nostalgic for me (plus my grandma's name was Rita). I love Rita's frozen custard...sigh.
It was a very nice day.

Be back tomorrow with an Easter post.  We are having a lovely day!


  1. Happy Resurrection Day sweet friend. The Passion experience sounds like a special time with our Lord.
    So fun to see the Peanuts at the beach.
    Safe journey home,
    Daleea and the Jewels....

  2. Oh good ole Galveston- such a shame about the seaweed. It's been so free of it that I hardly remember it even exists. Happy Easter!!

  3. Oh that beach trip looks WONDERFUL!! Can't wait to get there myself, seems loooong overdue!
    So glad you're having a lovely Easter!
    ps Kate looks adorable in her suit!

  4. Happy Easter!

    I simply cannot get over the amount of seaweed! YUCK! I loathe that stuff. And the jellyfish - while an awesome photo - that is scary!

    Finally - Harry looks just like Will in that last photo of him in the water!

  5. I love her swimsuit, those colors are georgeous on her. Happy Easter!
    Gin =)

  6. Beautiful pictures!! Happy Easter to you all.

  7. Love all the beach pics. Love Kate's suit!!

    Sounds like you're having a great holiday. Can't wait to see Easter pics!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! That Passion Experience sounds incredible! Also, Carrabba's and the beach all in one weekend?? Count me in!

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  10. Any day with Rita's is a GREAT day!
    Glad to hear they are moving west.

  11. I love that you can go to the beach without having to plan a vacation or get on an airplane. I love Kate's bathing suit and am so sad my "big girls" can no longer wear a 5T. And I love how cute your whole family is!

  12. Sounds like fun family time! :)

  13. Love Kate's swimsuit! So cute! That water looks way too cold and too full of seaweed for me, but it sure looks like the boys had fun. =)

  14. Kate looks so pretty in those colors! What a cute bathing suit.

  15. Okay I am responding here instead of the post after.... You know this will sound so silly to say but usually people like anon tend to be jealous or envious andin this case I am not sure why on earth they would chose to use your child as a thorn in your side..... But some people are just plain MEAN and this is EXACTLY the case here!! You do not need to defend yourself, or justify ANYTHING!!!

    Our daughter is 2 1/2 and not even on the weight chart, she is not curving and my ped is fine with where we are.... She is smarter than some adults I know, and pretty much will eat only fruit and veggies..... So anon.... Come on over and leave me a mean comment!!! I dare you!!

    Really they have to just be green with envy that they stroll onto your blog and say hurtful things about children??? Who does that???

    Sorry and don't give them one second of attention that they clearly need and want!!

    BTW my husband was one of the first people here in Dallas that did the camera pill. While I hate Harry has to do this..... Wait until you see the 60,000 images it will take on the way down. It is great because you will get to see things that his endo/colonoscopy can't see. So hopefully it will help and give insight to his issues!!!

    Looks like it was a GREAT holiday!!

  16. Your week-end seems to be so good !
    Spontaneous trip are always the best ! It's seem there was the end of a sea tempest in your beach!
    The bath suit is adorable ... I gonna check your link for my daughters...

  17. Always love your posts. You strike a lovely balance between family, interesting outings, party design, interior decorating, etc etc but also I love that you share with everyone your faith and thoughts. I'm not someone who would read a blog solely on religious thoughts but as I said it is a lovely balance and has made me reflect on things in my life. Reading a blog is I feel similar to being invited into someones home - you are privileged to be able to be invited in and you certainly are not supposed to be rude and offensive in someones home!! Be reassured what comes across is your love of family,your nurturing ways and how you would be someone I would be proud to have as a friend!! Your children look happy, healthy and well adjusted children!! Give yourself a pat on the back and know that there are lots of people sending you "blog" hugs!!My hug is all the way from Australia!! xxoo

  18. Looks like a wonderful day even if there was seaweed! We had it too on Saturday on the east coast of FL. Love Kate's swimsuit!

  19. What gorgeous pictures of an amazing day at the beach. I too wish that Kate's bathing suit came in my size!
    That last picture is simply priceless!!


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