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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Kate has had A LOT of days off from school for both Passover and Easter and we have had some very special Mother-Daughter moments.  One day last week, we had a picnic on our back deck for lunch.  I casually mentioned that there was a Prince named William (She immediately asked if it was her brother, Will) who fell in love with a lovely and intelligent young lady named Kate.  My Kate's eyes got SO BIG!  We had a great conversation about the Royal Wedding and Kate asked if the "other" Kate had black hair like her.  She also told me she knew the "other" Kate would not look Chinese since she is from England.  It was one of those delicious conversations that I wish someone had been taping.  Kate made the cutest facial expressions and she got so excited!!

Since then Kate asks me bits and pieces each day about the wedding.  Will they KISS?!  Will they ride in a carriage?  Will they live in a castle?  She has asked to see photos of the bride and groom too.  We are looking forward to watching footage of the royal wedding together.

I so want to capture these memories so when we were chatting about it yesterday, I pulled out the flip camera.  Kate is quiet in the beginning (she is a little distracted eating her easter sweet tarts!)  but then she comes out of her shell and gets quite goofy.  In fact, she wanted to keep doing more and more...  She is really silly in the second one:) Please excuse her messy falling out ponytail..we did not primp...this was pretty spontaneous.

Untitled from Kim S on Vimeo.

She thought they might have "pinatas".  Can you tell she is a Texan?  Although we have never had a pinata.

I wish I got her on tape saying in a little accent that we will be having scones with clotted cream!  I'll try to get that on here too.  It is so cute!


  1. This was adorable! its funny how kate thought it was her brother at first!Its gonna be a fabulous wedding day and im pretty sure all of the moms out there will be watching! also i need to tell you something really important about something my son found on facebook.

  2. Too cute!!! We are all super excited here...I'm spending the day in my kitchen cooking up a storm! Our first party starts at 9.30am...C A N N O T wait. Dx

  3. Precious! Both of you sound so sweet :D Check out Living Locurto's website for Princess Kate paperdolls that you can download! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I'm researching the the best channels to watch the wedding, and wanted to see which one you were going to watch it on! LOL
    I'm leaning towards ABC.

  5. My girls are very excited about Princess Kate also! The oldest would like to get up to watch (2am our time) but I am trying to avoid saying no, you have school.
    Your Kate is so cute!


  6. I really really love this! I have to do these kinds of things with my kids someday because I know that Kate is truly going to cherish these right along with you. She is just so sweet, innocent and intelligent. I love hearing her perspective about such a big event in the world!
    How fun!
    Enjoy watching Kate!

  7. Love your blog! Read all the time. I think I may have figured out how to follow with blogger without having issues with my school email account! (I am a teacher) I'm so sad that someone left rude comments for you! Jealousy is ugly!

  8. I love conversations like these! Emma doesn't know yet...she will just love the pictures. I can't wait for the wedding to be over and to show her!!!

  9. I'm a princess too... Come over and read how!!! ;)

  10. I love her silliness!! What a funny girl :) This one will go down in history!


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