A beautiful wedding

Friday, April 29, 2011
{the scones we had for breakfast}

Even though I said I loved my sleep, I did set the alarm and woke at 4:30 am to watch William and Kate wed.  I watched by myself and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  I especially enjoyed all of the historical details I learned along the way.  I loved the talk given my the minister.  It seemed very relevant.  And I loved their prayer.  I loved when Harry peeked back and reported to his brother on the altar. It was a lovely moment between brothers. They seemed real and not so stuffy.  I also loved when William looked at Kate and told her she looked beautiful.  There were some sweet, tender and real moments that we never saw with Diana and Charles.

Kate's dress was timeless, elegant and beautiful and it reminded me of Grace Kelly's dress. I think William and Kate looked stunning and I could sense the genuine love between them.  I thought that Kate looked like a beautiful bride enjoying her wedding day.  Considering the pressure, I do not think she seemed any more nervous than any other bride.



They look so happy.

And may I say that Pippa looked AMAZING!  I adored her dress.  It was elegant and chic and current and she wore it beautifully.



And how cute is that Harry?

It was so fun seeing all the hats and fascinators too...


I was not a fan of Beatrice and Eugenie's hats though.

Meanwhile...back here we had scones and Devonshire clotted cream (with bed head:)




Kate and Harry watching this morning...



Kate LOVED seeing the highlights and the kisses on the balcony!!!  She was so incredibly excited.  I DVR'd it and we will watch more later.

Our local central market was selling these little chocolate cakes (below) as Prince William's groom cakes.  I bought a few for us to have this afternoon when Kate and I watch the wedding together.  This one got a little beat up but they are very cute with some gold leaf on top.



  1. Wasn't it fun? Kate (or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge now) was so elegant. I loved how the ceremony was dignified, the homily so relevant, and the bride and groom still could whisper to each other at the altar. Their giggles on the balcony killed me! I got up at six to watch it too. So worth it.

  2. I loved it too, My alarm didn't go off so I didn't get to see it all but enjoyed what I did see!! Loved it!!


  3. I agree with you completely!!

  4. This pair are wonderful, I really enjoyed the wedding too, everything about it was spectacular! ...from the dress to the flowers to the kisses! Catherine is going to make a wonderful Queen one day.

    And I solidly agree that Pippa pulled off that dress incredibly. Wow! Oh, and my favourite hat was Camillas!

    That William is so romantic! He's broken many girls hearts today! :)


  5. I enjoyed what I could see before heading out to work and dropping my sweet girl to preschool. I loved Kate's dress!! She was just a vision of pure beauty and elegance! I didn't get a chance to see the "first kiss" LIVE. I got to work and got right on the computer to pull it up! Bad...I know! What a beautiful couple.

    Oh boy were there some fancy hats in there! I enjoyed every moment of the program *that I got to see*!

  6. I enjoyed watching the wedding with my children before school. I wish I had thought to get a special breakfast to enjoy while we watch...what a good idea!

    Looks like you all had a fun morning. :)

  7. It was a fairytale wedding for sure. Okay I have a question, did you make the scones? Because I have tried to make them before and failed...miserably. Do you have a good and EASY recipe? They llok delicious!

  8. Kim,
    I loved your recap!!! I had no idea that was Eugenie and Beatrice... Thanks for noting that.. I was wondering who had that "unique" hat!!!! I can't even imagine picking out something to wear for this grand occasion!

    I loved it.. Kate IS stunning!!!!!!!! I wonder what she is wearing now?


  9. I got up at 3 to watch... Wedding was AMAZING.. sooo beautiful..
    They are a perfect couple.
    Love the history also..
    and Pippa and Harry.. very beautiful and handsome..
    Have a great weekend..

  10. Love Kate and William. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I agree that the brother camaraderie was touching. They (W and K) seem like a very strong pair. Yea!

  11. How fun! I especially love how the children were so excited to see this historical event. That excitement is what will help them remember it forever. Just think about when they tell their kids that when they were kids their mommy made them scones and told them all about the wedding, then they woke up and watched it together! What an amazing memory you helped create for your children!!:)

  12. I love that you had scones as part of the celebration! :)

  13. That little spunky blond page completely channeled my J's personality throughout the whole wedding - and official photograph! Brought back lots of memories!

  14. Pippa stole the show! She looked absolutely stunning. I have to admit that I was just a tad disappointed in Kate's dress. I know she wanted it to look like Grace Kelly's, and it did in some ways, but it just was so boring. After seeing Beatrice's enormous bow sculpture maybe boring is better. And oh that Harry . . . how cute is he? I loved how he literally sauntered into the church. And when he peeked at Kate and then reported to Will -- the best moment of the whole wedding.

  15. So gorgeous, and best bridesmaid dress I've ever seen!

    Would have been great to watch it with a little princess of your own, did love sharing it with my big girl princess though, and at the much more civilized time of 7pm in Australia!

  16. My little girl loved the wedding too. We were in Disney and they all decked out United Kingdom in Epcot and gave out crowns ans tieras. So much fun!!

  17. Don't you think Prince Harry should go after Pippa now. He's handsome, she's beautiful and they're both available. Sounds like a match to me.

  18. It was amazing! Loved watching it all unfold.

    Did you make the scones yourself? I'm on the hunt for a good recipe.


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