Kate's Ballerina Party {Inspiration}

Thursday, April 14, 2011

For about a year now Kate has been telling us that she wants her 5th birthday party at "Pump it up." I mean she was telling us this every week for months!!!  I was okay with that and told her we would have a "Pump it Up" party.  However, I was secretly hoping to throw one more sweet little girl party at home.  Kate was sticking to her original plan until about a month ago when Ally came to visit.  Ally brought Kate an Angelina Ballerina book.  Then, she began watching Angelina Ballerina on TV.  Somehow, I might have very subtly suggested a ballerina birthday party to Kate.  She loved the idea!

Since some of Kate's closest buddies are boys, I might have also told her that we would have them over for a separate cupcake celebration or go out for ice cream closer to her actual birthday.  I cannot be certain how it all unfolded but we are having a PINK, girlie, delightful, de-loveley, ballet party at home for about 10 girls. And Kate and I are both really excited! I have hired Kate's ballet teacher to come and give a little lesson.  I have ordered pink tutus for all the girls as the party favor (got a great deal here).  And I have done some searches on the web for party inspiration.

Let me say that I want to give credit to the sources of these photos but somehow as I gather them over time, I do not know where they all came from.  So, if you know or a source or you are they source, please let me know and I will credit you or remove the photo if you wish.

Ballerina Invitation 013-1

I simply fell in love with this invitation from A little loveliness  (if you click here you will spend hours mesmerized by beautiful parties she throws for all of her children--don't say I did not warn you;).  I was going to make this but I need to mail some so I went with another one instead (an adorable etsy one-I'll share later).  If I have time (ha ha),  I might make place-cards like this though.


I love these flowers from Party box design but I might go with pale pink hydrangeas or peonies instead.  I will see what is readily available next month.


{Country Living}

These arrangements below are the ones I did for her party last year...



For food, I am thinking tea sandwiches (kid friendly ones), marshmallow pops, cupcakes and fruit.





Pink chocolate marshmallows

My creation
Cookies from here.

The beverages will be glass bottles filled with this lemonade...

swimmeet1 007

and I have ordered these straws...


And I hope to etch each of the girl's initials in a glass bottle.


For the decorations...

I plan to make these tulle pom poms.


I made the paper ones below last year.  I am hoping the tulle are just as easy.
Princess Tea Party

And of course I will use the beautiful banner Lori sent us years ago.  It will be perfect!


It's funny because I do not think of myself as crafty or creative (at all) but I have so many fun ideas spinning around in my head for this party.  I really enjoy doing all of this.  I wish that I had all of this inspiration when the boys were little.  They had good parties but I definitely did not have the confidence to try any of these crafty types of things back then.


  1. oh my goodness, kim, these ideas are precious!! i love it. aren't little girl parties so fun to plan for? i'm already planning for molly's party and it isn't until september! ha!! but i love looking at your party idea photos to get inspiration from as well. have fun!!!

  2. Oh, Kim..... how beautiful! I know your little Katie Rue will be overjoyed with her oh, so lovely ballerina party...
    Happy Birthday precious girl...
    Miss you friend.... I think y'all need to come to Hilton Head again for your beach vacation this summer!

  3. it's all so beautiful!!! what a lucky little lady! :-)

  4. It all looks wonderful. Have you seen vintage white swan vases? They also could look cute with flowers in them and continue the ballet theme of "swanlake"! Just a thought

  5. I'm not the birthday party planning kind of Mom, but boy are your ideas adorable! I LOVE them all.

  6. Kim -- I am so glad Kate changed her mind! I think this theme is going to be absolutely perfect! I love all of the inspiration you have collected so far!

    Our kids are so funny because they think birthday parties are only held at home and that ice cream shouldn't come from a box from the store! They always have homemade ice cream on their birthday!

  7. The party seems like it is going to be absolutely gorgeous! I love love those invitations! So simply sweet!

  8. OH I can't wait to see this party come together..... everything is BEAUTIFUL and how GREAT that Kate's ballet teacher will come over and give the girls a lesson.

    You are not crafty or creative? I don't think you give yourself enough credit Kim. I think you are both of those things.

    Have a great weekend~


  9. That is going to be an adorable birthday party! I can't wait for pictures!

  10. FUN! So happy the Angelina book served as a little inspiration for Kate! hehe... I can't wait to see photos - I am sure it will be amazing! I wish I lived in Texas so I could be a "Mother's Helper" during the party!

  11. Wow! I am sure this party will be amazing...as all of your parties are!! You're making me feel like a major slacker mom today!! lol...

  12. to DIE for!!!! Love the details!

  13. Another fabulous party we will be missing... I didn't think you could top last year, but I think you just did!
    It is going to be lovely, and precious!!!!! Perfect for the very lovely and precious Kate Emerson!!!!!

    Have fun planning!


  14. I love this idea! Can't wait to see photos!

  15. Wow -- all of this makes me so excited! We are in the process of adopting a little girl from China and I, like you, already have two "big" boys at home. I've spent the last few years surrounded by trains, Star Wars and legos, and just reading this post makes me giddy about ballerinas! Looks wonderful!

  16. Wow! Each idea is more beautiful than the next, if that's even possible! It will be such a beautiful, GIRLY party :-)
    Can't wait for when my little princess is old enough for this kind of shindig!!!!

  17. What a beautiful party she'll have! I love all of your ideas.

    I've ordered those Petit Fours from Dragonfly Cakes for a baby shower and they are sooo yummy!
    Enjoy the party!

  18. It's so beautiful : your daughter is lucky to have a mom like you!

  19. I love your ideas for Kate's party. Girls are so much fun. I have an older son so it is nice to get to do the girly things. Can't wait to see your party post.

  20. ADORABLE!!!!! This is going to be tons of fun!! I love the invitations (or placecards) You HAVE to do the etched glass - I wish I lived closer - I would help you drink the Starbucks Frappuchinos :-)

    OH, and the marshmallow treat pops are e.v.e.r.y bit as gorgeous as Bakerella's Cake Pops AND they look so much easier/neater :) Sorry - but those cake pops are kind of a pain!

    so, so cute - cant wait to see the finished product :)

  21. What fabulous inspiration! I cannot wait to see what you do! By the way, that shot of your dining room is gorgeous!

  22. Love love love the pink ballerina party ideas!!! My oldest is a ballerina she is even going to Westminster school of arts next year with the princeton ballet. Enjoy!!

  23. love your idea for party! so cute!

  24. Pretty in Pink...looks like a perfectly dainty, frilly, girly girl party. You do such a great job of planning and executing! I know it will be fabulous!!

  25. I too follow a Little Loveliness blog--have you seen the ballet slipper cookies she makes from Nutt*r butter cookies??? I made her flip flop cookies for a pool party last year--they were easy and a huge success!!! You must check out the ballet slipper cookies!!1 If you have peanut allergies at the party I think you could substitute Milano cookies! Can't wait to see how the party unfolds!

  26. I just did an awesome WOODLAND FAIRY/GNOME party for my 4yr old and order all the little fairies tutu's and wings from www.haloheaven.com the tutu's were great quality and very afforadable. Just click on the tabs you want and you will be amazed at how affordable the tutu's are. Alot of dance studios order from their as well. So if the item you want are sold out just scroll down, I'm sure you will find the kind you want! I know you have probably already ordered Kate's guest theirs, but if any mom's are looking for great quality items for birthdays and such, that is the place to shop! Also...they have neat party stuff?costumes for boys! I wish I had a way to share pics from her party, it was a HIT w/all the kiddos and especially the mom's! Truly a beautiful party! I would love to share my ideas w/anyone interested.

  27. Came back to add: My party idea was inspired by Kate Landers "woodland fairy" party. Gotta give credit...where credit is due.

  28. Oh..I just checked out A Little Loveliness....WoW. You were right. Thank you so much for sharing. Kate's birthday looks like it will be fabulous! Cannot wait for pictures!

  29. You are too so creative, I used some of your ideas from Kate's bday last year for Madeline's 4th bday in January:)It was magical and so very sweet and I am NOT creative!

  30. Beautiful! That is going to be an amazing party! Love the peonies and well, everything! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  31. It looks like it will be the most perfect day ever:)

  32. Amazing birthday party!
    Have fun!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  33. Amazing! Wished we lived closer so your creativeness could rub off on me. I don't dare show my girls these pictures or they will put the pressure on. Lovely!

  34. wow! those invitations are too cute (as is everything else in this post...). can't wait to see pictures from kate's party!

  35. Looks like the perfect girlie party!! Love everything!! Hope it turns out great! Can't wwait to see all of the ballerinas.

  36. As always, your photos are amazing.
    Do you have a tutorial for the tulle balls? I am thinking of doing something like this at school for a function. Any help would be appreciated.

    g parker and two chinese beauties

  37. I love the photos. Any tutorials on the tulle balls...so wanting to use this for a school function...

    Thank you in advance..


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