Versailles or the Rodeo?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Day two in Paris for Will includes





The Arc de Triomphe


The Eiffel Tower at night and an evening cruise on the Sienne River


We did finally get a message from Will.  His international calling plan seems to not be working but he is having a blast!  Dave spoke with him briefly too.  He is apparently eating as many of these as he can....


Yes, he is a big fan of the croissant au chocolat!

Meanwhile back at the ranch....we went to the Rodeo for the day:)
I did not bring my good camera and lens and it was bright daylight so please excuse my poor photos.




The pony rides are always a big hit.

Then it was off to the petting zoo.
I still have nightmares from being attacked by a llama in 1999 in the Rodeo petting zoo with Will!!




Harry petting a kangaroo/wallaby thing.

We went to the pig races and some other things but I did not get good photos.  Then, it was out to the rides.



 Then we ate some really unhealthy foods.  It is a MUST at the rodeo.



There is not much junk food that  Harry can actually eat.  This is his first candy apple ever! He did not even eat half of it:)


Then we ran into our good friends and did some more rides with them...




Will and Harry always do the big bumper cars together.  We missed Will today.



Harry and his friend, Hollis raced down the big slides.  Harry won!!!


Dave went on a fast, dizzy ride with Harry.  I could not even watch them.  It makes me sick but I did go on them when I was a kid too.

This is a new ride at the rodeo and I think it so BIZARRE...


They zip your child inside of a big plastic ball and they roll around/float in a shallow pool.  It reminds me of goldfish in a plastic bag.  It creeps me out but I am not sure why...  My kids did not go on that ride.  I did see one little boy crying and his parents had to go unzip him.

And tonight Dave and Harry are rockin out at the KISS concert at the rodeo;)


Will wanted to go so Dave bought the tickets not realizing that Will would be away.

They will also see all the bucking bronco, calf roping, mutton busting etc that happens there at night:)
Hmm who do you think is getting more culture this week?


  1. Haha, love it! What fun for all the members of the family, all across the world ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. Hi Kim,
    looks like march break this year is definitely loaded with fun for your peanuts! :)
    Just wanted to mention that Harry is really starting to resemble Will now that he is maturing! Just thought you'd like to hear that. I love when people tell me I resemble my siblings!!
    Hope you are doing well,

  3. i had to laugh at the giant plastic balls...those are in every park in china, but i had no idea they had them in the states! we call them hamster balls around here. :)

  4. So glad you finally heard from him!!! I would have been a wreck--but at least you got the picture!!!! What fun!!! That rodeo looks fantastic--Have NEVER seen anything like those plastic balls!! As always thanks for the magnificent pictures!!!!!

  5. Glad you got to talk to Will. What a wonderful experience for him!! The rodeo looked fun especially those balls!! And the Kiss show - that is right up my alley!!

  6. Looks like a really fun day! I am sooo jealous of all the nice weather you have. I am off to DC for a week on Thursday and then back for only a few days and then off to Naples, FL (our happy place) with my hubs. xo

  7. Looks like a really fun day! I am sooo jealous of all the nice weather you have. I am off to DC for a week on Thursday and then back for only a few days and then off to Naples, FL (our happy place) with my hubs. xo

  8. Hi,

    my name is Ariane and I live in Montrel, Quebec, Canada. I have been a reader of your blog from the last few months. I really enjoy reading you, you have such a beautiful family. I also really like your tastes in decoration (and clothes). I'm right now working with my grandmother to redo her kitchen that is beige and boring (unlike the person who cooks in it). We were looking for inspiration and I showed her your kitchen. She loved it. Since we are working on a little document with kitchens she likes as inspirations, I wanted to ask your permission before using your photo. I was also wondering if you could send to me the picture of your kitchen since we can not copy photos from your blog (for reasons that I completely understand).

    Here is my e-mail address:

    I wish your son will enjoy his trip. There is nothing like falling in love with Paris for the first time! I'm also reaaly impress by everything they do in one day!

  9. I'm jealous your weather is nice enough for a rodeo in March! As for the balls, they are all over China. I tried to get my husband to do one while we were there, but no dice! They're just starting to make their way to our area (I've seen them only at a couple places...I think they look like fun!)

    Glad Will is having fun...and you all are too!

    Tell the boys to have fun at the Kiss concert.

  10. Having just moved to Houston just before Christmas I am really enjoying the rodeo. I had never been to one. I am going back for round 2 this week and round 3 when my daughter visits over the weekend.

    The plastic balls grossed me out. I just keep thinking about all the germs trapped in there.
    The junk food is really wonderful. MY favorite so far has been the cinnamon-ed pecans. Yummy!

  11. We have that "plastic ball in the water" ride here! I as well think it's the oddest thing I have ever saw! My 3 1/2 yr begs to "get in it" and I have not given in! I have not given into the "bungee jump" thing in our mall either! Whatever happen to the "simple rides"?

  12. so funny, played here on Saturday night and my husband went with his best friend. When he came back, he mentioned that he wished our son were older bc he would've loved to take him to see one of his favorite bands from when he was a teenager :-)
    Love the rodeo pics. Glad Will is having a blast!

  13. What a fun day! Kate looks darling in her pink boots!

    Oh, just looking at those plastic balls makes my heart skip a beat. Ugh.

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Love this...France or the Houston rodeo!! Unfortunately, I think I fit into the rodeo Oh well. Miss Kate looks adorable! Gotta LOVE pink cowboy boots!!

  15. what fun, for everyone!!
    miss kate is so darlin in her rodeo ensemble!!
    i need to message you & get your phone number again...i'd love to catch up via phone


  16. Sweet -- lovely Paris v. the Rodeo!

    Great photos -- Miss Kate and Harry were having a blast, weren't they! What fun times!


  17. The pics are great!!! Love the first of Kate! These are great photos for the kids to look back on...looks like so much fun.

    The Paris photos are amazing. Glad will is having a good time. I've never been but hope to some day. It's on my "list" of places to see but I want to go with Hillary so I'll have to wait until she isn't so busy...maybe after she graduates.

  18. I love Kate with pigtails! Too cute.

  19. I am SO jealous of Will! I want to be in Paris!!

    I just saw your comments- thank you! I have to say that while talking to my friend, you were one of the first fellow bloggers that came to mind! (But... Kim's a counselor and she does it...) Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Enjoy Spring Break!

  20. I definitely choose chocolate croissants, French Wine, Cheese and a baguette over the Rodeo.. However, it does look like you all had a great day!!!! So glad to hear Will is having a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!


  21. I could just step right into those photos of Paris! Beautiful. Those giant balls on water have turned up here in New Zealand in the last year too. We let our little boy have a ride in one at our local show (I think you call them fairs in US).

  22. We saw people doing the "zippy rides" in China on a LAKE!! It terrified me to even watch them! I think it's funny they have a modified version at this fair. Glad yall had fun!!


  23. Love the Rodeo Pictures!! The kids look like they had a great time on the rides, with the animals and eating the treats!! Love Kate's outift and boots - must say she is the cutest "coWgirl" I have ever seen!

  24. The hamster ball thingy was a huge hit when we were in China. There was a park in Nanchang and my daughter Amanda went in one as did some of our other travel mates. amanda could never stand up she more less crawled around on the water. They all said it was lots of fun!!!

  25. That former comment under the name Mike Keahbone is actually mine. Sorry, he is an evanglist that I work for and I was logged in under his account. Sorry!!

  26. I know you can't wait to see Will and give him a giant hug! One bit if advice: he probably won't share much the first few days as he will be both physically and emotionally tired. He might not say the "right" things when you ask him questions about how much he loved the trip and what he did. Give him a few days to a week...

    I wish someone and told me that when Sumter came home from a wonderful school trip. I felt really let down by his lack of conversation.

    But now I know! ;)

  27. She is so stinkin cute in those pink boots, jean jacket and pig tails! I love it!


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