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Monday, March 14, 2011

{updated at bottom of post}

I still have NOT received word that Will arrived safely in Paris! They were supposed to land at Charles de Gaulle (at 5 am today our time) and hit the ground running.  On the itinerary today was a walking tour of the city ending with a tour of Notre Dame and a traditional french dinner.  So I am guessing he spent the day walking around (feeling quite jet lagged) seeing the streets of Paris....





and then heading over to Notre Dame....


 {When Dave and I visited Paris (avant trois enfants) Notre Dame was being restored and sections were closed. I would love to go back someday.}



We bought Will a 6 day international calling plan on his cell phone so that he could call and tell us he is there safe and sound.  I guess he is too busy to call.  But seriously, he will get an earful from me.  A simple one minute call to say you are alive is all this Mama needs:)  Is that asking too much?  I'd even settle for a text at this point.

Since Harry sometimes accuses us of having no fun, (can you believe that?) I want to keep a little log of what we did this Spring Break (for him).  So while Will was jet setting...Harry slept over at the beach, arrived home just in time for his friend, Ben to sleep over here.  We had your favorite bbq ribs for dinner.   Then, Dad and I played flashlight tag with you and Ben hiding (in the dark) like 10 year olds in the neighbor's landscaping:)  I took you, Ben and Kate to see Gnomeo and Juliet today.  There are BIG plans all week. So, Harry, one day I hope you'll look back and read this and see we did in fact have FUN!


UPDATE: Will still has not called but I did finally see this photo on his teacher's site.  She also had a night photo of the Eiffel tower so he has already seen it too. So, they are there and he looks happy.
I don't think those are his rabbit ears. Big sigh of relief:)



  1. How stressful for a mama, but how wonderful for Will that he is having the experience of a lifetime! I LOVE Paris and so hope to take our kids someday! Good luck having fun, it sounds like you have wonderful things planned.

  2. Oh goodness, I would be freaking out with my kid overseas :-) Seriously, how lucky is Will, that he gets to experience PARIS at this age... I bet you will have a serious traveler in your hands!

  3. OH I get it!! I tell my daughter all the time she is 17 text me when you get to your destination (she is driving) and she forgets and then ooooooooooh I forgot. My oldest is going to Punta Canta in 3 weeks with out us. She babysits for a HS friend of mine and she gets a first class trip for free just has to help with the kids. Wondering if I'll be getting a phone call when she arrives in Punta Canta? lol. Love the Paris photos brings back memories :)

  4. This had me laughing because I traveled to Europe with a school group when I was 15 (for THREE weeks), and I'm quite sure calling my parents was not on the top of my list. To make you feel better, though, I think I only called them when I was homesick, so I'm guessing Will is having a BLAST! :)

  5. We have traveled with EF tours (I recognized the backpacks!) several times... the first day is so packed (to offset jetlag and homesickness) he really may NOT have had a chance to call!! Know that if there were any problems at all, you would have been notified. EF is the BEST for teen travels! (and I do NOT work for them!) ...but the mom in me totally understands your frustration!! ;)

  6. This must be a boy thing!! My son is notorius for not phoning when he is away, however my daughters always phone. Thanks for such a beautiful blog. I love reading about your lovely family and absolutely love your taste in decorating as well as clothes etc!!

  7. I am glad they made it safe and sound! What an amazing trip! I guess you'll have to keep in touch with him through his teacher:)

  8. He will have a ball!! Glad you got that much needed reassurance!


  9. Ah les enfants! Il est probablement trop émerveillé par tout ce qu'il voit, il en oublie sa promesse d'appeler sa petite maman d'amour. Déjà, de le voir en photo, cela t'a rassuré sûrement.

    Comme toujours, tes photos sont magnifiques.

    Will est un petit garçon bien chanceux d'être à Paris en ce moment... petits pains au chocolat, plaisirs gourmands, baguette au jambon/beurre,... que de souvenirs agréables.

    So, enough French for now.
    Hopefully, he'll remember is cell phone tomorrow. Otherwise, if he doesn't call... call him ;o)

    isabelle (who speaks French more than English but follows your blog on a regular basis)

  10. Am sure he's having a blast and sometimes those int'l phone things don't work right, but at least you know he's there, safe and sound!

    Glad you are having fun - even without sweet Will!


  11. What a wonderful trip...he is going to have a blast!!
    aahh thank goodness for a picture to just see his smiling face!!
    I hope to go back to Paris someday too!

  12. I, too, only called when homesick. I remember having a very hard time the first couple days and my mom having a feeling I was having a hard time. When I phoned she asked how those first couple days were and I denied that I had been homesick and it had been difficult! ha! I guess I wanted to prove I was brave?! I don't know. I am glad you found out through his teacher.

  13. So glad you got to spy that shot on the blog..what a great thing is technology,.. Love that Will is getting this experience and know what courage it took for you to allow it...gorgeous photos, we were there in 1999 with Barrington and britton in the first and second grade, the Notre dame was under construction so wondered if that was your year also?

  14. Such a boy!! My kids would do the same thing! Looks like they're having a blast. What a great experience!

    (I would have been mad if my kid had been the one with the rabbit ears too!!)

  15. Will is going to have the time of his life & will remember this forever!! Paris has to be my favorite place to visit ... right up there with Italy. What beautiful & fun memories you are all making this spring break!!


  16. Yes, call your Mother! A Mother just needs to know.

    enjoy the week of March break fun.


  17. Oh man, that would stress me out too! But, there he is smiling in the photo!
    Hope y'all have a great week too!

  18. Last fall I bought and international plan for Europe and it did not connect. Nana

  19. Been away for a few days and see that a PEANUT is in Paris!! Have fun Will...and CALL YOUR MOM!! :)

  20. You are a wonderful mother! I so admire you for allowing him to go on this amazing journey. I look back on the experiences my parents allowed me to have and I marvel . . . and I am grateful (though I doubt I was at the time!)

    So glad that you have evidence that he is there, happy, and safe!


  21. Love the gorgeous pictures!! I am sure your sleepy boy will call soon - right now, he is having the time of his life!


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