Fine art and play dates

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will called me today and we spoke for just a minute or two.  He LOVES Paris and has NO desire to come home.  He wants to stay for 2 more weeks.   He told me that he bought a small painting:) Since his budget was very small, I am guessing it is a street watercolor.  So glad he got one.  Dave and I bought our very first oil painting as a couple in Paris and we showed it to Will before he left.  So, now Will has his first painting from Paris. Today, he spent the day at the Louvre....


He got to see this famous smile...


I remember being surprised at how small and unassuming it is in person.

Then, they went to my all time favorite museum ever, the Musee d'Orsay.  It is an old train station located near the Tulleries gardens.  The architecture alone is a work of art...



and inside you see the most beautiful works of art like these...



{The reason I am documenting Will's trip this way is that he forgot his camera!  Yes, it really pains me to write that but we charged it and cleared the memory card but we never gave it to him.  So, he has a disposable camera with 27 photos but I know this trip is such a whirlwind...he will forget what he did each day.}

While Will was appreciating the fine art of France, we were blessed with a visit from Shelly, Owen and Libbie!  They came over for lunch and a play-date.  Owen and Harry hit it off playing Wii and spy.


Shelly brought Kate this great lil puppet back from China.  It was so sweet:)
Shelly also gave me a great piece of embroidered silk art and some sweet charms for the boys.


I am in love with this sweet little face.  Libbie is AMAZING!



She loved this little "bunny" in the box.  She was determined to do it and I caught a little smile when she achieved her goal.


Kate and Libbie played so well together.  Kate was trying to show her everything and Libbie really takes it all in.  She is extremely determined and I can tell she enjoys a challenge.  She did not take the easy way out of anything and she does not let anything deter her.  It is something very special to see in action.  This little girl is going to do BIG things.

After lunch, we went to the park....


Harry hanging upside down.  He banged his head on a pole:(



Let me just tell you about Miss Libbie and her cute yellow walker.  She could have taken the easy smooth concrete path to the park.  But she chose to go in the grass and over bumps.  She challenges herself and I love that about her!  Nothing is going to hold her back!  She takes the road less traveled.

Shelly and Libbie


Saying goodbye...Owen, Libbie and Kate.

I will admit that we did not take many pictures of the boys...they were off playing.  I cannot wait to visit with them all again.


  1. Libbie (I love that name!) is so courageous and beautiful.

    Will is one lucky boy, Paris is SO SO incredible. I'm so sad he doesn't have a camera with him. When Harry goes on this trip (maybe in the future), he will not leave home without a camera. I just know it! ;)


  2. oh Kim!!! Shelly mentioned they were going to have a play date with you...I am sooo envious!! The picture you took of Libbie near Kate's dresser is the most gorgeous photo ever....what a treasure! Thank you for sharing this day! So happy to know Will is having the time of his life!! xoxo

  3. Oh my many wonderful things going on for your family and friends. Sweet little Libbie with her new friends. Precious! And Will in Paris! I feel like I am reliving our trip to Paris for our first wedding anniversary. I thought the same exact thing of the Mona Lisa. Can't wait to hear more. I'll be praying for safe travels for Will.

  4. It sounds like Will is having a wonderful trip... what a great experience for him. I bet he would like to stay another two weeks:)

    Libbie is such a sweetie...and it looks as though she and Kate had a fun afternoon. I hope y'all can get together again soon:)

    Have a great week Kim~



  5. Love seeing Kate interact with Libbie - they are so precious together!

  6. Not sure who had a better day you or Will!! Love hearing about his adventures in Paris - one of my favorite cities:) Also glad you were able to speak with him. Well what can I say about Miss Libbie - I read her whole story and am just amazed by she and her family!! Just shows what a little family love can do for a girl! She is just adorable! She and Kate could not be cuter together! Glad you had a fun day - thanks for sharing!


  7. I am so happy to see this! Libbie looks like she's been here forever! I am so glad Shelly has you and Libbie has Kate. What a blessing you are all going to be to each other.

  8. That photo of Libbie and Kate walking is so precious!

    I am sooooo jealous of Will's trip!

  9. Such great pics of paris. I am so glad he is having so much fun. Looks like Kate really enjoyed Libbie. So adorable!

  10. So precious! Sounds like such a great day! Miss Libbie is adorable, and Kate looks like she enjoyed being a "big sister" for the day ;)

  11. Such sweet pictures of Kate walking beside Libbie! Cute girls!


  12. Oh such a boy! My son went on a rugby tour to Canada and did not take one single photo (yes-not-one-single-photo)

    His camera was out of battery and he just never got around to charging it. Ah thats my boy;)

    Sounds like yours is having a great time too!

  13. Yes, it sure looks like Kate could easily step into the role of Big Sister!

    Libbie already looks like she has the face of a fighter - she seems to have come leaps and bounds just since China...I cant wait to see what God has in store for her and her faithful family!

    And Will! I Love it - what a blessed, blessed kid. I am glad that he is enjoying al the sights and sounds and smells and tastes of Paris!! And thanks to his mama, he has a journal of his trip!


    p.s. Couldnt help but notice Kate's beautiful and mature damask dress and gorgeous bow. And................

    her twinkle toes.

    three words.

  14. My heart just filled with joy while reading this post!


  15. Libbie's dress is precious! So glad that Will is enjoying Paris.

  16. I thought the same thing about the Mona Lisa. I was expecting it to be much bigger!


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