Farmer's Market in Photos

Friday, March 25, 2011
I chaperoned a trip with Kate's class to one of our farmer's market.  I really wanted to take photos but I had to make sure not to lose any pre-schoolers so it was hard:) I did get some neat shots though.  Unfortunately, when you make one of these dulls the color and resolution a bit.  The colors straight out of the camera were amazing.

My creation


In all honesty, Kate was bored at the FM and it shows in this photo:) She looked around, got her grapes and asked to go home.


This is Kate's best boy.  She has had a crush on him for a year now.  Seriously, we try to down play it but she speaks of love and marriage.  I posted Kate chatting with his Dad here. They held hands through most of the market which made my job (of not losing them) a bit easier.

Kate's two best buddies from school are boys.  They were so cute at the market. The teacher gave them all $1 to buy something and these three all bought the same thing.


Kate goofing around with her two best school buds.  It is funny because she is such a girly girl but she loves these two boys and hangs with them more than the girls in the class.  Maybe, it is because she has two brothers?


Have a great weekend.  I am off to Yoga!


  1. I think you should submit your photography to a food magazine. The images are stunning:) Or just frame some for your kitchen:)

  2. Your photos look beautiful and are making me ready for our farmer's market to start here!

    LOVE the pictures of Kate and her two best friends. They are both adorable too!

  3. So Darling! And those fruits and veggies look delicious! I'm glad to see you're doing a yoga class. It is definitely my exercise of choice since I have so many joint/ligament issues! Plus, I always love at the end when they tell you how fabulous you are and not to worry about the future b/c it's all a journey and bladdy blah blah! ;) Makes me feel happy inside! hehe

  4. Where is this farmers market? You can email it to me if you want.

    She is so precious!!!!

  5. Those pictures scream springtime!! Love all the colors and especially love those electric blue t-shirts on Kate and her buddies!

  6. beautiful colours! And, I love that the three some all had blue shirts on. You won't lose them that way!

    Happy weekend Kim. I got to Yoga Friday afternoon!


  7. Love all the colors! Makes me hungry for something fresh. Have fun at yoga!! :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  8. Most of my girls closest friends are boys too, I prefer it that way when I hear of the girl drama that my friends daughters in big all girl groups have ;)

    Must be nice to have your son home too!

  9. what beautiful photos! it is so wonderful to be going to farmer's markets. i just LOVE our farmer markets! =)

    good for you on yoga -- keep it up! =)

  10. Just like you, Kate is beautiful inside and out... Thanks for our talks over the last couple of days. Love you so much!!! Truly, Kim, you are a fabulous mother, wife, friend, listener, teacher...PERSON. I am--and will be--forever grateful for that day in Barnes & Noble. Thank you for what you did then...and ever since--being such an important presence in my life. It wouldn't be the same without you (insert heart here).

  11. Bummer Miss Kate didn't love the Farmer's Market! I love (& this is so wrong) getting a breakfast burrito when I go on Saturday mornings :)

    But at least she had fun with her handsome admirers! Cant say I blame her for loving to hang with the boys. I picked Mya up early from preschool today and some boy ran up to give her a hug good-bye...oh, good grief!

    Hope yoga was amazing. Have a great weekend!

  12. There is so much that I love in this post...Farmer's Market, fresh veggies, lots of great photography, color, friendship, and KATE! She reminds me so much of Paige at that age. Paige always gravitated towards the boys in her class. She still has those great friendships today. I bet Kate will, too! Have fun at Yoga :)

  13. What a fun day at the Farmer's Market! I can't wait until ours opens again! I love, love, love the collage!

  14. Those pics are wonderful, and Ms K is adorable (as are her friends!)

  15. I love the photos! And her friends are just darling boys. :)

  16. Such beautiful images and so colorful! Once again I am jealous of your warm weather and Farmer's Market! Kate and her friends are so cute together.

    Hope you have a great week.

  17. I love these pictures Kim..... the colors are so bright and vivid....really pretty!!!

    Kate is adorable and looks like she is having fun with her two besties. How cute are they together?

    Hope you are well.... I have not forgotten about you. I need to make my way to that boutique across town..... just have not had an opportunity to get there yet.....Sorry.



  18. I just left you a comment a few minutes ago and I am not sure if it went through. My computer timed out, but I think it said awaiting comment moderation before it timed out..... let me know if you did not get it. Just making the rounds here for the first time in over two weeks. I cannot keep up these days.......



  19. how precious!! and i love that her two best friends are boys-- she's a smart girl ;)

  20. What gorgeous pictures! She must love hanging around the boys so much bc of her amazing brothers!


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