The Party

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Our party was really good.  There were a few snafus though...For example, I accidentally sent an invitation to one of my good friend's former address.  So, she and her husband missed the party and I felt just awful about that. We did have a good laugh about it this morning though.

Also our friends were very remiss in their RSVP-ing so we were expecting a lot more people than actually came.  In one way it was nice to have a much smaller crowd because we really got to chat with our guests.  However, we bought (and I made) WAY, WAY too much food, wine, alcohol etc.  Usually about 120 people attend and this year we had about 60 people so there was a lot of waste and that bothers me.

I did learn a lesson though and I will be much better about RSVP-ing when we are invited places so that  the hosts can plan accordingly.

Please note my high heels.  This is the first pair I have EVER owned or worn in my entire life!
Can you believe that?



Will and Harry were coat check men extraordinaire again.  They also watched Kate for me.


We hired a bartender and kitchen helper again this year from our local university hotel and restaurant management program.  The bartender, Praise was excellent and she was the same one from last year!




We did not have all the food out yet:)


Kate eyeing up the petit fours.


I got very few photos.  I am always so busy trying to get everything out and then greeting people and talking.  But luckily, some friends snapped some photos (and I am in almost all of them:(.




Kate had the cutest little conversation with her "future father in law."  Kate and one of the little boys in her class say they are in love and are getting married.  These last few shots are of Kate and the boy's cute!


Kate is quite the conversationalist!


All in all it was a great party.  I do think we might take next year off though.  While we love entertaining, this party is a ton of work (and stress!) and it takes some joy out of this week in December  (for me) which happens to be our anniversary and Harry's birthday.  Next year, I am thinking that I want to relax and celebrate those occasions more and cook and clean less.  I guess I have 11 months to decide:)


  1. Beautiful photos, love the way you decorated for the holidays. Esp the mini wreaths hanging in the kitchen.. .cute idea!

  2. Kim, you look SMASHING in high heels..and gorgeous in blue!
    You KNOW everyone is going to, WHERE did you find Kate's dress...Lucy NEEDS that dress, the color is amazing!
    I too am going to be much better with the RSVPing too...glad your party was a success!

  3. You look AMAZING..
    Love the photos..
    Glad you had a great time..
    Love ya..

  4. I always feel like that after entertaining. And end up hosting again the following year.

    You have a beautiful home. A beautiful family too. I hope you enjoy a restful week ahead. Schedule a mani/pedi and relax.

  5. It looks like a fantastic party!! I love, love your dress (and heels!) And Kate looks adorable too!

    I was listening to NPR today and they did a little show on how so few people RSVP anymore. They didn't have a solid reason except in this age of evites many people are used to being reminded 100 times before they RSVP. We had a Christmas event and few people responded to our event either. It does make for stressful planning.

    Adorable pictures!

  6. Everything looked beautiful, especially you in your snazzy heels! Glad it was all a success.

  7. Ya'll look absolutely divine! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Everything looks amazing! I love that Will wore a coat and tie! He is such a little doll! Merry Christmas!

  9. Opps, I meant Harry in his coat and tie. Will, you are a doll too! :)

  10. Can't believe is been over a year since I started reading you... I remember last year's party with the street demolition outside your home! As then, this year looks like it was lots o fun!

  11. It all was so beautiful ... your family ... home ... food ... and thanks for sharing it with us so quickly ... I'm sure you need to rest but I'm so glad you posted first!

  12. As always beautiful pictures--but please tell where your dress and Kate's dress are from--LOVE the colors and the bling!!

  13. It looked WONDERFUL!! I do understand what you mean about the stress that a large party can cause, but I have a feeling you might forget the craziness by December of next year. Memories are like that! You look beautiful as always.

  14. Looks like it was a wonderful party, and everything looked amazing! Including you! I LOVE those heels and that beautiful blue dress and of course Kate's dress and dazzling headband.

    Gin =)

  15. You look amazing! Love your decor as always! You should be able to freeze a lot of things too if you have not already. Freeze appetizers and re-heat them on a busy night for a tapas style dinner.

    Also, I have good family friends who throw a huge party every OTHER year because they like having a year off but also love having the big fun party.

  16. You looked absolutely amazing,I love your dress, and the color, and the heels made your legs looks fantastic (sorry if that is an inappropriate blog remark, but it is true) You must buy more heels, I can't believe this is your first pair. Looks like a fun party.

  17. everything looks fabulous. Love your dress!


  18. gorgeous...everything....simply gorgeous!!
    of course i expect nothing less my friend

    love your dress & your heels!!!
    love the white candles up the stairs. i have always loved that look
    love your mercury glass collection.
    just everything
    merry christmas

  19. What a lovely party! I can tell! Holiday parties are such work, but I just love them and I think they are worth all the effort!

    I just adore Kate in her pink dress!

  20. GORGEOUS! i know your friends will be disappointed if you don't have your party, but truly, I don't know how you get it all done!

  21. Your house looks exquisite!! And Kate and your dresses were just beautiful!! How fun!

  22. I love the family photo and the party looks like it was beautiful!

  23. Everything looked splendid! Happy holidays!!!

  24. It looks like a wonderful party. Your family is adorable. I love the shot of your daughter in conversation. Look at how attentive that man was to her conversation!. I love it when people really listen to children and he obviously was.

  25. I am obsessed with your house! I think I have said this before...

    And Kate talking to her Future FIL is just precious.

  26. Im loving your dress!! That colour is gorgeous.
    I would have loved to have come to your party and I promise I would have RSVPd!!!!!
    Im glad you had more chance to speak to everyone.
    Hope your feeling a little less stressed out now the party is over. dx

  27. Once again, you make me want to just get up and plan a holiday party this minute! Everything looked wonderful and elegant...LOVED your dress and Kate's tell where they came from...the navy color was stunning on you! Rest up and relax a bit certainly deserve it!
    Lynn Schadler
    Wyomissing, PA

  28. What a beautiful party and home! Your decorating is superb and your menu looked wonderful too. Thanks for sharing lovely holiday ideas. Love the candles on the stairs! Entertaining is a lot of work but you make it look easy! Merry Christmas to 3 Peanuts~

  29. LOVE everything. I especially love your dress and Miss Kate's dress. She's a doll! The boys are handsome as ever, and I've already told you that the decor was beautiful!

    Love. Love. Love. your kitchen. Seriously, I would build the same one right now if we were building. :)

    We only hosted eight last night, and it was also a ton of work. I've had 60 here at Christmas before, and last night was almost as much work as 60 - we just had a little less to eat and drink!

  30. Looks like a great party, your decorations are beautiful. I have to say your dress is absolutely stunning! Merry Christmas.


  31. Looks like a great party, your decorations are beautiful. I have to say your dress is absolutely stunning! Merry Christmas.


  32. Love the 2 dresses - the colors look great on you and Kate!

  33. Congrats on a successful party!

    I completely understand about that whole RSVP business. A lot of waste would bother me, too. Did you send the guests home with doggy bags? ;)

    I can also understand what you say about maybe skipping a year. I know how stressful entertaining - holiday or any other - can be. It shouldn't overshadow the happy occassions of the week.

    I'd never thought about it before but when I saw the first picture I immediately noticed your shoes (right after the neckline of your dress! Gorgeous), so when I read the text I suppose there must have been a subcontious reason for the heels cathing my eye :)

  34. Looks like another great party! I personally think you ROCK heels!! I am taller than my husband in heels, but I still wear them (on occasion).

    I know it was a lot of work, but I am sure the people who came had a great time and were appreciative. I know that SHOULD I receive an invitation next year, I WOULD RSVP :-)

    I am glad the boys were able to help out with Kate and the kids could visit the party too - I love Kate chatting up her future father in law - adorable!

    Thanks for your sweet comment - I think you are hilarious :-)

  35. These pictures are amazing!! You need to be an event planner- the attention to detail is incredible. You look great- pls tell about your dress and shoes, where you got them, etc. Also, I saw in your last post the picture of your kitchen table- where did you get your table runner? I have been looking everywhere for one that has the christmas colors, but more of a casual feel and have had no luck. Your runner is exactly what I've been looking for. I know what you mean about all the party planning taking away from the "spirit"- it seems that in the quiet moments we really capture the true meaning of christmas, it's easy to get busy in all of the planning, parties, gifts, etc.


  36. Your home looks wonderful!! As does your entire family!! Love the pics of Kate talking with her future father-in-law!! Too cute!!

  37. Everything, including YOU look(s) great! Where is the dress from? xo

  38. Looks like a beautiful evening! I am amazed at friends who can pull off entertaining at the holidays. I'm not sure that I could do it.

    You look stunning in blue AND high heels!

  39. Beautiful photos. Love yours and Kate's dresses. They are vibrant and festive.

  40. Everything and everyone looks simply gorgeous. Your dress and Kate's dress are beautiful.

    You look stunning in heels. I'm amazed you never owned any before.

  41. You look GORGEOUS in that dress. Kate's dress is also TO DIE FOR. The boys look cute, each in their own individual dress up styles. : ) Hosting that big of a party is awing. (sp?)

  42. You have the most beautiful home. I love your decorating style. Kate Emerson's clothes are beyond precious. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas,

  43. Wow!! What fun! You look so beautiful -- love that blue color! Would love to have a fabulous party like that to go to! The kids look great too and your house -- beautiful!!


  44. It looks like your party was a blast! So sorry to hear about the waste though. We also entertain alot which is why I ALWAYS RSVP the same day we get the invite! It really is important!

  45. Beautiful dresses and gorgeous home as usual :-)

  46. Your party looks beautiful and so elegant.
    I have to say the heels suit you! Especially in that dress. Just lovely.
    Heels are not really practical staying home with four children but I love to wear them any chance I get!

  47. Looks like it was a lovely affair! Don't get me started on RSVP's big pet peeve of mine. We took this year off from hosting our annual big Christmas party-a small dinner party instead. It still seemed like a lot of work despite the small crowd-oh well. I'm sure I will be back to the big party next year! Happy holidays!!!!

  48. Beautiful! And.. I'm LOVING the "Kate Middleton" blue! ;) You look Great!


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