Catching up from the weekend

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
It was so good to see Will. He adored Paris and was quite grumpy to be home.  I often find when my boys go away (camp) they have a hard time returning to the  ho-hum life at home.  He is getting back to normal.

Will  had NO idea of my slight obsession with the Laduree shoppe in Paris.  We did not go there when Dave and I visited Paris years ago (I did not know of this beautiful place back then) but I will definitely go there someday when we return.
My creation

Anyway, Will came home with a sample of some lovely French perfume and a small box of chocolates from Laduree for his Mom!!!  Can you believe it?  It is exactly what I would have chosen! I have eaten 3 of the 6 chocolates and they are DIVINE!!!



We had a really nice weekend. Harry had his first soccer game of the season....




Harry usually plays baseball in the Spring but this year, he chose competitive soccer instead.  He really enjoys it and his team did very well and won this first game 5-0.  I enjoyed the game a lot but I must admit that I do miss watching him play baseball a little too.

After the game, we went to a really fun St. Patrick's Day Party...



Our friends had snow-cones, a bouncy house and face painting for the little kids.  A ping pong table for the bigger kids.  And lots of food and beverages for everyone!


Kate was still on break Monday so she and I spent the day together.  I painted her nails, we read books. We had lunch. We went to the park.  It was a gorgeous day



There was this cool little "tulip" at the park that you sit in and spin.  Kate LOVED it!  She would have spun for hours.  I get nausea simply watching stuff like this.





All this Spring Break fun has really cut into my Lenten resolution of exercise:(  I did great the first week  but I should never have been so smug to write about how I usually do well keeping my sacrifice because I don't want to let God down. The Lord immediately humbled me! Unfortunately Kate will not go in the childcare at our I missed a whole week at the gym while she was on break.  I did walk and swim and get loads of recreational exercise.  Anyway, I am jumping back on my Lenten wagon though and stepping up to my commitment  to exercise for the reminder of Lent.  

I love what Edie says about Lent here

" If I purpose to ‘give something up’ for Lent and then two weeks later find that I fail and can’t keep my lenten discipline, God is not disappointed in me. God is pleased with Christ and thus pleased with me when I have faith in Christ. I am a sinner who fails and sins constantly. And my failing is not a surprise to God. If I keep my lenten discipline to the ‘tee’, I must be careful not to try and convince myself that I’m ‘more spiritual’ or holy than before. I have been freely clothed with the righteousness of Christ and am only learning to ‘fit’ into clothes that were given me by God."


  1. oh what a sweet will!!!
    i love how you shared images of your life. i love that about you. i love that about your blog.

    the pics of kate playing are adorable. i love her hair flying as she is having a blast!!

  2. oh & of course...i love edie's words on lent....sigh

  3. I love the lent comment. I gave up lunchroom food- which one would THINK would be easy, but our lunchroom food is pretty good. Plus they serve salads! I could eat a salad for EVERY MEAL! But mostly, I gave it up for the convenience the lunchroom is to me. I have found it to be a real challenge and that having to make, remember, and eat my lunch has really made me reflect more about what all God has sacrificed for me! As always, the kiddos are to die for cute!! :)

  4. that tulip is so cute.

    I remember my kids having let down when they returned from a fun week or two. I was always happier to see them than they where me!


  5. I would say walking and swimming definitely count! What a nice update. :)

  6. What a sweet boy you have! Laudree is on my "must get to very soon" list also :)...that little box reminds me of one I have from Fauchon..I am a little obsessed with them as well! Sounds like a great weekend, and again, I am envious of your warm weather...xoxo

  7. Looks like Will had a blast! I taught middle school for a few years and they do get quite moody!
    I have a question for you (and I CANNOT find your email for the life of me)...coming from a kazillion years of catholic education and going to church twice a week...I have been disheartened of what is happening with the priests here in my archdiocese (Philadelphia). The amount of priest is incredible and how many children is even more appauling.

    Have you had to deal with any of that in Texas? I am surious if it is just localized here in the Philadelphia area.
    I have been really struggling, especially during this Lenten season.
    Sorry to comment on it and not send you an email...I think it's pre-midlife crisis!

    Thank you!

  8. laduree was one of my favorite spots in paris! it is SO beautiful and just makes your feel warm and happy! what a lucky mom! i'm new to the world of blogging, please stop by!

  9. That marché aux fleurs eau de toilette iS EXACTLY the perfume I just bought last month when I was in Paris! Fragonard, right? Will has great taste, I LOVE the fragrance!

    Lovely photos!


  10. OH what a special gift! How sweet that he brought you back something:)

    Lottie would never stay in any childcare situation so I understand. You still exercised, I am so proud of you. You inspire me:)

  11. I have been meaning to write to you for several days now but just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to share with me your experience when taking on WAY too much and what you have been through physically as a result of it. I truly appreciate your sweet and thoughtful words. I actually am closing our shop up even a few days earlier than planned just so that I can finally slow down a bit. I hope you are doing well and thank you again!

    And reading about those chocolates is making my poor pregnancy cravings kick into high gear - want to send those last three on over my way? Haha! How sweet of Will to bring them back for you.

  12. Kim, I'm so glad that Will enjoyed his trip. We are lucky enough to live an hour's flight away from is one of my favourite places on earth! We go regularly and I always feel wonderful when we good for the soul! And of course I know Laduree.....heaven! Paris in Spring time is ALWAYS the best time to go!!!!! Dx

  13. So very sweet of Will to bring those things home for you! Looks like you had a fun fun spring break week. Love that Salty Dog t-shirt (headed there this summer!)!

    Kate looks to be having a blast on that -- makes me slightly dizzy.

    Enjoy your spring weather -- snow predicted for Nebraska tonight!


  14. how thoughtful of Will! Love the St Patrick's Day pics too. We have a park here with the same tulip things, my daughter loves them!

  15. OH what a thoughtful and lovely gift Will brought you.

    That beer looks great....oh with no gluten in my diet I certainly miss having a cold beer every once in while with friends while sitting outside and having some yummy pizza(which I basically miss too)

    Hayden refuses the gym childcare too....we belong to such a nice gym and everyone we know their kids LOVE to go, but not ours!!! Makes it hard to go because I have so much to do while she is at school. Good luck getting back on the wagon:)

  16. Will is a doll - he knows you so well!!

    I'd be grumpy to be back to reality too :-)

    I am glad you enjoyed spring break with the kiddos - especially your last day with Miss Kate.

    And YES, LOVE that dimple. A lot.

    Blessings to you!!

  17. I complain every year about the amount of time I shuttle back and forth to the baseball fields for S & J. But I know I would miss ot tons I they ever stopped!

    Love your green St. Patricks Day tunic!

  18. That's a sweet boy you are raising!

  19. I must say, Will has great taste :)

  20. What a sweet boy! You must have been thrilled with your gifts! Will and I are in the same boat! I don't like reality one bit! I would rather be on the beach for a few more days!

  21. I would love LOVE to go to Paris! How sweet of Will to pick out such perfect gifts for his mom! :)


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