Whirlwind {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, March 13, 2011
We have had a whirlwind couple of days.

First, Kate and I had the privilege of meeting this new family of four at the airport as they cam home from China....


All the kids waiting (I did not make the sign that Kate is holding--Shelly's sweet friend did)


Libbie is seriously the cutest lil peanut you have ever seen!



Kate was so taken with Libbie.  She could not wait to give her gifts.  It was so cute.
She kept saying,"I love that Libbie, Mama!"


It has been a blessing to witness their faith filled story and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds now that they are home.  In fact, you should go see the miracle that happened in their house just today!!!!

Then on Friday it was field day for Harry which may not seem like a big deal but field day is Harry's favorite day ever!  At his school, the 4th graders plan field day and Harry was elected by his peers to be on the planning and logistics committee.  He had a very big role in field day this year.  I only have a few photos because the school name is all over the other photos.  





You can see Harry cheering loudly in the middle of the tug of war.  I have to say...I was SO PROUD of Harry.  I have never seen him be such a leader as I did this day.  His whole class looked to him as the leader/captain of the team.  He led cheers, helped out everywhere and was so encouraging to his teammates.  He has this natural charisma and leadership at school that we do not always see at home;)  I felt like I was seeing my son through different eyes.  Also, Harry is by far the smallest kid in his class yet all the kids seem to look up to him as a leader.  That made this Mama's heart smile.


In this shot Harry is leading some chants in a huddle.  He is the little one in center:)

The next day we went to the beach with a bunch of families from our neighborhood.  Our good friends (the ones who have Snickers now) have a beach house and the invite us a few times a year.  We usually stay for the weekend but we could only stay the day this time.  It was a beautiful day though!

The water was FREEZING cold but it did not bother the kids.  They all went in the ocean.




Kate had a BLAST running around with her friend, Layne.



Harry had a big time boogie boarding and skim boarding and playing basketball.  In fact, he spent the night with our friends even though we had to go home...



And Will found this big piece of wood on the beach and convinced some of the Dads and kids to carry it to their beach pit/fort....



He also did a a little boogie boarding.


We even got to see snickers at the beach...


but he was way too busy having fun to look at the camera!

We saw this man of war jellyfish too!



Time to head home:)
Harry got to spend the night but Dave, Kate and I came home after dinenr to get Will ready for a big trip!

Today we took Will to the airport.  He is leaving for Paris for Spring Break!!! I am so excited for him!  He is traveling with his art teacher, her husband, a pediatrician/Mom and 9 other students. I love that Will wanted to go on this trip. He does not really know any of the kids going but that did not deter him in the least. He loves seeing the world and was so interested in this trip.  They will visit the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay, Notre Dame, the Loire Valley and Chartres and may other sites. I must admit that I am a tiny bit nervous for his safety and would appreciate your prayers.  It is not everyday your young teen goes out of the country without a parent.



I am not fond of how I look in this photo (at all) but we took it just before he left for the airport.
I am thinking I need more sleep.
We went out for our favorite Mexican breakfast this morning to send Will off nice and full.




Kate sobbed hysterically saying goodbye to Will.  It was very sad and unexpected. She really loves her brothers!


And they're off.  The students travel group is comprised of 8 girls and only 2 boys!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Kate is getting so big! She looks so tall.
    I hope that your son has a wonderful time in Paris and that his days away pass quickly for Kate.
    AND Libbie is adorable!

  2. Oh my I almost teared up of the picture of Kate crying. I could see my little girl doing that if her brother or sister went away. I guess I should primp her now for when her older sister goes away to college in September.

  3. Wow -- what a great update! Fun times at your house. Kate and Harry and Will are pretty amazing kiddos -- you and your Hubs are too! Hope Will has a fabulous time -- am sure he will!

    Hope you have a good week!


  4. seems you are very busy. Hope you are ok and get some rest.


  5. Great update and pictures! Will will have a GREAT time. I will keep him in my prayers. :)

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  7. You have so much going on!
    Will is going to have a great time in Paris. I think when I was in middle school I would have liked those odds :)

  8. Wow!

    Amazing and awesome to see Libbie walk. Wow again!

    That jellyfish was so creepy...I've never seen one "in real life" (or a real-life photo of one!)...hope I never do see one IRL!

    I bet you are so proud of Harry...I hope my own children display many of the same qualities some day.

    I'm jealous of Will's status as a world traveler! ;)

    I love seeing Kate wearing her new Sketchers in nearly every photo...I half-expected to see her in them at the beach! :) So cute! My 4 year-old got a pair for Christmas...same thing, she just had to have them! They were her "something I want."

    Interesting post...a lot happened! :)

  9. So exciting for Will! Hope he has a wonderful time. Prayers for safe travel and a joyous time are being said!

  10. I loved Kate holding that sign and giving Libbie those gifts. She truly looks excited and happy. I cannot believe Will gets to go to Paris. I hope he has so much fun! I will be thinking of him and wishing him safety and ubber fun vibes. Harry seems so cool cheering the other kids on. Such a cute little leader. I almost cried looking at sweet little Kate's face at the airport. She must adore her brother to pieces!!

  11. Cute pictures all around...but I just LOVE the airport/homecoming shots. So sweet...I can't wait for that day to come!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  12. Kim... look at Will all grown up!! I can't believe he's going to Paris. I will call you tomorrow. in the midst of the jet lag, the crying and laundry, I completely forgot about charging my phone... I am the worst friend. Tomorrow is my first full day with the doll... Hoot will be with me so I'm hoping she does okay. i'd love to come for a visit and let Libbie play with Kate too... let me know. I have to make a doctors appointment for her tomorrwo so not sure of our schedule, but well work it out. Love you so much and can't thank you enough for your friendship!

  13. love the crisp clearness of all of your pictures! the colors are great and it makes me wanna go on vacation and take a trip to the ocean!

    lovely photos! thank you for sharing.

  14. I love the beach pictures - it makes me excited to get there since we are leaving in just a few days! I am hoping for that kind of sunshine and no jellyfish :)

  15. My oldest three all went to Paris (and other parts of France) in middle school--the French teacher who sponsored the trip had moved on by the time J4 was in MS--but it was a great experience and a wonderful and safe way to get that first taste of European travel. You are giving him a fantastic gift by sending him on such an adventure.

  16. oh my goodness, her crying saying goodbye to brother is so sweet and sad.
    she's getting so big!!
    & paris?!! how incredible!

  17. I love your beach shots! We are going down this weekend, and I cannot wait!

    How did you survive the first night of Will's trip? Have you heard from him at all?

    Sending prayers for both Will and for you all.

  18. Kim,
    How exciting for Will, yet sad for Kate. Just imagine how thrilled she'll be when he gets home! I couldn't help but notice Dave's shirt--that's our favorite custard place in Dallas. Do y'all have one in Houston? I gave up ice cream for Lent (because I eat it everyday), and although not technically ice cream, I'm holding off on the custard, too.
    Take care,

  19. Fantist news ...! I am sure Will will love Paris, the capital of art, I am a traveller since I was ten and Paris was my first trip, too. Travelling is a openwide classroom I am sure He will never forget this experience. Great parents you are and Kate is lovely as always and I guess Harry had so much fun by the sea. God bless you all.

  20. I think you need a day at the spa after that weekend!!!!!
    What an awesome opportunity for Will!!!!! Now that is a field trip I would love to chaperone!!!! (It beats the zoo floor!!!) And, sweet Kate!! She has a great big heart like her Mama!!!


  21. I love all the photos!! You are so lucky to go to the beach and have fun in the waves - the UK is still SO cold! How lovely for Will to go to Paris.
    Love and hugs


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