A story of incredible faith {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, February 13, 2011
I forget exactly how Daleea and I originally became acquainted but we adopted our daughters, Hannah and Kate around the same time.  We both had blogs and we became blog friends.  Then, one year when our family was traveling to Hilton Head, Daleea and her sweet family came to visit us on our vacation.  Our friendship grew and they visited us the following year on vacation too.  During one of those days in Hilton Head, Daleea and I were standing in the shallow part of the ocean and she shared with me her longing to go back to China to adopt again.  She confessed that the obstacles were HUGE but that she really wanted it to happen.  I told her that I would pray for her.

Over the years, I have witnessed Daleea pray, hope and dream about that daughter in China.  I  have watched her sew clothes, make stationary, hold auctions and create braclelets.  I have bought all of these things and I have repeatedly asked you, my blog readers to help her bring her daughter home by purchasing these things too.  And many of you have.  Thank you. You have made her dreams come true.

It was slow going.  I remember reading that Daleea needed to sell 3,000 bracelets (she actually sold 1,667)  and feeling overwhelmed for her.  I remember wondering for the briefest of moments if she would ever get there (I am ashamed to admit that).  But Daleea always marched forward.  She named her daughter Isabella Faith before she was ever matched. She blogged about her future daughter and prayed for her.  She NEVER gave up hope. Ever.  She always kept the faith. 

Last year (4 months ago), Daleea's husband was badly burned in a work related accident. He was seriously injured and was on life support for a few days.  I know people wondered how that might affect their adoption. They even asked Daleea about it. But again, Daleea never lost faith.  She knew that it would happen.  She knew that God would intervene and that Isabella Faith would be in their family one day. 

Well, my friends, today is that day!  After years of waiting and hoping and praying and working SO hard to bring her daughter home, Daleea will meet Isabella Faith in China.  Her unwavering faith has been such an inspiration to me and to so many others.  I have never in my life seen someone work so relentlessly for something.  Daleea and I are very different and we may have never met if we did not share this red thread of adoption.  But I know God put her in my life to teach me about great faith.  And she has done that and I am so much better for knowing her.

Congratulations Daleea (and family) from me and the "peanut family" (as she calls us).  We love you all and we are so happy for you:)  You can follow Daleea's faithful journey here.  Here are some photos of Isabella Faith but I am sure they will not even compare to the ones we will see soon of her wrapped in her Mother's love:)

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Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

But hope that is seen is no hope.  Who hopes for what he already has?  But if we hope for what we do not have, we wait for it patiently.  Romans 8: 24-25

Ni Hao Yall


  1. What wonderful news and such a great testament of faith! God is Good!!!


  2. Isn't she incredible?

    I think you are an incredible woman too Kim, really incredible, I look up to you because your faith is so huge.

    In fact, I would say it's big enough to take you back to China as well. :) I hope you don't mind me saying that.

    Hugs, Jill.

  3. Oh how Dalee's journey has truly touched my heart! Thank you for sharing her story and although I have been to her site and left words of encouragement in the past, I will make it over to her site surely to offer more encouraging words! Thank you for sharing, your friendship sounds truly brought together by God.

  4. She truly is an example of great faith and what a beautiful tribute you write about her. I have followed Daleea's blog for a while and can't wait to finally see her daughter in her arms! I wish them all only the best! :)

  5. Her story is amazing and so is her strength, courage, and never ending faith! What a beautiful post Kim.... I can't wait to see her united with her daughter!

    Have a great week and a Happy Valentine's Day~



  6. I have lurked on Daleea's blog forever now - - I'm hugely inspired by her and can't wait for Isabella to finally be home! Thank you for such a kind post . . .


  7. Love this...can't wait to see her with that baby!!!

  8. you all are making me cry.... i am touched and humbled. thank you all for being an answer to prayer and helping us bring our daughter home. My precious miracle, Isabella Faith is sleeping in my arms... God simply cannot be less than He is... He is faithful!

  9. Kim, I have held tight to Hebrews 11:1 throughout our journey. thank you for sharing Daleea's journey. it certainly puts things in perspective for me... Have a great week!

  10. God is Good All the time! Praising God for Daleea's blessing of Isabelle.

  11. Daleea is amazing, what a special woman, I'm SO happy for her!

  12. What a beautiful faith story...so inspirational in a world where so many get caught up in instant gratification.


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