What a week!

Friday, February 11, 2011
I am so glad it is Friday!!  This week has been a bit of a tough one. We have had so many activities and doctor appts.  I cannot even get to it all in one post. I think I'll do bullets:)

~ Will wrapped up swim season with a big zone meet where he and some teammates won a medal for 2nd place in the boys relay.  We are really proud of your hard work on swim team this year Will!  The team also had a party this week at a local restaurant.  It was kind of funny.  The coach specifically asked parents to stay at the restaurant for the party but Will SO did not want me there. When I pointed out that every other parent was there,  He said, "I love you Mom and I think you are a great Mom but when you are my age, you just don't want your Mom there." I sat far away with another Mom:)



Will loves the backstroke and it is definitely his best stroke too.

~ Harry had a brutal week.  He has had a cough for 4 weeks now.  And I mean the worst cough you have ever heard.  So this week (after weekly visits to the doctor) he had a TB test, he started an antibiotic (in case it's pneumonia) and he is on an inhaler.  We are praying that whatever it is, it goes away.

~We also discovered that he is getting migraines.  He has had 2 this week.  It was so awful.  He was vomiting and could not hold his head up.  He was white as a ghost. I have never seen my son in such pain.  I had tears in my eyes just seeing him like that. We went straight to the pediatrician and she was concerned about an aneurism, brain mass etc.   I have also never seen our pediatricina so concerned about him.  That made me even more nervous. Then we realized that it is migraines.  My Mom got them. I get them. My sister gets them.  Will gets about one a week!  And now Harry gets them.  Needless to say, I have beaten myself up pretty bad this week for both being the genetic link to my children's migraines and also not recognizing that Harry was getting them.  He has had recent episodes of extreme headache and vomiting and I have chalked it up to other things (dehydration, the cough, etc).

~I went into Kate's school to teach about Chinese New Year yesterday.  It was so much fun.  Kate really had a lot to share with her class. In fact, she barely needed me there. I wish someone had video taped it because she was incredibly confident and articulate explaining the customs to her friends.  I read a book to the class.  We brought props.  We brought in dumplings, oranges and fortune cookies to share. Kate gave each of her classmates a red envelope with gold chocolate coins and the cutest Chinese erasers!  And we made Chinese lanterns.   I loved it and so did Kate and her class.





We brought our banner that I made from home:)





Kate just LOVES arts and crafts.  I wish I were a more artsy crafty Mom for her.

~ Tomorrow I am attending a retreat with my Mom's group at church.  I am so excited to have a short day of quiet reflection and peace.  Thank you Dave for taking over all Saturday duties for me!  They have this retreat every year and I have never gone before even though I have been in the group off and on for 11-12 years.  

~On Monday (Valentine's Day) Dave took off from work and he has some sort of little surprise  adventure planned.  I have no idea what we are doing but I am really touched that Dave took the day off to be with me.

I hope y'all have a great weekend.  


  1. Oh my! What a week of an emotional rollercoaster! What a scare for Harry. When our children hurt...we hurt. Praying that Harry recovers from his migraines.

    Will is definitely growing up. Those teen years can be tough on Mom, but rest assure, it's just a phase. My 21yr old was the same way....now everything is "Momma can you come with me here" or "Momma come ride with me here"! I thought to myself "Is this the same child?". :)

    Kate nailed it! Go Kate! She is growing up so fast! I just love the shots of her amongst her classmates! It made my heart smile!

    Have a good weekend Peanuts!!

  2. What a week is right!!! I hope everyone feels better and that you are truly able to relax this weekend. I love how you shared Chinese customs with Katie's class. Wonderful!

  3. Good to hear from you. I was wondering where you were. I am praying for ya'll esp. about Harry's health issues. I have had SOMETHING for 3 weeks now and I finally got on antibiotics. I REALLY think they mess up the good bacteria in my body but whatever I have I am not able to fight by myself. I am still coming in town (Houston) March 4-6 and hoping to get to visit with you! it will be here before we know it. It's REALLY sweet your hubby took the day off from work. :) xo

  4. Kim, I feel SO bad for your awful week and H's health concerns and also W not wanting mom around...makes me sad thinking about Ethan not wanting me to be around...uughh. :(
    Those pics of Kate are so precious, especially the one sitting next to you, she looks so into it and proud of her mommy. :)
    I hope Harry is feeling better, I will add him to my prayer list and I hope you have a wonderful mom's retreat time and time with hubby on V-day, so sweet of him!!
    Way to go Will on your swim medal!!
    Have a great weekend, hope next week is much, much better!! :)

  5. I just wanted you to know that I think Kate is the most beautiful little thing I have ever seen. I ADORE how her eyes completely disappear when she smiles. Such a China DOLL!!! :)

  6. Kate looks so cute and proud in her Chinese outfit (sorry, I do not know the correct nsme for it!)
    I have been wondering Kim, are you going to finish posting about Disney? No pressure!

  7. wow, Kim, it is so funny I was thinking of you today. I am sorry you have had a rough week. But, was glad to read that CNY in Kate's class was hit.

    Poor little Harry.

    Enjoy the day with Dave. Can't wait to hear what he has planned.


  8. LOVE Kate's dimples!!

    Can't wait until Harry feels better! We've had a lot of coughs around here too..tis the season!

    And Will?!?! I get that - but WOW - hard for mama bear!

    Love that you had fun at Kate's school. We read the same book this year and ALL the kids tried the potstickers! But not all of them liked them :)

  9. Wow you had a week! The pictures with Kate are just adorable. As for Harry, I hope he feels betters soon :-(

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  10. KIm - yikes..what aw eek - there must be something in the air, because it's been like that here too! Will's comment made me smile - he is SO grownup now, and I have to say, very articulate in how he expresses himself - I thought it was darling he made sure to tell you he loved you before he dissed you!

    Have a great day with your Valentine - whatever he has planned!

  11. OH Kim..I have a similar post lined up too!
    I am so sad about Harry and his migraines just thankful you now know the cause and can treat them!

    Love seeing the Chinese New Year lesson...I wish I would have done that for Lucy's class...maybe next year!

    Enjoy your retreat...and cant wait to hear about your Valentine surprise!

  12. oh my word, what a scary medical situation with Harry. hope he is on the mend!
    have a great weekend.

  13. Love the pics...especially you teaching Kate's class. So sweet!

    Hope next week is better. Sounds like Monday will be a great start!

  14. Hoping your H. is feeling better soon. Migraines are the worst. I suffer from them myself but have been helped greatly by a good neurologist and the proper medication.

    Looks like you did a great job celebrating the CNY with the little ones!

  15. Sounds like a busy, busy week. I hope Harry's cough gets better fast and I'm so sorry about his headaches. Migraines are the worst, as you know. I can't imagine having them as a child, poor guy. I'll keep him in my thoughts!!!

    Hope you have a more restful weekend and Monday with Dave sounds like fun! Enjoy!

  16. great photos!
    happy sunday!

  17. I can completely relate to both of your wxpeiences with Will and Harry.

    Sumter often tells me, "Boys my age (fill in the blank).". It makes me laugh...

    He ALSO inherited my migraines. His are primarily triggered by lots of sugar and processed food. He hasn't had many in the past few years as we figured this out. But he started getting them AGE 4!!!

    Have a wondeful VDay!

  18. Migraines...yuck...I get them also and so did my Mom. They are just awful, I will begin praying for him. Poor guy.

    What an awesome day with Kate's class!!! Oh she must have been so thrilled to share this special day with her classmates.What a wonderful mom you are Kim..really.

  19. What a busy week Kim.... but it sure looks like you had a great time with Kate in school teaching her class about CNY!

    Hope that Harry is feeling much better. Poor guy... migraines are the worst.




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