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Monday, October 5, 2009


How adorable is this dress?

Well, my sweet friend, Daleea made it as part of her effort to bring home another daughter from China. I have been blessed to get to know Daleea and her family in person for the last few years and they are warm and wonderful people. She is a beautiful and faithful woman and mother. Daleea and her husband adopted their son Nicholas from Russia and their daughter, Hannah from China. She would love to bring another child into their sweet family but she needs YOUR help.

International adoption fees are extremely expensive and for many families in this ecomony it is difficult to raise such a huge lump sum. So, Daleea is selling these adorable bracelets

Starfish Cleft Home

to raise money to bring a child home. PLEASE go buy one. In fact, go buy several!!! I bought 3 last week and plan to buy more for little birthday or Christmas gifts. They are so CUTE! Just a little money can make the difference of a lifetime for a child and for this family. I know we are not all called to adopt but we are ALL called to help others. This is an easy way for you to do so. Let's help make a family's dream come true!!!! Some days this blog gets about 1,000 hits. If each of those people bought just one bracelet, Isabella would be SO much closer to coming home to a family.

I will be giving away one bracelet to a lucky blog reader. Leave a comment of encouragement here for my friend Daleea (and tell me which bracelet and size you would like) to be entered. If you post about this on your site or add the blog button, leave another comment and you will be entered twice. Just click on the above image and you will be led to Daleea's site where you can copy the blog button and purchase the bracelets. Please help to spread the word. Be sure to enter by 9 AM Wednesday, October 7th.


Daleea also sells these darling clothes here.

P.S. The feedback on my last post has been truly amazing and I appreciate it. Each and every comment was so special. I hesitated so much before I hit the publish button on that post but I received a few very personal e-mails that let me know it was the right thing to do. I am so grateful that I was able to help a few of you on a very personal level.

Oh and how about my ADORABLE new header?????? Stephanie Wise created it for us and I LOVE it! She really captured the essence of each peanut. I had seen her illustrations around and always admired them but recently saw two blog headers she created and just loved them. Her blog button is on the lower right hand side of my blog.
Thank you Stephanie!


  1. Oh my goodness, the dress is adorable! I love the colors.


  2. I would love to win a bracelet they are so cute! Kathy

  3. Kim: You're heart is so big, look at all you do for your friends. I looked at your friends site Orphaned No More and was so touched. I'm getting a bonus in a few weeks and plan to buy 3 or 6 for my girlfriends Christmas presents. I would love to enter the drawing and would like the bracelet in the Adult size.

    Deleea, I'm sure in the very near future your sweet baby will be in your arms and she will be Orphaned No More. You're in my prayeres.

  4. I adore Daleea and everything you say about her is true. I wish that I was blessed by knowing her in person. I bought 3 bracelets for Sophia. I like the fabric combo on the dress too. It's hard for me to visualize combinations until I see them completed.

    You are a wonderful friend to help and support her. I will never forget how you helped us bring our daughter home.

  5. I love that dress, and it is so cute paired with leggings!! I love leggings on little girls! I can’t pull the look off that well, or I would wear them all the time!
    The bracelets are beautiful! I will copy the button on my blog tonight, and I am going to order a bracelet or 2. So far, I picked the Audrey and French Beauty!! Great jewelry for a great cause! Who could resist!?

  6. I have been eyeing these bracelets from a few weeks now....after seeing your side bar link! I have been waiting bc I cant decide which one (or ones) to get! I would love to win one so I dont have to make the choice - ha ha!

    Deleea - may your dream in your heart come true....the waiting is the hardest part....stay positive and know everything happens for a reason, in perfect time!!


  7. Love that dress! I must go check it out.....and you know I love your blog header! :) Stephanie is so incredibly talented!! :):)

  8. Kate could not be any cuter! Love the dress (and the leggings!). Looks like her hair is growing out nicely too :).
    I will certainly buy a few bracelets - they are darling! Sure do wish a had a little girl to buy the clothes for ;)

  9. love, love, love the new header!!

    love, love, love that dress and I am headed right now to see what other dresses she has!!! I assume that anything we buy helps bring her girl home.

  10. First of all ...I LOVE Kate's dress... that is darling.. and as for Daleea.. her outfits are tooo cute...
    I would love to win one of the braclets.. I would like the 12mm size in the HOPE... for hoping that Both Daleea's Isabella and my Isabella will be home soon....
    Thank you for hosting this give away...

  11. I also added the blog button on my blog.... Thank you again..
    Have a great week...

  12. Oh, Kim - I have been thinking about these already for Christmas gifts! So beautiful & classy! I love the Audrey in the adult size :=)

    Daleea, your story has touched me for years. Your blog was one of the very first that I stumbled upon while paperchasing & waiting for our precious treasure from China. I have told everyone I know (who isn't in blog world) of your story! I love adding Isabella to it! I know, just know, that you will be blessed for your Faithfulness!! God's light is shining through you and your family!

    God speed to your youngest daughter!


  13. Oh, Kim..... where do I begin...
    First Kate is soooooooooooo adorable and too beautiful. I love the dress on her. Thank you so much! Thank you for your oh, so kind words, for your order, for your prayers, for the post.... for everything. Thank you for helping us and our Isabella.
    What a blessing you are.
    I love your header.... it is adorable!
    What a special work of art with your 3 Peanuts. I hope you were able to get a print of that as well. Just precious.
    Thank you again for everything.
    We miss you all.

  14. That dress is just adorable! I will check out the bracelets soon!

  15. You CAN count on me... off to buy two for sure and maybe more for gifts.

  16. Love the new look of your blog :)

    I follow that blog too and have the button on my blog. I truly hope she meets her goal. I can't wait to order some bracelets :)

  17. I noticed the new header right away and love it! What a talent.

    I also LOVE Kate's new dress. Thanks for sharing about Daleea.

  18. Kate is so adorable. I have to get one of those dresses, now, thank you very much. I love the new header, too.

    Gin =)

  19. Kim, you are such a sweet, sweet friend. I love your new blog look...its just wonderful! I have been eyeing those bracelets on your blog for sometime....I would love to win one....But I think they would make some fun Christmas gifts as well! The one I would pick for myself would be the Whimsy or the Day Dream or the Parisian or the Hello Friend or the Audrey...Guess I really like them all! Thank you for opportunity!

  20. PS. I forgot to leave a message for Daleea in my previous comment, but when I purchased the Audrey bracelets (one for me, and one for my niece), I sent an email to Daleea expressing my best wishes and prayers for her family and their addition! I know the proceeds of the bracelets are intended to fund bringing Isabella home, but I also think they are just SOO Cute! Who doesn’t love handmade accessories?! I emailed Daleea’s blog site to all of my friends and family, and I hope they buy LOTS of bracelets. This story really touched me tonight.

  21. first of all i want to say thank you for your comments to me while here in russia...they have been invaluable. secondly, i will go home and buy a few of these bracelets in support of bringing Isabella home. We know all too well the enormous amount of money it takes to bring a child home. And last, that dress that Miss Kate is wearing is too die for - I love it! I cannot wait to order a dress for Emma. Thank you for sharing this site with us.

  22. That dress is so cute! And it looks like Kate is feeling good -- so nice! Those bracelets are adorable! I know a little girl that would love some. Will definitely be bopping over to your friend's place to order some! You new blog header is great!


  23. I was rather surprised by the hidden costs of adoption until my dear friend with through the process. How creative of Daleena to use her talents for a loving cause.

    Cute dress ~ does it come in adult sizes : )


  24. Great new blog header! I love the photos of Kate in the dress--such a cute dress on such a cute girl. Such a great advert for the dressmaker too!

  25. I will definitely be checking out the bracelets-what a great idea!

    And how adorable is Kate??? LOVE the dress...the last thing my 3 little ladies need is another dress but ofcourse I will check her website out! :)

  26. OMG is that the cutest dress or what!!! I'm gonna check out the website in a minute! I would love to win the bracelet, win or not, I feel like a WINNER already being a a part of this wonderful blogging communinty!

    BTW...that new header is AWESOME!! There is a lot of UNTAPPED TALENT in this blog community!!

  27. I absolutely love these bracelets! So cute! I will definitely get some of these for a MOPS prize. Fun!!

    It's hard to pick my favorite but I do like the DayDream Adult M. =)

  28. Wow - these bracelets are so beautiful and so original! Love the dress too - Daleea is so talented! Kate looks so grown-up and tall! Love her smiles in these photos, Wendy

  29. Such a cute dress! :)And the header is just too cute... I would love to win a bracelet and i will probably buy some anyways... I believe im a 12mm not sure exactly how to tell... Have a great week!

  30. I have also added the button and a link to my blog! Glad i could help i will be certain to check those bracelets out! :) Have a blessed week!

  31. I just got mine in the mail today! I love them!! Daleea, I can't wait to see your little one in your arms! (love the dress too!)

  32. First...
    When I saw your header my mouth dropped open. I love it!!!
    Lauren came running to the computer shouting "let me see". :)

    My dear friend Daleea...
    What was life like before Daleea? She has been a true blessing to me! I am thrilled that she is moving full speed ahead to her Isabella!!! The bracelets are truly a God thing. I thought I had decided which fabric I wanted the dress to be...but after this post I LOVE this print!

    Thank you for all that you did to help bring home Mia Hope and for once again reaching out to bring awareness to a waiting family. Money shouldn't be the wall between a mother and a child, but sometimes it is. The Adoption Community is amazing at bringing down those walls and bringing children to their mother's arms!

    Godspeed Isabella Faith!


  33. I think this is an awesome thing that you are doing for your friend Daleea and her family. It's very heart warming to see people come together to help one another. I will definitely go back and check out the dresses when I get home tomorrow. Any reason to shop for something girly is good for me! And this especially is a good cause. I love the Whimsy and Parisian (adult) bracelts! If I won one for myself, I will definitely have to buy a matching one for Lauren ;)

    Deleea, I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. I pray that God will truly bless your efforts and bring your little one home. I hope that I will blessed with many good friendships like this during our journey of adopting Lauren.

  34. Added the button to my blog!!


  35. Bracelets are adorable!!! I am headed there next to get some.

    The dress is so cute. I guess I will also visit that site.


  36. It's great to catch up with the peanuts and just in time to see your adorable new header.

    Your "making room" post is touching in so many ways. Thank you.

    What sweet bracelets Daleea is making and what better cause?!

    Your sharing is very much appreciated.

    And Kate's *new* hair is cute cute cute!


  37. I love Daleea, and I love that you did this post for her!

  38. Oh, darling new header!

  39. count me in,please. every little bit helps.I love the idea of each person contributing big or small:)

  40. The dress and your new header are absolutely adorable!! I'll be saying some prayers for your friend, and the journey to her child. You never know, miracles can happen on days just like today!

  41. KIM!

    Thank you once again for being so generous ever so caring and ever so loving toward your friend!
    I have oredered three myself last week so that is why I do not need in the drawing I do plan to order More also.
    I will not be having a drawing but I do plan to give a couple away!

    Blessed are those that gove
    Little is MUCH when GOD is in it!

    YES miss Kate looks beautiful and I love your heading too!

    Dalaee-- you sent me a note that you had receieved my words of encouragement and my money too!
    I am in no hurry to receive the bracelets but know that I WILL love them when I do get them!!
    But I will give one away for the precious litle girl that will needs to come home and needs a forever family!

    I know that all your labours are not in vain and that our LORD! sees the whole picture of everything!
    HE also can make a way when we can not
    He has not forgotten you at all!
    We are all praying for the safe speedy retutn of Isabella!
    Yes I will be ordering more soon!
    Look Up better days are ahead!
    I think you have an awesome friend in KIM too!
    May god always keep his gentle loving HANDS upon both of your families!
    Many prayers much love!
    God speed and God Bless as well

    Love you two Much!

    Nahum 1:7

  42. Just ordered 3 dresses from her.....I can't wait! ;)

  43. Beautiful dress!! I am taking great styling tips for when Ella gets older! Love love love the bracelets! I ordered 6 (and probably will order mroe after I get the first ones to see how I like them!). Thanks Kim for all of the info!

  44. I LOVE your new header and I absolutely LOVE Dalaee....she is so special to me and I just got my bracelet the other day and it is gorgeous! Now I have a constant reminder to pray for that sweet angel to come home to her new family.

  45. I don't know what's cuter - Kate or that dress. Well, maybe I do, but that dress is pretty darn cute on her :).

    It's really fabulous that your friends are looking to adopt overseas. Truly an inspiration. I'll definitely check the site out.


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