Our Valentine's Day 2011 {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, February 20, 2011
I have been hesitant to share what Dave did for me for Valentine's day for a few reasons.  The biggest reason is that while it was an extremely grand and romantic gesture to me...to us, y'all probably won't get it.  Which is fine. I decided that does not matter.  I want my kiddos to read this one day (and their spouses) and remember what a thoughtful and romantic Dad they had!

So we do not buy our kids things except on holidays for the most part. Our kids generally get gifts on their birthday and Christmas.  They get an Easter basket too.  Sometimes they each get a little something on Valentine's morning and they were so excited this year.

You might remember how Kate was coveting a beautiful box of chocolates?  I posted about it here. She talked about those chocolate boxes every single day for a month!  So, of course, that was her little surprise.  As you can see, she was delighted!   The only problem is that we re-discovered that as much as Kate LOVES chocolate, it makes her CRAZY.  Seriously, every single time she eats chocolate she has an emotional breakdown (which she is not prone to when not eating chocolate).  So, mostly she has admired the box and the chocolates and we change the subject when she asks to eat them.  She has had  a 1/2 of chocolate here and there. She loves the pretty box.

So excited!




Harry got a small hex bug maze.  He was thrilled.


Will got a nerf gun and was also thrilled.  Just little tokens to show some love.


We got the boys off to school.  Took a few photos with Kate and then took her to school...


(my friend Lori made this cute flower and ribbon belt:)

Dave took a vacation day on Valentine's day but he did not tell me where we were going. We grabbed a quick breakfast and took off heading out of the city and into the country.  This is where I need to give a little background.  Last September, you might remember that we went to Roundtop.  Roundtop is an enormous antique/decorative/designer outdoor show.  It happens twice a year in Texas and people come from all over for it.  Well, we went and wandered into this big tent.  Honestly, I remember going in there because it was so darned HOT and this tent had air conditioning and free margaritas.  Anyway, they were selling luxury bedding.  Specifically, they sell these Hungarian goose down feather pillows.  So, we cooled of and they propped us all up in these beds and pillows.  They adored Kate (and Will too). Harry was at a sleepover.




{these are with my point and shoot from back in September}

They want you to get in the beds.  They insist on it.  And we know why.  It feels like absolute HEAVEN.  Dave and I both have bad necks and backs.  Dave has had back surgery and I spend a lot of time and money at the chiropractor.  We felt like we were floating in these pillows.  We wanted them badly.  But they were out of our price range and we were not planning on buying them.  The "system" calls for 3-4 of the pillows in order to give the correct support. And they are odd sizes too so you need to purchase the shams as well.

We went back home and looked up these pillows on line.  We were sold.  We wanted them but we knew it was not something that was going to happen anytime soon (if ever). Every night when we got into bed, we would fluff our company store pillows and sigh and say, "Ahhh...Hungarian goose down" and laugh.  It became our little private joke.  We talked about them all the time.  "Hungarian goose down" became our private joke.

Well, there is a little store out in the town of Roundtop that sells these pillows.  They are normally closed on Mondays and they were closed on Valentine's Day.  But Dave called and told them our story and that he took the day off and wanted to surprise his wife with one or two of these pillows to start the system.  The manager generously offered to open the store just for us.

Some photos of the European Luxury Linen shop


They also carry beautiful antique linens

So, my sweet husband bought me three enormous Hungarian goose down pillows and shams for Valentine's Day! I feel so special that he planned this all and had them open the store for us. Dave knows that this is a frivolous but romantic purchase and he hopes it will help my neck which is so bad from the car accidents. I love that my husband really thought about something that I would never buy for myself and that he wanted to make me happy.  I am so blessed.  He is the BEST husband.

Trying out the various pillows in the "system"


And I feel really bad because we don't usually give each other gifts for Valentine's day (we usually do a  special dinner).  I made him a card/love letter. I even put a doily and glitter on it.  But I did not buy him something.  And I feel bad about that.  We are trying to spend less money so I thought I was being fiscally responsible.  Which to my husband is actually very romantic:)

**I know there are always more photos of Kate.  There is a reason for that.  My boys literally roll their eyes and the sight of my camera.  They do not like me taking their photos right now.  Kate hams it up for the camera.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Can I come take a nap at your house...Please:) ?

  2. a very romantic gesture.. thank you, now I must have these pillows!!

  3. love love love your gift! doesn't it make your heart melt when they do something like that??? so sweet!

  4. The most romantic Vday story I have heard in a long time. That Dave is a keeper! Love your outfit that day :)

  5. That is so sweet! I know what you mean about the boys. My son hides from the camera or is off doing his own big kid thing that I have tons of pics of my girls and few of him.

  6. yes, i love your outfit too :) Kate's too - but I have to say, you're the winner on V-Day! Well, you and DAVE!! How sweet, sweet, sweet :) And I'd have to agree - my man would think it was romantic too that I saved money :-)

    My favorite part is that Dave went to the trouble to have the manager open the store. Wow. and you were ALONE!

    We did not exchange gifts for Christmas, but FEDex arrived on Christmas Eve with my very own (engraved!) ipad. Something I really wanted, but was frivolous and not at all necessary..I just asked my husband today (as he fired up our dinosaur laptop)- did he love the ipad? (that he also loves to fool around with) - he responded he didn't love the ipad nearly as much as he loved watching me love it!

    Sometimes they have to go and remind us of why we fell in love!

    I hope you love your pillows - they look amazing!

    p.s. you don't have to give a reason why there are more pics of Kate?? I can't remember the last time my boys even made the blog :) They BEG me not to write about them and they do the eye roll thing too :) What can they say? They are practically tweens and they are ALL boy!!

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Going to make my husband read this last post, Kim!!!

  8. I think that is absolutely the loveliest thing. Your family looks and sounds like you all truly love and appreciate each other. Cute outfit too!

  9. You looked absolutely darling with your cute blouse, ribbon belt and boyfriend jeans, no wonder your hubby wanted to take the day off and do something romantic! My husband always gets excited when I decide to save money and NOT get him a gift, too :)

  10. The pillows (and Kate's candy) sound delightful!

  11. That is so, SO sweet Kim, what a great guy you have and I love the smile on his face in the last picture, he KNOWS he did well! :)
    Those pillows are awesome, they fit you well and I hope they bring peaceful slumber. Now Dave needs a set! :0 So funny about your card....at least you put glitter. :)
    Kate looks adorable with her pretty candy box, her face is glowing!!
    ps Your outfit is so cute!

  12. oh, i get it...because i got the same thing for christmas! no one really understood why i would need pillows like that, but my husband did. now that i have them, my sleep is so much better and i cannot imagine going back to a regular pillow. it is amazing- and yes, VERY romantic of him (especially him having them open the store for you- wow!)

  13. That was SO sweet of your husband to set all of that up for you! :)

  14. True Love!!! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! I'm so happy for you and your fabulous husband, and your fabulous pillows! I have back issues (going to the doc Thursday-again, actually) so I know how practical that gift was. And- having the manager open the store just for YOU?! Oh, you must have felt SO special!! Happy Valentine's Day (a little late) to the sweetest family!! :) With Love...

  15. Oh that Dave!!! What a wonderful idea, I am a pillow lover and those look so comfy!!! Looks like it was a special day for both of you! Love ya sweetie!

  16. oh my goodness girl, how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i've never heard of Hungarian goose down but you better believe i think i'll check it out now.
    ya'll are too cute
    your little flower ribbon belt & jeans?good grief, cuteness
    love that dave. what a sweet sweet man

  17. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift! Would love to see a pic of the pillows you chose for your bed!

  18. Wow...they look and sound wonderful!
    That is truly one of the most romantic things I have ever heard. My hubby is wonderful but I don't think he would think of that. I got super warm and comfy winter hiking socks for Valentine's day. I had been coveting his so he got me a pair :)

  19. Entirely too cute! Wow! He is a thoughtful guy, not that anyone ever doubted!
    I would likely feel badly about not getting anything for him, also, but I think it's more of a female holiday. That's just my opinion. We don't do gifts fr each other at all.

  20. Very sweet! Sounds like a great day!! I am quite certain Dave was thrilled that you didn't buy him anything :)

  21. One more thing...I think you should let Kate eat the entire box of chocolates at once...have one horrendous afternoon and be done with it!! :)

    You both look adorable!!

  22. What an awesome day! I bet your children will indeed enjoy reading about this generous and creative gesture when they are adults. We have goose down pillows (not Hungarian though) and boy do we LOVE them. What a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing!

  23. What a lovely and thoughtful gift!!!!! Kim, I know you know this, but you are blessed!!!!!

    Sweet dreams!


  24. That is the sweetest story, and I hope that when your kids read it in the future, they can appreciate what a great marriage their parents had :)

  25. Oh my goodness, this is so sweet.
    I love the look on Kate's face. You might have been able to get away with the box alone. That's a huge box of chocolates. It will take forever to eat if she's going a half a chocolate at a time...you might have to help her out with that one.

  26. Yay for Kate getting her big box of candy!!!!!! Those pillows and bedding sound absolutely divine:)

  27. I love this story!

    I love it that you two love one another much.
    The handmade card is worth a million dollars and
    well the thought he put into those pillows...just wonderful.

    I am glad that your Valentines day was special. Just makes me tickled for you!

  28. Oh my...that's my kinda gift! What a sweet hubby! :)

  29. Hi!

    I wanted to comment about the kindergarten decision.

    Much like your Kate, my Madeline is a summer baby & a YOUNG 4. She's sweet, innocent, and so full of happiness. She IS protected from most things- she's happy to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & the most 'older child' thing she watches is the penguins of Madagascar.

    She just started pre-K 4 this year.. and it's been a process for her. She wouldn't talk to anyone for the first 2 months of school.. she didn't understand how things flowed in a classroom, etc. But now, she's doing well.

    She was 16 months when she came home from Guatemala which I think plays a part in why she is such a young 4. In addition, we did struggle with attachment.. which makes her hesitant and closed off in new situations.

    Knowing her, knowing her personality and how "young" she is compared to the others.. I just felt it best in my heart to put her into prek 5 for the upcoming year. I know that is not the right decision for all children.. but I know my girl and I've always had a feeling in my heart when it comes to timing and introducing her to new things. This has worked out well and she has done great doing things "in her own time"

    In my heart I feel another year of maturity for her will be best before heading to Kindergarten. I remember reading a post of yours about how you were ready to send your boys to kindergarten, but with kate, it felt different..

    Listen to your heart, and your Mama instincts on this one. No one knows Kate better then you do.

  30. Oh how romantic is right - just the fact that he would put all the thought into it and then get them to open the store!!

    When you said you looked these pillows on line - was there a particular site? I would like to look into these if they are as good as they sound I might have to consider a purchase myself - I would LOVE a really great nights sleep with no neck or back pain! If you wouldn't mind sharing the information I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you! and again...Very romantic, what a great guy you have there!

  31. Ahhhhhh.... Dreamy..... ;)

    What a Great Gift Dave! Way to go on those Brownie points! ;)

    And.. I love the pictures of you & KATE.. so Cute!

    I'm also.. LOVING the belt!
    Does she sell them?!!!

  32. What a beautiful family! I know you're struggling with what's best for Kate. As an educator for more than 40 years, I think it's important to make the distinction between personality and immaturity. The two most common personality traits for holding children back were active children or timid/introverted types. These are not a maturity issue- they are part of the child's personality. My suggestion would be to try kindergarten. It's not an irreversible decision. You can either take her out of it , or, as time goes on, you may feel she needs another year. Relax, you'll know what's the best thing for your daughter. You're an amazing person, and I'm confident you'll listen to your heart.

  33. What a special day! I echo others when I say I love your outfit! I really like your shirt and I've been wanting some boyfriend jeans since you rocked them in some earlier post - cute!

  34. Hi Kim!

    Your pillows are beautiful! I appreciate you taking us with you.
    So sorry to hear about your pup, but I know your children with get through this time with your love and support. It's so hard being a Mom but you doing it with such grace...


  35. I read but I guess I didn't comment. I LOVE that Dave did this. I DO understand what a wonderful and romantic gesture this is. I love things like this.

  36. That is so thoughtful! What a great man you have! :)


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