A weekend with Mr. Bear {Sunday Snaphot}

Sunday, January 23, 2011
A few weeks ago Kate told me that she was going to get to take home the "class pet."  I did not recall a class pet so I asked her what the pet was.  She said she did not know.  Kate told me is it a surprise but we are not allowed to give it a bath!

Turns out, each child has the chance to bring "Mr. Bear" home for a weekend.  He comes along with some very good bear books to read together.  We are supposed to hang out with Mr. bear all weekend and document it.  It was a boring weekend here but I think Mr. bear had fun nonetheless....

First thing Kate did was take his clothes off.  Mr Bear was wearing some denim overall's that said "Cajun Bear."  She did not think they were very "stylish."  No offense to Cajuns.  We like Cajun things:)



Ahhh.... much better without those overalls!

Next, they snuggled up and read some books....


Later, we needed to go to Target.  Kate enjoyed showing Mr. Bear the beautiful Valentine candy aisle.  In fact, I could hardly drag them away from it.  My girl has a serious obsession with Valentine candy.  She thinks it is so beautiful!


Dave and Harry were in Dallas for a Judo tournament and Will was at a party.
So, Kate, Mr. Bear and I went out to eat.


No, Mr. bear did not have a Miller Lite!  I did though.

(I-phone photos)

I took Kate to a little neighborhood Italian restaurant.  Kate had "real pasta" for the first time in her entire life.  Poor girl has only had gluten free pasta before.  When I was putting her to bed that night she said, "Mama that restaurant cooks dinners better than you and Daddy do."  She ate 2 pieces of real pizza (another rarity for her) and a side of penne!

Saturday morning we took Mr. Bear to Starbucks.




"I don't know those people."
Does Will look embarrassed of his Mom taking pictures in Starbucks?

And then we went to soak up some sunshine at the park.
We have not had much sunshine here lately so it was delightful.







Kate is loving the monkey bars these days and she can do them a bit too:)

Then on Saturday night we all took Mr. Bear out to a Vietnamese restaurant with friends.


(I-phone again)

Mr. Bear hung around the house on Sunday so I did not take any more photos:)

Ni Hao Yall
For those who asked, Kate's dress (cream and blue) is from Naartjie
But we have had it a while so they might not still carry it.

Oh and her pink quilted jacket is from Target (again bought last Fall).


  1. She is too cute for words! Truly! What I wouldn't give for beautiful, Asian hair!

  2. How sweet! Looks like Mr. Bear had a fun weekend!!

    ps. I love Kate's pink coat..if you don't mind me asking, where did you get it?

  3. LOVE IT...
    Looks like tons of fun..
    I am going to be a Grandmother Mon,Tues and WEd... KyLee has to bring home a baby for Child development..

  4. This was too cute, I cracked up when it appeared Mr. Bear needed a cool "refreshment"! I'm sure he wishes he could always be a peanut. Have a great week and do tell if you are enjoying Grace for the Moment. That's the one I chose this year and love it so far :)

  5. Too cute! I remember bringing home Paddington Bear when I was younger...

    And that picture of Will is priceless too!

  6. The Will pic is cracking me up! It must be sooo hard to look "cool" while mom takes pics of bear! Bear looks like he had a great time! Fun idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the blue and white outfit. Plus the outing to the park. My little girl misses the park it's way too cold here in NJ. Looks like bear enjoyed his weekend.

  8. Mr. Bear is going to be spoiled; dinners out, Starbucks, Target. I'm glad he's not coming to my house next week.

  9. How fun!! What cute pictures.

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  10. Sounds like Kate was a great little hostess to Mr. Bear. I love that white and blue dress, is it from Naartje? Kerry has a similar pink one and I LOVE it.

    Gin =)

  11. Sand Cake! That was a favorite of my all my kids when they were small. Haven't seen that book for years....but I know it's here somewhere. I tried to donate some to their elementary school but when we were going through them, they decided that they couldn't part with any of them. Thanks for tripping that little memory...it goes by fast.

  12. Cute, cute!! I love that I'm not the only one to take pictures EVERYWHERE! :)

  13. What a fun project! And you must live somewhere warm and wonderful. If Mr. Bear had come to my house this weekend, we could've taken his picture next to the -18 degrees sign and told him to put on a coat!

  14. well......I think Mr. Bear made out quite well if you ask me....lol...Daniel has a bear that he takes home too....we document the whole weekend and take pictures to put in the classroom book....so fun.....love Kate's hair....I am thinking about taking Fia in to have her hair cut to more of the bob length too....enjoy your weel!


  15. So cute. Looks like Kate took good care of Mr. Bear!

    (I've got my eye on that white and blue dress/leggings!!)

  16. Just darling. Enjoy your sweet family!
    Mary Ann

  17. Very cute!!! Love the blue and white dress--please tel where you found it??

  18. Love Naartjie! Looks like Mr Bear had a busy weekend with the littlest peanut... Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love this post! Very fun - - what a great pre-school idea (watching the bear for a weekend.)

    I was going to ask about the Sat. morning dress - - thanks for sharing!


  20. This may sound odd, but we left for Dallas early Saturday morning to visit my grandbaby who was in the hospital. As we were driving, we casually passed a truck/suv type vehicle and the first thing I told my husband was "I think that's the 3Peanuts dad", he was like "Who?" I laughted and told him about this blog and how the man driving the vehicle favored your husband!
    He laughed and said I thought I was talking about THE PEANUTS w/Charlie Brown! I don't ever remember Charlie Brown having a mom/dad" LOL!!!! HILARIOUS!!

    I said "No....I read this blog named 3peanuts and I think that was the dad! I don't know what time Dave headed out or what route he took, but if he took 336 to I-45 that was prob him....or he has a twin!! LOL!! I lost sight of the vehicle as we passed them, I didnt want him to think some weird lady was peering at him thru the window!! :) Okay...you gotta let me know...I logged on to ask you this and VOILA...you mentioned it today!! CRAZY!!!!!

    BTW...I love Kate and the bear!! That girl has a flair for fashion! Cajun bear turned into DIVA BEAR overnight!! HA!!! Also..my sweet girl has the same dress but hers is gray!! I love that little dress too!! One of my favorite in her wardrobe!

  21. So cute! I laughed hysterically (which I desperately needed!) when I read that Mr. Bear could NOT be bathed! When Kate brought Benjamin Bear home from kindergarten, that was the first thing I did to the poor guy! He lost an eye during the washing cycle and we spent the weekend attempting to replace his eye-me and my germaphobia-but as a teacher, I see a whole other side to that bear and so I needed, needed him to bathe! Glad you guys had a nice girls (and bear) weekend!
    Wyomissing, PA

  22. I am sure you have addressed this before, and I am sure I read it....but what kind of lens do you use? Your pictures are beautiful! I love the one of Will....we have a 10 year old son and I think we are teetering on the brink of photos just like that:)

  23. Oh how I love that blue and white outfit...so darling and simple!

    I laughed when I read you weren't supposed to wash him. When we were in Virginia for missionary training, each day a pig went home with a different child. The kids were all passing around strep so each time the pig came home with us...he had a bath..in the washing machine! ha ha

    Sweet pictures!

  24. beautiful pictures - loved my b-day card with kate's special drawing - yucky sinus infection this week - tomorrow will be day 3 of a z pak hope it kicks in soon - lots of love, staci

  25. So cute~ Love the pics of Will. Also, love that Kate is obsessed with chocolate. I am right now too. I love love love chocolate and there is a Godiva store right by the Northwestern campus I go to.
    I hope I get to meet you all in March! xo

  26. That photo of Will cracks me up! :)
    Kim, the picture of Kate outside of Starbucks is gorgeous!! Her outfit is SO cute, love it!
    Kate is so sweet with the bear.
    With it being a surprise, you should be glad it was something stuffed....could have been much worse! :)

  27. Love your blog...have you heard of Flat Stanley? Something similar to taking the bear home except he gets sent to someone far away to spend time with them. I was at a funeral on Saturday and a girl pulled a Flat Stanley out of her purse. We snapped a picture...creepy.

  28. I was nervous when i saw the title in my google reader...as always beautiful.

  29. Hi,

    I know this is a random comment, but I saw a comment you posted on the Willow Decor blog about downsizing. You mentioned that you would like to downsize. I don't know if that was serious or not. But, I work for a reality TV production company in Burbank called Lighthearted Entertainment. We've produced such shows as ABC's Extreme Makeover, FOX's The Moment of Truth and MTV's NEXT! We're looking for a family who is about to downsize homes and I was curious if this might actually apply to you. Please email me and let me know. If it is something you'd be interested in, I'd love to chat some more. Thanks so much.

    Have a great day,

  30. As always, STUNNING photos :)
    And that Starbucks has some gorgeous natural light!!!
    Loving to see what FUN a day is like at your house :)

  31. I LOVVVVE doing this with my class! It is always a great time...both the kids AND parents get involved! So FUN!

  32. What fun. Love the pictures. My class has their Flat Stanley's out right now and we are eagerly anticipating their returns with pictures of their adventures. The picture of Mr. Bear with the "cold refreshment" made me laugh out loud. :) And I totally relate to Kate's comment about the restaurant's food. I cook gluten-free most of the time, but do enjoy the "real" stuff on occasion--even though it makes my whole body hurt when I eat it.

  33. I found your blog from Jewels of my Heart. We brought our daughter home from China in 2007. (Our daughters look about the same age.) I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Your family is beautiful.

  34. Your photos are always so beautiful and Kate is a doll, as always!

  35. I'm looking at these beautiful pictures and thinking you're probably the luckiest girl in the world. But I know you already know that...

    xoxo, donna


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