My Five Must Haves

Thursday, January 27, 2011
I have had a really hectic week (including a 2 day migraine). I have had so much to write about and yet no time for any kind of in depth post.  Then today, Hopsy from Monograms and Manicures tagged me to post about my five MUST haves to leave the house.   Thanks for the tag-- I think I can handle this kind of lighthearted post:)  So these are the five things I need before I leave the house (yeah, I need keys and a wallet too).  They are not in order.  Water and phone would tie for first.

First, I must have my I-phone.  I still have my old one from 2 years ago so the camera is terrible but I still love my I-phone.

iphone7 copy

I keep meaning to order one of these cute lil Lily covers for my I-phone but never get around to it. I am going to get to it this week.  Which one do you like?


Along the gadgetry line, I also rarely leave the house without my Nook Color.  Dave gave me this for my birthday last year and I love it.  I read a lot, a whole lot.  I am kind of a nerd that way. I always have something great to read on my nook.


Lip Gloss.  I love some cheap NYC lip gloss from CVS but I also love MAC, Bobbie Brown and Stila.  Lately, I am loving this Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry.  I actually bought it at J.Crew (hello...on sale for $5!).  I am thinking about going back and stocking up.


I also MUST wear a watch.  I cannot stand not knowing what time it is.  I love these new trendy watches that are all the rage right now... and I have a white one and a horn bracelet type one....I am really wanting one of these....
michael kors chronos-1

But my old classic standby is the Phillip Stein Mini Opera that Dave bought me several years ago....

(mine is slightly different from this one-the numerals are different but everything else is the same)


Finally, I never leave the house without water.  I take my own cup of ice water (usually with lemon) everywhere I go.  Seriously.  I don't use plastic bottles and I was REALLY good about clean, green vessels until a dear sweet friend who I love but who shall remain nameless gave me a lovely huge t@rvis tumbler with a lid.  I became addicted. I love my Tumbler. It keeps my water so nice and cold and it does not squeak when I sip.  But it does have traces of BPA. I really wish they could find a way to make them BPA-free! You might remember my efforts to switch to all glass and get rid of the BPA.  So, I am looking for something to switch to for my water but I really do not like those mouthpieces on the stainless steel they do not stay cold all day.  Please leave suggestions if you have some.

I am not going to tag anyone but would love to read your five must haves in the comments:)


  1. Oh I love those watches!

    Must haves for me for winter!








  2. Camelbak water bottles are really good, spill-proof, and don't squeak :)

  3. Well I'd say I'm quite boring compared to you and can't really even name five! Since keys and wallet don't count, my other must-haves are my phone, something for my lips, something to drink (water or iced-coffee), and FIRST on my list are my sunglasses!! I will NOT leave the house without a pair! Ever.
    I too have a cheap gloss from CVS that I really like, not NYC, can't remember the name but last time I went to buy more it was gone and I was so bummed.
    And I vote for the pink & green (3rd from left) Iphone cover, LOVE that ivory watch and I've not caved to reading electronically yet....I love the feel and smell of books too much. I'm so weird that way. :)
    I hope your headache is gone and you're feeling better!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a fun list!! Mine are the basics - phone, sunglasses, water, Burt's Bees lip balm and... well that is it. I just have 4 things!!

  5. Phone

    Shoes *my comfy hard bottom slipper to drive in. I wear heels daily and really hate driving in them.

    Hand sanitizer *always try to keep that full to sanitize my hands after getting gas and such

    Tote bag to carry my water, wallet and lunch in

    Bree's entry card for the doors at the daycare.

  6. Oh so far as the phone covers....the PINK and GREEN most definitely! The I-Phone is next on my list....wish one of those cute watches were! The darn things will run on me a few months and completely stop working. The battery is fine and everything! After I remove it for a few hours the darn thing starts ticking again! Just weird! So I just rely on my cellph for the time. Not very stylish but so needed! :)

  7. well...I cant even think of two biggies are:
    burts bees lip shimmer in Peony ( LOVE that stuff)

    I REALLY want a NOOK...I kept saying NO..I like the feel of a book, which I do...but some are just too big to 1. hold in bed comfortably and 2. take with a NOOK is on my "want list".

    I like the White Zin phone cover...super cute!

    oh..and I need to drink more water so maybe I better add that to my must have list!

  8. Love those Lily Covers...... my vote is the White Zin!!

    My five things are close to yours:

    Bottle Water(have to look into that tumbler)
    Hand Lotion(I have a mini bottle in every purse and diaper bag)
    Lip Gloss- I have a favorite shade made by Clinque

    Hope you migraine is gone and you are feeling much better Kim!

    Have a wonderful weekend~



  9. I LOVE when you do posts like this!!! First, feel better. I so understand Kim, and it really impacts everything when you feel yucky.

    Second, I changed my mascara based on one of these kinds of posts that you did and still use the telescopic to this day. :)

    My top 5 are cell phone, beverage (usually iced green tea unsweetened), book (I rarely get time to read, but always carry something to read, just in case), stamps and purell!!! I have wipes and purell on my person at all times.

    I do not like stainless steel bottles and am really picky about what I drink from. We like Camelbak but I am always looking for other brands. The girls LOVE the Thermos brand thermoses ( this year I found Emily one at Target that is taller and slimmer than others with a gorgeous print on the exterior)...we get asked about it constantly! It keeps her drink cold literally 12 hours or more and is really pretty with no BPA.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. if you are still looking for an iphone cover, we had them on super sale on our blog..they aren't on the site anymore, but we can just paypal you.

  11. Love the pink Lilly case first off. My 5 things are
    1. My daughter's epipens and benadryl single dose packages. (she has a severe allergy to peanuts/treenuts and coconut)
    2. Iphone 4
    3. Debit card I pay for almost everything with it.
    4. Starbucks gold card (though have it loaded on my ipnone for the just incase moments I forget my wallet)
    5. Motrin lol I have a teenager a preteen and a 4 yr old so I usually have plenty of headaches but love them with all my heart and more :) (kids not headaches)

  12. Oh fun! I love those watches btw.

    Let's see:

    burt's bee's lip shimmer in caramel
    hand sanitizer
    and most of the time,my daughter!

    Hope your migraine issues are short lived.

    Gin =)

  13. I have the first Lilly cover, and just to let you know, it is so adorable but does not really offer any protection. It is very thin and the pattern can rub off after a lot of use. I find that my Kate Spade cover gives a lot more protection and is only $10-15 more

  14. Yes, the pink and green cover is totally you! Buy it now:)

    I can't think of five either...I don't care about my phone anymore because who am I going to call here? ha ha

  15. Top 5 Must Haves:

    3.IPod Touch (I am on Verizon and I haven't had the option of the I just carry a phone and my touch)
    4.Carmex (I know it's not pretty but these days my lips need protection...not pretty.)
    5. My Hot Pink pocket Bible...comes in handy when I am waiting in line at the kids school or feel the need to preach on a street just kidding I don't preach on street corners...much.

  16. never leave without my iPhone either! I have the first LP iPhone cover and I gave Rebecca the 2nd one pictured. Do you know that you can now go to Verizon and get an iPhone for $50!!!

    I love watches....

    I am a terrible, horrible, very bad person. I still carry a plastic water bottle. But my wine bottle is glass.... and green!!!! :)

  17. my list is pretty boring - phone and baby wipes... ugh!

  18. Interesting list -- must check out the lip gloss as I seriously need some! My five include phone, gloves, chocolate, water or Starbucks, daughter!


  19. Hi Kim

    Phone, water, nappy bag for Gracie with ALL she needs!, Lipgloss and an apple! (I must have an apple a day!)
    I love that white strapped watch...putting that on my wish list for my birthday.

    Hope your feeling better soon...migranes are just terrible. Make sure you keep well hydrated. Dx

  20. I know I keep saying this, but we are kindred spirits! Currently, I have a Blackberry, but JC just switched to an iPhone this week and LOVES it - especially since he has an iPad. For the case, I'd would completely go with the green with pink it! I have a Kindle...which is always with me. JC gave it to me for my birthday. I am seriously thinking of switching to the Nook color too because mine has no back light...annoying.

    I just about fell out of my chair when you mentioned the Tervis. THAT's all I take with me...especially the 24oz ones in the summer with the lid. I will admit that mine usually has Diet Mtn Dew in it however.

    LOVE those M. KORS watches...I'd love the white one for summer.

    What a fablous list! Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. Do you know about Aladdin? Their products are all BPA free and they have the tumbler with a straw that is ALOT like what you are talking about.

    We have them and use them at the pool all summer, LOVE them.

  22. Hope your headache goes away!

  23. What do I always leave the house with?

    My daughter :) I'm a single mom, so we are always leaving the house together.

    My purse. It has all of my necessities (phone, wallet, asthma inhaler, hand sanitizer, etc.) Guess that's kind of like cheating???

    A book to read for the thesis I'm writing.

    Like almost everyone water

    Sunglasses. Can't stand to be without them, especially on the playground and at bus duty.

  24. You are too cute! I hope you treat yourself to a new watch! Verry nice!

    My top 5:
    1. My iphone
    2. Chapstick
    3. Water
    4. Comfortable shoes
    5. Sunglasses

    Have a great weekend!
    Hope your feeling better!!:)

  25. I got one of the Lilly i phone covers for Christmas. The pattern started peeling almost right away. Too bad, it really is cute!

  26. Girl! You I sound alot alike!! Except.. a few different brand names. lol!

    I need:

    my Droid
    my kindle
    my merle norman lipstick ;)
    I too.. carry water with me.. when we are going on long trips!.. I love the rubbermaid sippers.

    see... i told ya

  27. We are twins;0)

    You know I need my lip balm and if I leave home without it, I'm going to stop & buy a new one!

    I CAN.NOT leave without my iphone. No can do. Mine is the 3GS with sucky camera, but love it and don't feel like switching. I LOVE the Otter Box case. It has saved my phone on more than one occasion because Eme plays with it more than anyone. J doesn't have the Otter Box and his has a big crack across the glass. G has the Otter Box on his phone and Eme literally threw it across the room and it survived. new favorite cup is the Tervis Tumbler with my pink initial and pink lid that my friend bought me and gave me the night we stayed up till 3AM solving the worlds problems.


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