Fresh Start

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January has been a slumpy month.  I have not eaten well.  I have not accomplished a whole lot. I did not really make resolutions or goals for the new year. I have not gotten off to the best start. I even gave up on my 365 project on day 15 (just not enough time).

So, it is time for a fresh start.  This week, I am going to do what I usually do each year and spend some time making goals.  I am going to go room by room over the next several weeks and purge and organize.  I might even photograph each room as I go along.  Also, we ARE going to have that garage sale this Spring and finally clean out that garage I confessed about months ago.  I am going to get back on the wagon juicing. And I am going to make a list of the home projects I would like to complete (budget pending).  I need to get organized and get going.  I might even pick a verse and a word for the year like I have seen others do.  So, I might be a bit absent in the bloggy world this week. And I might not return e-mails  quickly this week (ah let's face it, I never return e-mails quickly)  But be patient, I'll be back better than ever.

My friend, Paige posted a verse that really got me thinking about how I spend each moment.

Ephesians 5:15-16

 Be very careful, then, how you live
not as unwise but as wise, 
making the most of every opportunity, 
because the days are evil. 


  1. You go girl! I am right there with you in the January slump so I hope I can get motivated too. I would look forward to seeing your verses especially, thanks in advance!!

    JOhn and I are trying to plan some travel to look forward to.

    Love the very fresh shots too!!

  2. Sounds like a great set of goals and a wonderful way to start February! I need to do all the same and, like you, have also been in a huge January slump. But I feel better and it's time for me to get moving and get back on top of things. Keep us posted on your progress. I need the peer pressure :)

  3. I remember before Christmas you mentioned a new project you had on the horizon. Something to do with blogging I think? It was after you researched/asked people why they liked your blog. Curious if that is still on the horizon.

    I'm still fleshing out my goals too. Almost done. Goal is to be done by tomorrow night (jan 31st!) My word for the year is 'Beauty.'
    : )

  4. Don't I know it!! For some reason, this january has been better than many in the past (maybe because I spent two weeks of it in Sunny Colorado!:)) But really? January is such a disappointment following on the tails of Christmas.

    Get to juicing, enjoy your books and don't worry about that computer screen & emails! It will all still be there when you are ready :-)

    I just finished this book:

    I found it encouraging (godly perspective on organization) - i am looking forward to checking more of her books out! Hopefully I can create more time :)

    Hugs to you!


  5. You go girl!

    Be grateful that at least your January doesn't include gray skies and endless snow. :)

    It's the little things . . .

  6. You'll be all set for Lunar New Year!!! Cleaning, clearing out, and starting fresh!! All you'll need now is a new outfit and a new haircut! LOL

    Spring *is* right around the corner!!! (I keep telling myself that anyway!)

    Snick ;)

  7. Woo hoo! February resolutions anyone?! ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  8. I think your January slump may be gone in a few short days! Have a good week,


  9. i completely relate my friend.
    i totally slumped friday. i do NOT like myself when i'm in a funk.
    & i didn't even have a good reason for it!
    you inspire me more than you'll ever know.
    but the quality i hold in highest regard is your transparency.
    i think it's so easy to get all knotted up in comparison but you make others feel just so at ease with your real-ness.
    love that about you my friend

  10. I'm trying to do one cabinet or drawer a week--think I can manage that goal!

    Love your photos! Grapefruit are so good right now, I could eat them 3x a day!


  11. This year I decided to do something different. I asked myself, What would this year be like if I did [fill in the blank]? It seemed easier than coming up with a list and I thought of things I know I wouldn't have otherwise.

    My main "what if" was What if I actually read through the entire Bible this year, what would change in my life? It has been on my goal list for many years but with all the Bible studies I do during the year, actually reading through the Bible itself was not accomplished. My daughter and I read in her One Year Devotional Bible every day so I sort of do it but it isn't the same since her Bible is more of a synopis of several chapters at a time.

    THIS is the year, thank you for encouraging so many to do it.

  12. Love that verse!

    I didn't set any resolutions this year...working toward my goal of always eating healthier and exercising more.

    Ironically, I dropped my Kindle yesterday afternoon...sprinted to B&N and bought the Nook Color - seriously I was gone 23 minutes. I know the guy at the store thought that was his easiest sell EVER! I didn't ask a single question except for, "Can you get a Nook Color for me so I can check out?"! Ha! My Kindle cover doesn't work so I'm eyeing that LP Buena Vista cover but not sure how durable it is since it is cloth...I take mine everywhere...including the gym!

  13. Two thumbs up!!! Love it!!! Ya see can't keep a good woman down not matter how hard you try!!! :)

  14. Oh just send a little bit of that motivation my way please!


  15. I know the feeling Kim. I am so proud of you, though, for making it through the "slums" of January (as I refer to them) because sometimes it is just so hard! And encouraging you to make those goals, purge and do things for you that get you back on track. I've been praying for your health and I am sure the juicing and goals will really help.

    Thinking about you.


  16. The apostle Paul was so wise. What a WONDERFUL verse to live by...

  17. good luck kim!! i am all about the organizing and getting my list done these days. i sewed curtains for the family room all weekend, i can't wait to have them finished!! then on the the next thing:)

  18. Hi Kim!
    Its been so long! I just saw on Dawns blog that she has her cards out to pray for families over the year from her holiday cards. She said her friend Kim and I immediately somehow knew it was you- even though I did not realize you "know each other'.

    Hope everyone is great.
    I miss Erika ( TPP so much).
    Love- Anne

  19. I am so glad someone else is doing the "Fresh Start" approach, too. As a part of that, I have a question for you, Miss Kim, that I've thought about asking awhile, but hadn't. How do you hang your clothes to dry and not have your house look like a laundry mat? Sorry for such a silly question, but it is a real issue in our home!


  20. Happy Februay- the shortest month and one step closer to spring! Good luck with your goals. I have been organizing, decluttering and getting rid of things I should have never brought with us from Minnesota all month! I have been planning house projects as well as completing some. I must say I had a productive January so it made it a bit less glum! Hoping February holds the same promise. Now I just need a little sunshine and warm weather. Hope all's well!

  21. Sounds like a great set of goals!
    I was thinking last night, just how fastly this year is moving ON!

    So on that note I have as of TODAY
    become more productive too-
    and saying in the world, we can never GO wwong!

    I love your blog!
    Hope you have had a joyeous New Year!
    big Hugs From Tennessee!


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