Christmas Past~2002

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Our Christmas card 2002. After 9/11/01, I realized that although I had many professional photos of the kids, I did not have any of our whole family. I heard one woman who lost her husband on that tragic day lament the fact that they did not have a family photo. So, I made sure to get one of our family of four. This was taken on our front porch swing.



The annual Santa photo. Everyone is relatively happy this year.


We used to get a real tree every year. Here are the boys at the "tree farm." We went to the same place every year and the people remembered us. In 2003, I got a photo with our favorite worker there. In Houston, TX you don't go out in the snow and cut your own tree. You go to a parking lot that is full of trees from the Carolinas!

Mimi and Bubba came to spend Christmas with us this year.

Harry really bonded with "Bubba" this Christmas. In fact, on Christmas Eve we were out looking at the decorated homes when we spotted Santa. Santa was sitting outside of one of the homes in our neighborhood talking to children. Harry was a little reluctant to go up and see him. But he reached for Bubba's hand and together they went up to visit with Santa. My Mom tells me that was one of Bubba's most special moments.
Will really bonded with "Mimi"this year. One of the nice hotels in Houston was having a Teddy Bear Tea. It was a charity event to raise money for abused children. One thing you did was bring a teddy bear for a child who would come into protective services. Since my Mom had 6 grandsons (and no grandaughters) we took Will to the tea. There was only one other little boy there but Will was a great sport. My Mom and I cannot wait to take Kate Emerson to Christmas tea in a few years!

Our family


Brothers on Christmas morning.


Apparently, Will got the game Operation.

An awesome hug from Will. I wonder what it was for? From looking at photos, I think it was Playmobil related. There are those pajamas again!

Christmas dinner. I made the centerpiece. Where did I find the time back then?


  1. I will tell you, that there are very few pictures of us as a family, and we have never had one done professionally. In fact, I am the only one who has ever photographed our children, except for a fellow friend photographer who took a beautiful portrait of Ian and I when he was two. This post really make me think that we need one done :D

    I think Harry came into the world smiling :D He is always so sweet!

    Ladybug hugs,

  2. The Santa visit with Bubba and Harry is precious. .

  3. Just beautiful, your family, your photos and your special memories. I love your family photo. One day we too must do that. The boys are so darling. I think it is fun that you have "Christmas Pajamies"

  4. oh i love that family photo on the swing especially everyone barefoot!
    that little matilda jane top on miss kate ( earlier post) is so fun too!
    ps--the table in the background of the hug shot is great with all the photos displayed--such talent my friend!

  5. I enjoyed running into you last night and chatting! I forgot to tell you I thought about you the other night. I was in Sears, and Lands End pj's are on sale!

  6. Very nice! 9-11 was so horrible (obviously) but I think it did make everyone appreciate family and take notice. Having a family photo is a perfect way to celebrate that!

  7. Your stories and photos are so precious...I love the peek into Christmases past...

  8. You have inspired me to make sure I take a good family picture this Christmas. I just love the pictures of your family on the porch ... breathtaking!

  9. Love this year!! ALl your years have been so much fun. I swear I cant find most of my old pictures of Christmas past. What did we do before digital cameras? I thought about taking on a project like yours for a small moment and then reality sunk in and I quickly dismissed the ambitious idea.

    I totally love your project and have really been enjoying each year!!

    Christy :)

  10. Christy,

    Thank you. Yes, this project was a little TOO ambitous honestly. But now I am motivated to finish. I definitely have more photos of some years than others. I am glad you are enjoying it. I am doing it for my own family but happy others like it too:)


  11. I need to schedule a formal portait session for our family! You have a lovely family. Many blessings!

  12. LOVE the family portraits and think it is SO important. My parents always were so good about that and it is so neat to look back and see us all as a family! I also love the Christmas card...and the boys on Christmas morning. The excitement is so sweet!

  13. I LOVE your family photo. The boys look adorable in their red polos! I, too, am enjoying your past Christmas pictures.

    Your PJ pictures continue to make me laugh since I have so many pictures with the same PJs on. While out shopping this week, I treated myself to a new pair of plaid flannel PJs just in time for our Christmas pictures! My new PJs will go perfect with my bed head!


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