Annual visit to Santa

Friday, December 10, 2010
I LOVE taking the kids to see Santa.  For me, it is one of the best days of the year.  So, this post is overflowing with photos to preserve our family memories. We usually try to visit Santa the day before Thanksgiving.  And this year we did.  I am just so behind in posting. Santa was scheduled to arrive at 11:00 and we arrived at 10:50 and were lucky enough to be first in line....

Just before we left (this is overexposed but I still love its light and airy look).



I am usually a big fan of the "waiting in line" photos but we did not wait long...


Will flipping his "Bieber-ish" do.

Walking up to greet the Big man...

Kate put her hand in Santa's hand.


Santa took turns talking directly to each one of our peanuts.



Santa apparently is bothered by flash so they asked me not to use it. Therefore, I had to lighten these and lost some quality.

Here are the poorly scanned mall photos...


After seeing Santa we head over to Dylan's Candy Bar.  We only go once a year and I let each peanut choose one thing.  



Harry is literally like a kid in a candy store.  He has a MAJOR sweet tooth and he loves this place.



Katie Ru's sweet tooth is not far behind Harry's.


Will is not a huge candy fan.  He likes novelty candy.  This is a Mario bros mushroom.

After the candy store we always get a few shots on the 3rd floor in front of the skating rink tree (we have such silly traditions)...




Last weekend, while we were out of town our friends took Harry and Kate to breakfast with Santa at our church.  Kate told them that she did not need a photo since she had already seen Santa but she did go up and speak to Santa and the photographer snapped this.  Isn't is darling?  I adore it.  My scanner is old and dirty so the quality is horrible here.


Okay, our party is in just 5 hours.  I am ready. I have just a few finishing touches to complete.  Lots of people could not make it this year so it should be smaller than we expected.  Here is a sneak peek...

My creation

My creation


After the party tonight, I have the Teddy Bear tea tomorrow with Kate and Harry's small birthday party/sleep over.  Pray for me:)


  1. You house looks great. I kind of want to move in :) Have a great time tonight, I am sure it will be perfect!

    BTW - you look great too! Love the pic of you all standing in line to see Santa.

  2. Kim, the house looks exquisite! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I LOVE your necklace Kim! Have a great time at your party...cant wait to see photos.

  4. Everything is beautiful, have a wonderful time!


  5. I know what mall you guys were at!! I love the "authentic looking Santa"!! I love that the boys are still "into Santa"! Makes for such sweet memories! I love your tradition! We are beginning a NEW tradition this year! We got tickets to see THE NUTCRACKER~~My 3yr old is gonna be ecstatic!!!

    PS The party looks like it's gonna be a hit!!! Whew! You have one busy weekend!

  6. Kim,

    everything is so beautiful. I am sure your party will be wonderful.

    Love the Santa picture. Good for Will being such a good sport.

    Will you share with me where you got Kate's dress. I adore it.


  7. I love your traditions and it's all about keeping them up as long as the kids are still into them! :)

    I must say I noticed your necklace, too. It looks great.

    Good luck with your party. The sneak peaks bodes well! I love those little round silver vases.

  8. Love the photos especially the last of with Kate and Santa at your is amazing! It looks like it could be from 30-40 years sweet.

    Your house looks beautiful for your party. Have fun with all your events with this weekend!

    We have a Nutcracker Tea to go to tomorrow. The girls are excited!

  9. LOVE all the pics Kim!
    My fave is the very first one of Kate...and the one of Santa listening to Kate...I am crazy for that one!
    Hope the party is a smashing success!

  10. Haha, I am praying for you!! AND know just how you feel. You are pulling it off though, good for you!! Its like one day at a time to get through this crazy season. Our party is in two weeks and I'm trying NOT to think of it lol.
    LOVE all your shots. I hated our santa visit (all about paying for their photos) so am glad to hear there are people who love it...i need to find a new one!
    Happy Christmas Season Kim and hope the party is lovely...FOR YOU!!

  11. Love these photos. The ones with Santa are fabulous! My boys didn't want to go this year! :( I didn't force it. We are having a very small dinner party tonight as well...I also used silver and silver branches in my dining room!

  12. I love your traditions (don't think they're silly at all) The sneak peek of your decor looks awesome...have a great party :)

  13. So precious.. I agree, the last photo at the breakfast is absolutely a keeper!!!! Ruby is wearing that dress (the white smocked dress) on Monday night!! I love it!

    Merry Merry!

    PS: We are one foot into our blizzard already and it is still coming down!!

  14. I love, love, love your silly traditions! The pictures with Santa are adorable!

    Can't wait to see the party pictures! The napkins are perfect!

  15. What's Christmas without traditions, even the "silly" ones? I love all of the Santa photos, but I think I'm partial to the one of Kate and Santa at the sweet.

    Gin =)

  16. Your photos are spectacular... as always... Is it so terribly wrong of me to love your cocktail napkins?!!

  17. I love your tradition of visiting Santa every year! It's fun to people's families transformed year after year (& added to!) i also love your tradition of going to the candy store - now THAT would be my favorite part for SURE!!

  18. Oh my word -- what great photos and such fun traditions!! Love the shots of Harry in the candy store!! Santa and the kids and you and Dave --adorable!

    Hope you have a great week!



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