Christmas traditions {tree trimming and charlie brown}

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
If you have been reading 3 peanuts for a while, you know we have all sorts of hokey little holiday traditions.  You also know that I painstakingly document them all here.

So,Will was not here when we up our big tree (he was happy to be elsewhere).  Harry loves putting up the big tree with me and he s good at it too.  We used to have a fresh tree every year and I have photos of us going to the same place and the same young woman from NC helping us.  But Will and Dave used to get  a cold that lasted the whole month of December and usually culminated in a Christmas week sickness.  One year, it dawned on me that they might be allergic to the tree.  So, now we use an artificial tree but the December allergies have disappeared.

My creation

We bought the "Love" ornament on our 15th wedding anniversary weekend away.  Crystal is the anniversary gift for 15.  This is glass but it was the best we could find on the trip:)  We always get an ornament everywhere we go.  Do you?  Our tree is like a scrapbook of our lives.

Look at this old picture I found of Kate decorating the tree the first year she was home from China.  I just love it!!!


Then just this weekend, we put up the kids tree in the upstairs hallway.  They each have a small tabletop tree in their rooms too.  But this tree has a lot of the homemade and really little kid ornaments (Barney and Sesame Street etc).  They do this one on their own. Will enjoyed helping with that one.

My creation


Yes, Kate does walk around the house wearing a crown sometimes.

Finally, after a long weekend, we all snuggled on the couch tonight to watch  A Charlie Brown Christmas.  This is another of our traditions.  In fact, I blogged about it here (look how small Kate was) and the boys got Charlie Brown nutcrackers last year as their annual nutcracker.



Some of our best friends are visiting form Canada today and stayed with us last night.  We always have so much fun with them.  And tonight we are going to another family friend's house for game night.  I am glad to be enjoying the Christmas season with family and friends.


  1. I was wondering if your tree was artificial - it just looks lovely!
    Our tree is a memory box for us as well. Every vacation, I get an ornament (and label it!) and each year I get each of the kids an ornament as well. This year my son's was an R2-D2 (he LOVES star wars!) and our baby girl got a bumble bee, which was her Halloween costume :-)
    Happy Christmas to you all!

  2. Either my eyes are playing tricks on me, or I'm seeing an extra stocking hung..................

  3. I love "hokey" traditions!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!!

  4. Such sweet traditions! I think our Christmas tradition is fast food -- lately! :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas!


  5. Love your ideas and traditions! We started a tradition this year of making SALT DOUGH ornaments I read and learn about on another blog! Talk about fun memories! We pick Polar Express as our traditional movie. I will be buying the book as well!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful traditions! It's fun to see how others celebrate!

    PS Snickers is gonna be really upset he does not have a stocking, because SCOUT surely does!! He's the EXTRA stocking that the above commentor was asking about!! Our dog has a stocking too!

  6. Fun! Love the crown (and the dress that she paired it with :) Love the tree too!!

  7. Merry Christmas Week Kim!!!!

    I love learning about all of your wonderful traditions every year!


  8. I love family traditions! I think yours of watching Charlie Browns Chrismtas is one of our fav., too! I hope your sweet family has a Merry Christmas, Kim!

  9. I love hokey Christmas traditions... Bring 'em on girlfriend!!!

  10. I was thinking there was an extra stocking too - but I can't tell if it say Scout??

    Evan and I also started the ornament tradition last x-mas - our first one being married!


  11. how do your kids stay sooooo clean? not a speck of food on their clothes?

  12. Love the photos..
    And I get an ornament when I go places.. got a lot this year..
    Love ya..

  13. I saw the extra stocking hung also, is it the dogs?? Also I read the old Charlie Brown post, does Kate still have the auburn streak in her hair? Just curious, so cute she is.

  14. Cute pictures! I love your new ornament!

  15. Snickers needs a stocking :) Finley doesn't have one but since Scout does ...:) great traditions.

  16. i think it's hilarious that kate walks around the house wearing a crown - HEY - she KNOWS she's a princess :>)

    Love the "baby" picture of sweet Kate her first Christmas home & I have to say again, LOVE her hair shorter! and love your traditions! They are sweet and your kids will carry them on with their own families!

  17. I love seeing all your Christmas traditions and it's so great to see the whole family involved.
    And I love the tiara :)

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  18. So cute. I love traditions and think it gives children a neat sense of family and security as they are growing up. We definitely have some hokey ones too. =)

    And I am so sorry to hear about the car accident but am thankful that y'all were safe and that God sent some kind strangers to help you. And thanks for passing on the info about the car seats -- I know we would have been faced with that decision soon.


  19. Such beautiful decorations 3 Peanuts! Yes, we too always get an ornament when we travel and reflect on the many years and trips as we put them on our tree. I love that tradition. My girls often wore tiaras too, so cute! Wow, so frightening about your car accident and so happy all is okay. I recall our children begging to move from their car seat to the booster too as they wanted to be like their preschool friends. We went to a free car seat safety check at a local police department about that time and our car seats (that we thought were safe although they were handed down) we taken and replaced with a similar 5 pt harness you speak of. You are sharing important safety information with your readers. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas, what a lovely blog!

  20. Beautiful tree. I love "silly" little Christmas traditions, too. I have to buy an ornament from any place we visit on vacation and also ornaments to represent special occasions. I love hanging each one on the tree and remembering where it was bought or what has happening when it was bought.

    I remember reading that adorable post of Kate laughing through the Charlie Brown special!

    Gin =)

    Gin =)


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