Christmas Card Bloopers 2010 {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, December 19, 2010
If you have not read the post below about our car accident, please do.  I feel very convicted to spread the word about the importance and superior safety of the five point harness system for children under the ages of at least 7-10.  Just because a child is legally able to ride in an adult restraint booster DOES NOT mean it is the safest option at all.

And thank you for all of your  prayers and sweet comments.  They mean the world to me.  I am having some post traumatic doubt.  I keep re-playing the scene in my head and I am jumpy and afraid to drive.  But my sweet Kate is doing well.  She has had two nightmares in a row this weekend but she is not acting afraid of being in the car at all.  And for those who were wondering, we are replacing her car seat with the Britax Froniter.  It is 5 point harness that she can use until she is 85 pounds.

I actually did not think we had many bloopers this year...until I took a good look at the photos.  We actually had tons.  They are not quite as funny as some in past years but they are bloopers nonetheless.
We shot these in the middle of the day on my birthday.  The sun was too direct and there was sunfalre on many of them but with all my kids activities and the busy fall we had...this was kind of my only window of opportunity.


"Yikes, how may of these pictures is she going to take?"


"I am NOT gonna smile."


"Oh, you want a's a smile for you, Mom!"


"Is this smile big enough for you, Mom?"


"I am WAY too cool for this family photo session stuff" (there is the flare)...these are all straight out of my camera.


Not sure what is with Will and Harry's facial expressions in these two!

There is that flare again!


Now this one is plain ridiculous!  No one is cooperating for me!

In this next series, Kate gets very silly....



She "might" get this tongue sticking out thing from her father????


I do believe she is kind of spitting at the photographer me.



I am not sure what this is all about but it looks like of preview of the teen years.


I think Will and I are falling asleep here.


And no one is paying attention in this shot!


Will and Harry are not looking too pleasant here.

Finally, Kate says.."I am just done with all of this!"


We actually had quite a few good ones that we did not use on our card.  I will post a few of those along with our card this week.

Ni Hao Y'all

P.S. Several people have asked about Kate's dresses.  I posted the brand of the pink one a few days ago. The green one is by Lavender Blue.  I bought it a a local boutique and have not seen it anywhere on-line.  Similarly, I buy the big flower headbands at a little shoppe and they are made locally.  Sorry, I cannot be of more help.  


  1. Thank you for sharing your bloopers:). Happy Holidays.

  2. Kim, I was just checking on your blog as I have been very bad at writing and reading lately. How incredibly scary for you and Kate with the accident. God's angels were certainly watching over you... And what a testimony that you and Kate immediately prayed and thanked God for His mercy and grace. Hope the rest of your holidays are less stressful.

    On a different note, these blooper pics are great... Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your children and family photos are beautiful! So sorry about your accident, happy to hear all are OK. Have wonderful day!


  4. I used to "delete" the bloopers after I uploaded them but learned to save them because they are so much fun to look back on! I think it's like reading a book...they certainly tell a story!

  5. I adore the bloopers, they just show personality, and they're fun to look back on later. I too had tons of bloopers this year, even included a couple on our Christmas card (you may have received yours already).

    Gin =)

  6. I'm so thankful you are both okay. People here in Mexico do not use car seats but they do sell them. We use them in our car and would never drive without them....ever! It amazes me how people here drive with little babies in their laps...oh makes my stomach sick when I see this.

    I love all the bloopers....hee hee...I just love Harry's expressions:)

  7. sorry to say but you will always have bloopers..that is the whole fun of the photo sessions..LOL.
    Even though it irrites us Mother's something fierce..
    Love ya..

  8. After reading your post yesterday I am going back to a 5 pt harness car seat for my daughter. Your words and the video were very convincing.

    Happy to hear your both in good shape. Very scary.

  9. I love Kate's green dress - it really is a good color on her :)

    I love the outtakes, I am sure the "keper" was amazing! Looking forward to you sharing it!

  10. So so cute! I love seeing these. It makes my children seem some what normal because they NEVER cooperate! Please tell your Will congrats since the Longhorns beat our Tar Heels last night. We were at that game!

    I also linked to you on my current post!!! Check it out!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. These pictures are soooo cute! My family never cooperates so I can totally relate!

    Thanks for the Christmas card. I especially love the family picture on it!

  12. These are lovely shots--you all look great! Kate's dress is just adorable. And I love your outfit.

    I was so sorry to read about your accident. I was terrified just reading about it, I can't imagine having it actually happen. We were in an accident when our sone was 3. We were rear ended out of the blue, but the impact was not as severe as what you experienced. I remember that feeling of not wanting to look at our son because I was so scared he was hurt. Praise God you are both ok & thank you for sharing those safety links! I'm going to pass them along to friends with young kids.

  13. Kim -- Oh my gosh. I am SO thankful that you and Kate are safe. What an AWFUL situation. Thanks for the PSA on the 5-point harness. You betcha that we won't be moving to a booster seat when the time comes.

    BTW ... your Christmas card is beautiful! I just loved receiving it in the mail. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. oh how funny! ;) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who takes a gazillion shots before everyone finally cooperates the SAME TIME! LOL!! :)

    And I'm so sorry you are having post-accident stress syndrom. It hit me hard, too. I could not bring myself to drive, and had constant anxiety attacks and nightmares, reliving the impact and the 'sound' of the impact that I could not seem to get out of my head. I had to truly pray about it and leave it at the Father's feet, asking Him to take the visions and anxieties of the collision from my head. And HE DID!! I can remember it all without anxieties and fear now. He is faithful! Know I will continue lifting you up in prayer. And Kate, too. Glad she is dealing with it well, but nightmares are no fun.

    I pray you got yourself checked out and 'covered' for that 'just incase' future scenerio. I refused the ambulance when it was offered to me, even though I was feeling a little dizzy. I really didn't feel much pain other than some in my neck at the time, but I've since learned that was because of the rush of adrenaline pouring through my body. The back surgery the came a year later, coupled with all the legal 'yuck' that I had to deal with, left me pretty jaded towards insurance companies. I'm just glad I got some advise and started journaling EVERYthing. It was my saving grace in the end. I also seen a chiropractor and pt (along with countless other specialy Dr's) until I finally ended up in surgery. Anyway, I've gone on and on long enough. But I can't believe how much your accident mirrors my own, so I want to make sure you don't go through all that I did. Had there been no medical issues that lingered due to the accident, it would've been a different story. My car was totaled with over $15K worth of damages, and that part was nothing. It was covered by the other driver's insurance and I was fine. It was the medical/legal part that jaded me. I would've been "up a creek" without a good lawyer.

    Anyway, if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to hit me with an email. In the meantime, keep getting better and know you are in my prayers! <><

    Praying you have a blessed Christmas with your beautiful family. You clearly have some wonderful blessings to count!!


  15. I just read your previous post and I am so glad that Kate was in a car seat. And please go to the doctor's if you feel even just slightly off. I'm really worried for you guys.

  16. I love the bloopers....and can't wait to see your card!! I am sure it will be BEAUTIFUL!

    The Christmas Card shoot is always a little more than stressful. You would think as they get older it might get easier....... but I don't think so:)

    Thinking of you and Kate and hope that you are feeling better very soon.

    Happy holidays~



  17. Those are so cute! It's fun to see the funny ones that don't quite make the card! Your card turned out beautiful -- you have the sweetest family!

    Take care -- accidents can be so scary! Prayers are with you.


  18. I actually love the BLOOPER POST! I think they are so "typical" of all our Christmas card attempts! I think I threw up the white flag this year. My 3yr old either goes stoic, looks in every direction but the camera, blinks, or just gives that "goofy, fake smile"! We "nixed" the dog after the 5th attempt and umpteenth tongue lashing she gave my screaming 3yr old! Sigh....Christmas comes but once a year! Merry Christmas 3PEANUTS, I think your pictures are adorable...yes even the bloopers!

  19. Have just got back from a weekend break and read your last post....Im so glad you are both ok, sending you both a hug! Dx
    Ps love the photo of you and Kate.

  20. Kim, just wanted to thank you for sharing about the accident and the car seat message. we recently (reluctantly) moved Owen into a booster. He's 50lbs.. We were nearly in an accidnet coming home from Palestine last Friday night and we discussed putting the Frontier back in my car, just because (we can) After reading your post, the booster is gone and he's back in the frontier. he acutally likes it better. it's very comfortable. We only get one shot with these kiddos, we have to protect them. thanks so much for sharing and hopefully more moms will heed your advice. I feel much better with him in the 5 point harness and there is something to say about peace of mind. I am so glad you guys are both okay. It will take some time to get over the creepienss of the accident, but God protected you and I am thankful! PS we are waiting on Article 5 and then we should have TA!!! Looks like it will be February before we can go, but that's okay by me! We are sooooo excited! Have a merry Christmas and give Kate a a squeeze!

  21. Loved the Christmas card! First, I am so sorry about the accident but so thankful you and kate are ok. You will not believe it but the SAME exact thing happened to me. The impact was exactly where Zoey's car seat was and thankfully she was not in the car. The booster (evenflo regular booster) was crushed against the other side of car (i had a Tahoe). my tahoe was totalled, i am still being treated for whiplash.... i can not fathom if z had been in the car. i too purchased the frontier britax and subaru outback for its safety rankings! Thank God you are all safe.. .. i am sorry that kate had to be in the car at all!

  22. I love these images! Sometimes I wish Christmas cards actually came like this to show real, to show laughter and fun.

    ps. Praying all fear leaves you concerning driving. Praying over you that God just protects you and your family gently and that you can rest in that when you drive. AMEN

    Praying your day beautiful!!!!!!!

  23. must be nice to have all the money in the world! guess it makes for perfection!


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