Our Thanksgiving Day

Friday, November 26, 2010
Our Thanksgiving day was jam packed with fun family memories.  When we lived in Virginia our neighborhood hosted a "Turkey Bowl" on Thanksgiving morning.  The Dads and kids (and visiting families) would go play touch football and eat doughnuts and hot chocolate.  Moms usually stayed home to enjoy a little peace and quiet cook the big Thanksgiving meal.  Harry was really missing this tradition, so we decided to get a Turkey Bowl going in our neighborhood.  Dave made awesome flyers and e-mails and Harry created a list of families who were staying in town.  And thus, Turkey Bowl 2010 was born!


I bought the doughnuts and kolaches but it was too warm for hot chocolate!


Kate was the lone cheerleader...and she was quite the doughnut eater too.

Harry and his buddies.

Turkey Bowl 2010

The game was a great success.  After the kids played for a while, the parents joined in (and we beat the kiddos).  I think we started what will be become an annual neighborhood tradition.


Dave made this gorgeous and delicious gluten free, dairy free apple pie.

After the turkey bowl, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for a little while (one of my favorite traditions) while we cleaned up to go to Uncle Joe's house....


Cousin Olivia, Uncle Joe, Aunt Waukita and the peanuts.  Cousin Jamie wasn't  there yet.  I am bummed I did not get a picture of him.  The peanuts LOVE their big "college kid" cousins.


After a few photos, the peanuts were dying to go swimming...



They started off in the hot tub...


Kate contemplating the bigger and much colder (unheated) pool....



We had a great time.  The food was delicious and the company delightful.


This morning Harry and I were supposed to have a special date.  He is very interested in photography.  So, we were going to go out to breakfast and on a photo walk downtown.  But we woke up to RAIN and 37 degree weather.  So, we opted for a delicious breakfast out and skipped the freezing and wet photo shoot.  We are going to try it again when the weather warms back up.

I think we are going to put up the Chrsitmas tree instead:)

(p.s.  I did nothing to these photos at all (too lazy)....it really is still that GREEN here.)


  1. What a great initiativ with the football game! Looks like tons of fun.
    It looks like you had a good day with the family. I'm impressed at Will's ability to keep his hair style even during swimming! :)

    And I'm exited to see what will come of Harry's interest in photography. Maybe we'll get to see some of his work here? At least he'll have a great teacher!

  2. The cold arrived here yesterday...the high of the day was like 41. I stayed in all day...it was wonderful! Today I am putting up my tree. Hope you are enjoy this sweater weather!!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your date with Harry.
    I love the Turkey Bowl...we do something like that on Christmas Day afternoon.

  3. Turkey bowl sounded fun. We did our city's turkey trot - big family event. I can't believe it is so warm in Texas. Shorts? Swimming? Coat weather here in CA. I like your fun ripped jeans and cute metallic ballet flats. : )

  4. Y'all are so precious! It sounds like you had the perfect day!!!

  5. Haha, I did laugh out loud at your comment about Kate being quite the donut eater!! That is a precious picture of her. And I simply love that you started the turkey bowl tradition. That is perfect!

    Sounds like a super Thanksgiving.


  6. Look at you with a big hole in your knee!! Love it! We had the same super warm Thanksgiving here too.

    The football game looks like so much fun! What a great thing to do!

  7. BTW...I really wanted to see a picture of you playing football!!!

  8. Great job organizing the football! It's a fun tradition that we enjoy too. Our game was in the snow/rain/sleet. The boys loved it and the girls stayed home and cleaned.

    Love the family photos and the smiling faces. Looks like a fun day!

  9. I just loved the photos , it seems like you had a great time.Where are the lovely dogs?

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! Even for a lifetime southerner, I was surprised to see them SWIM on Thanksgiving!

  11. Love starting new traditions! So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Warm here, but not warm enought to swim!


  12. Too warm for hot chocolate!!? We had a few flurries where I live :) And I just love how you have these one-on-one dates with your children. Such a great idea!!

  13. it's so crazy to read this post and think that we drove to Thanksgiving dinner in the snow. We also enjoyed a gluten free pie but it did have dairy in it. OH and we also had a turkey bowl. the guys love it.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you had a wonderful day. I cannot believe you swim on Thanksgiving. We were so cold just taking a walk with the dogs and we were bundled up with hats and mittens.

  15. What beautiful peanuts you ahve there! It's cold yet green here too. Happy Saturday to ya'll~

  16. It looks like you had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving. I love the Turkey Bowl idea too! Cute pictures of the peanuts!

  17. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving and the start of a fun, new tradition!! Love your pics...your family looks so fun and relaxed! Just how you want your memories to be :-)

  18. Love the new tradition that you've started in your neighborhood. My little one would have loved to have swimmed in our pool on Thanksgiving. However, we had freezing rain & a light dusting of snow. Crazy weather!!!

  19. Love the photos. Swimming on Thanksgiving?! Wow, I must admit I'm a bit jealous. I'm glad you and your sweet family had a nice Thanksgiving.

    Gin =)

  20. Swimming and too hot for hot chocolate is what I call a lovely November!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Kim.


  21. Happy Thanksgiving! I think it is soo neat that Harry is interested in photography...what an awesome hobby to get into! I know he'll be great, especially with you as his partner!:)

  22. Awww! That last shot of you all is so darling! I love when Kate smiles like that! It was 37 here too yesterday morning... I'm frozen! The photos look beautiful, Kim... so glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving... please send Harry out here for a photo date with me too! xoxo

  23. What a fun Thanksgiving tradition -- the turkey bowl! Looks like a blast. Seems strange to see you all in short sleeves and swimming -- it was 12 degrees on Thanksgiving morning here! Brrr!! Sweet photos!


  24. It was rather warm here too... not warm enough for shorts, but no one used the dining room table for Thanksgiving, instead sitting outside on the deck!

  25. What a fun Thanksgiving! It was warm in Northeast TX too!! We played kick ball and hide and seek once it got dark. I'll take warm over cold ANYDAY! I don't do cold well!


    PS. Love the photos!


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