Introducing our newest family member...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

(he did not stay still for one second for a photo---I will have to train him to do that!)

Well, I have been specifically praying about adoption but this was NOT really the one I was praying about!  I guess God has a sense of humor. Every Sunday when Dave goes to Whole Foods, he peeks in the natural dog store and they have various pet "adoptions."  Since a few peanuts are allergic to dogs, we can only have a hypoallergenic dog.  Last Sunday, Dave saw a dog that looks just like our hypoallergenic, non-shedding sweet schnoodle, Scout....


These photos are Kate and Harry with our Scout.  Don't they look alike?


So, we began the process of the paperwork and the home visit to see if Scout and the new dog would like one another.  Everyone did very well.  I think Scout LOVED having a buddy to play with. The woman who is working with us really thinks the dog is a schnoodle so he should be hypoallergenic but we cannot be 100% certain. Our new dog will come today (I think) and hopefully no one will exhibit allergies.  If we do find that anyone is allergic, he will have to go back with the pet adoption agency which will be very hard but one of the peanuts has asthma from pet allergies so we need to be vigilant.  Let's hope the trial goes well.

He was found abandoned in some shrubs. They think he is about a year old and he seems very, very sweet.  We are working on names for him and I welcome suggestions in the comments.

Let's see, I will do some bullets to catch up on other things....

~I DID cut my hair and mostly I have been glad I did!  It is angled a bit  (Shorter in back and longer in front) and still fits in a stubby lil ponytail if needed.

~Thank you for all the recommendations and sweet compliments.  People suggested straightening, oils, etc.  I actually have very straight and fine hair.  It is not curly or thick.  It is very fine but I have a lot of it and it does have body.  It is an unusual combination and stylists always comment about it but I think in general it is a good combination.

~Poor Kate is home sick.  I must be thankful here though.  Remember how Kate used to be sick CONSTANTLY?  AND I do mean CONSTANTLY (strep, pneumonia, mono, flu, ear infections).  Well, since she had her tonsil and adenoids out last September (2009)...she had not been sick once. She woke up at 4:30 am burning up with fever.

~This holiday season has really snuck up on me.  Our big Christmas Cocktail party is less than a month away! I ordered invitations the other day.  I feel the urge to decorate my house today (not the tree) but I know it is too early.

~I am a little panicked that I have not taken our Christmas card photo yet.  I usually take it in October but our Disney trip and the illnesses that came after have de-railed me.  Now we have RAIN!

~I have a birthday coming up this weekend and it is giving me a mini-mid-life crisis.  It really is. Hate when that happens!

~You know you are old where they only place you can pluck those stray eyebrow hairs is in the car mirror in broad sunlight with your reading glasses on.  Seriously people. I keep my tweezers in the car now! Yes, I DO need reading glasses now too.  And yes, I cannot see anything on my face.  I guess it is time for one of those light up magnifying mirrors but really, who wants to see their face that magnified? Not me!

~I have had absolutely no desire to go through all of those Disney photos just yet. I'll get there.

~My sweet, smart Will gets inducted into the National Junior Honor Society tonight.  I am so proud of him.  He is an officer too so he has a part in the ceremony.  I hope Kate feels better so we can all go.

~And finally, isn't this outfit so cute and sassy?  I am not sure the photo does it justice.

It's from Target!

And last but not least...check out my friend, Stef's awesome blog. Her family is amazing and you will love her and she is hosting 30 days of giveaways!!!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Congrats on the new dog! We had a Schnoodle for 10 years and she was the BEST dog ever! I hope it all works out. : )


  2. Looking forward to seeing photos your new hairdo! It sounds a bit like easy to keep! Debbie

  3. Such a cute puppy!
    You can call him Atticus or Harper, since you already have a Scout (can you tell I like To Kill a Mockingbird?)!
    Hope he's hypoallergenic and that all 3 peanuts do well with the newest family member at home.

  4. we are looking for a dog also....might have to think about Schnoodle, he looks beautiful!

  5. Hoping your new pet works out for you guys!


  6. Cute puppy -- you are a brave soul to get another dog. We have a 6-month old puppy -- enough said!

    Congrats to Will -- that is super!

    Kate looks so cute -- hope she feels better soon.


    P.S. Get one of the kids to get a photo of your new "do!"

  7. how about rumor... scout and rumor! makes sense right!?
    hope the newest family works out!

  8. My heart jumped when I saw your blog post title! I guess that is where my mind is these days guess it was easy to come to that conclusion first! Your new pup is adorable!......I love Kate's outfit too! LOVE Target!

  9. GO WILL! That is incredible! We are finally having our Christmas photo taken this weekend ... I haven't even decided on the cards. So I know what you mean! I already have Christmas music playing and I too have the urge to decorate! But I have to wait until after Thanksgiving!

    Cutie new puppy.

  10. I laughed at your tweezer story! I do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Ms. Kate's outfit! Hope all works out with your cute doggie.


  11. Yay for Will!!!! What a wonderful opportunity for him:)

    So glad you went with the angle cut and I can't wait to see it!!!! I just got my hair highlighted and cut here (which is a little different than in the states because you have to do it in Spanish!!!) and then you pray that they truly understand what you want because's your hair!!! lol

    Love your new dog....we love our new puppy:) She is a total snuggle bug!

    Praying Kate is better soon:)

  12. love that new little pooch!! so sweet! looks like kate is happy with him around:)

  13. Gotta love "Tar-jay"!!

    Also Evan and I have been looking into dogs, but he is a bit allergic - so now I can bring up a schnoodle!!

  14. How exciting! He is just adorable! We are also planning to get another puppy but I am trying to hold off until spring! We adopted Ozzy right before the worst Nebraska winter ever and it was a complete nightmare!

    Hope Kate is feeling better soon!

  15. I am in love with that new Peanut!!!! And, how darn cute is Kate in that Target outfit!!! LOVE all of it, especially the tights!! :)

    Glad to see the "Adoption Interview" for Scout's brother went well!


  16. I think the best place to pluck is in the car!!! Best light ever. I keep my tweezers in my purse.

    Congrats on the new dog, I hope allergies don't pop out.

  17. Oh your soon to be new puppy is so so cute...did you ever think of naming her PEANUT ?! Hope Kate is feeling better real soon - congrat's to your Will!!!

  18. what a lovely family you have, and congrats on the new addition! I too just cut my hair after growing it for 4 yrs and love the freedom now! I am also looking at getting a puppy... but am still debating as we have a 3 month old at home who needs my attention first.

    I love your posts, you just got yourself a new follower =)

    I am also in the middle of doing my very first give-away so I welcome you to drop by and say hello as well!

    Momma J

  19. oh the dog is very cute!
    congrats to Will!!!
    and the outfit on cate is ROCKIN....I love it! Lucy wore a similar outfit to see Santa last looks very "Crewcuts" at a fraction of the price!! xoxo

  20. Wow...2 dogs! You are brave! How are they getting along?

    We are in the hunt for a dog. We are sort of on hold right now because of the renovations. We are sure that when we find the right dog (we are looking to adopt) we will know!

  21. oooooh, I can't wait to see your sassy new haircut!

    I love that outfit from Target! Mya has the shirt - she wore it the other day under a faux fur vest. Oh my. Sometimes I wish I could be as cute as her ;)

    Kate can sure work some polka dots!

    Congratulations to your sweet Will! I know you are proud!

  22. and you should SO not be having a midlife crisis!! You are a wonderful, sassy, loving, kind, funny woman & an awesome wife & mother. Not to mention beautiful and a precious child and God and sister in Christ - you've got a lot going for you!!

  23. So fun! Love the pics!! Love that outfit!! Have a great birthday!! You are so cute and young have NOTHING to worry about!

    Love you!

  24. AW!!! I think the new doggie would make a perfect addition to the family! I hope everything works out!
    Im sure your new cut looks fresh and fabulous just like you birthday girl! ENJOY!!!!!

    p.s. sassy doesnt even cut it! kate is adorable!!!!

  25. OH my... you have been busy. But actually, it sounds very much like my life too! Can't wait to see a picture of your hair!

  26. Scout is so lovely , very cute photos and the name I sugest is Charlie .


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