Should I cut it?

Saturday, November 6, 2010
I have been letting my hair grow now for about 8-10 months.  Although I get an inch cut off almost every 6 weeks:) It is to my shoulders which is probably about as long as I should wear it because I have a litte face and I have a lot of hair.  I am really wanting to chop it back to a chin length bob.  I feel like  I look best with that cut but I am unsure.  So, what do you think?


By the way..this was probably my best hair day with it never looks that straight and smooth and I usually (like every single day) wear it in a ponytail or a twist.

or this?

Homecoming 034

I have the urge to go get it done today but am afraid I'll regret it.  I would not be able to wear a pony tail for at least 5 months!!!

P.S.  Harry had strep throat and other pressing issues have interfered with my computer time.  I promise to get more Disney posts up....a few people even e-mailed me:)


  1. I really like your hair cut shorter, but I'm a fan of short hair anyway! Mine is cut into a bob and I find that it is so quick to style and looks much cuter than a ponytail!

  2. I like it longer. I like that you can have the flexibility to put it in a pony tail but I also think a longer cut makes you look younger. I know that you were saying you have problems taming it. Have you considered doing a "relaxing" treatment (not a full on straightening)? It might help. I have board straight, extra fine hair, so I've never tried it but a few of my friends have and were very happy with the results.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Although you look great, I prefer your hair a little shorter. I too, have very thick hair and can never get that smooth blown-out look on my own.

    I am a little late to the party on this, but thought I'd tell you about myself as requested a couple of posts back.

    I check in a few times a week although I rarely if ever comment. I live in Wisconsin where I am a busy fifth grade teacher. My husband and I have been married for 16 years and hope to adopt our first child from China within the next year. Our LID is 5-31-06 so I think we are finally on the runway. I lost faith several times during this process and did not know if it would ever really happen.

    I believe I discovered your blog not long after Kate came home. I am drawn to your candor, photography, and decorating sense. You write very well yet you manage to keep it casual. I enjoy different products and sites you tell us about although some are certainly out of my price league.

    Even though we obviously live very different lives, I feel that we are more alike than different. I remember in one of the first posts of yours I read it was Christmas time and you said you only give your children 3 gifts. You said (not verbatim of course) that even though you have the means to do much more you don't want them to be spoiled and that Christmas is about so much more that that. I think that exemplifies what I like about your parenting values.

    I have also found some other blogs I enjoy through your links.

    Thank you for asking about your readers and please continue blogging!

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  6. I really like the way the your hair is in the last picture with the shorter style.

    Good luck in your decision! What we have to go through!!! LOL!


  7. You look beautiful either way, but I like it in that sassy short bob!

  8. You have a pretty long neck and a shorter cut will show it off!

  9. It is very cute and sassy short, but i have to say i love it long. It makes your face look long and slim. It's very pretty. Although if your wanting to not go for the pony tail anymore, the short do is just as cute. :) Hope this helped! lol :)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I always want short hair when I have long hair and vice versa :) I like your hair better when it's short! It has more style and pizzaz, which seems to describe you! As for the ponytail...sometimes it's nice to not have that option (I know when my hair gets long, it seems to ALWAYS be in a ponytail). Plus, it's getting a bit cooler so you won't need to pull it back as much as during those scorching hot Texas summers!

  11. You look cute any way.....go short and then let it grow again if you regret it. I LOVE your blog too and can't wait to see more Disney, we were just there in Oct.

  12. I love the short sassy cut! I need mine cut too! :)

  13. I like the shorter cut also. It looks good either way, but that picture w/ Kate is very good! I have very thick hair also and I always say when I get to that point where I'm wearing a ponytail or throwing a headband in...I need another style! ha! But I know it is so easy to throw your hair up and be done with it. You also had a really cute haircut once where you took a picture of yourself in the mirror? I can't find it now on your blog, but it was shorter I think too. It may have been less bangs and more all one length. But either way, if you want a new style go and get it! It will grow back by summer for a ponytail!

  14. Dear Kim, I LOVE this haircut. I'm not sure when that picture was taken but it certainly looks great!!


  15. I like the "long" version.
    It's not that the short bob isn't pretty but compared to the longer style, and please don't read negative stuff into this, you get a more round head/face because the ends curve around your chin rather than bend/rest on your shoulders.

    I think you look good in both styles and I wouldn't even had thought about it had you not posted the two pictures next to each other and compared them.

    Are these two the only possibilities? Perhaps it's time for a more radical change...?`:)

  16. This won't help you at all...but I think you look beautiful with both!

  17. This won't help you at all...but I think you look beautiful with both!

  18. I have been pondering the same question for myself the last month or so. Although I think you look lovely either way, I think the shorter bob has the slight advantage for my vote. Good luck!

  19. Every single guy in the planet will agree with me, LONG hair. We do not like the short hair style we kind of just accept it because women find it comfortable. Long hair is SEXY. Think Demi Moore, Sheryl Crowe, Kristin Davis all beautiful with their long hair.

    (don't change it, don't change, all the way from Switzerland!!!)

  20. I like it both ways...looks great. Hope you are well! xx

  21. I love short hair! I think it would look fabulous cut in a short bob.

  22. I don't think you can go wrong either way Kim. I love the short BUT it's always so hard to grow out again - could you do somewhere in between? I know I'm not much help- if I HAD to choose, I would probably pick short.

    BTW, after I read your post the other day about getting acupuncture for your face I got congested and stopped up, mostly seemed like nasal allergies. I also see an acupuncturist for other reasons and told her that day and she helped me immensely. Not as many needles as you had but a bunch on my face and several in my ears which I had never had before. I have been amazed at how much acupuncture can help with things. The other week I was having horrible headaches that would not respond to any meds. She put some needles in my forehead and they went away within hrs. and I have not had one since. Anyway, let us know what you decide with your hair.

  23. Kim, my favorivte picture is the one you just posted holding little Kate in the airport. I think your hair looked great! Although, I know its so nice to be able to throw it up in a pony tail... Cut it... it will grow back. it's fall.then winter it will be long again by summer if you change your mind!

  24. Oh, I love it on the first pic....; the length is perfect!
    You have got wonderful hair; and this lenght would be "perfetto" for a little light "degradation"; very smooth done becomes very airy and light and usually it just gives it a gorgeous "young" touch....!

    ciao ciao elvira

  25. I go for the bob... Cute, cute, cute!

  26. You look great with both lengths of hair! Funny enough, I had this exact same conversation with my sister today. I have been growing my hair as well and my family couldn't believe how long it has gotten. My sister, mom and niece like my long hair but think my shorter shaggier style suits my personality and the way I dress more. They think my long hair is too safe.

    As I said, you look great with both lengths of hair but I do like your shorter stylish bob. it suits you.

    Good luck with your decision and if you decide to get it cut, I hope you don't have to wait too long for an appointment!

  27. Either way looks great, but I, too, vote for the shorter bob. I love that on you. You could even get it a little shorter in the it kind of comes to a point in front at your chin. That's the way Emma's hair is and she gets so many compliments on her hair style. Good luck. Show some pics if you get it cut!

  28. Cut it. I think it looks great both ways but I think it is so cute and sassy short.

  29. Looks great either way! I've been trying to grow mine a bit longer and i have a lot of hair too, so it is difficult. Would love to wear mine in a ponytail -- maybe someday I'll get there. Good luck!


  30. This is my first visit to your blog, and I think your hair looks beautiful, it's about the same length as mine! Your daughter is beautiful! Stop by and "visit" me in New England when you have a moment, we love company and new Followers are always welcome! I enjoyed my visit today.

  31. I like it longer for the holidays and winter, and then shorter for summer.
    Either way, you are lovely :)

  32. I like both styles, but prefer the long!

  33. I LOVE short hair..
    how about something new..
    Maybe at an angle shorter in the back and go down longer.. you would look AMAZING..
    I have really thin hair so mine has to stay short.. but I like to do different things.. but always hard to decide.

  34. Kim,

    You are beautiful and your hair is darling either way.

    Go buy a bottle of Morrocan Oil. I too have really thick hair and mine is naturally curly too and this miracle product is the secret to smooth beautiful hair.


  35. Hi Kim,

    I like the shorter version but I have to say that I really like your hair longer!! It makes you look younger somehow, although you don't look "older" at all...but it makes you look, to me anyways, as a "young Mom"...Maybe because my sister has a bob-cut and she acts all prissy and "older", I'm biased!!

    You asked about your readers, we are from Montreal, we LOVE your blog....we just came home after a 3and a half year wait (which is short I know compared to a lot of families!)from China with twin daughters, ages 3 and a half!! Your blog always is fun, informative, I love your photos, your family is "real",love your quotes, your faith and your DECORATING style!! Keep up the great blogging, you're fantastic:)

    Kind regards,

  36. Hi Kim,

    I'm anxious to hear what you decided!! You look beautiful with both long and short hair, but I think you should take the plunge and cut it.

    Let us know what you do. Of course we want pics if you went short:)

    Hope everyone is feeling better. Love the photos that you posted from Disney. Kate looks so adorable.



  37. I vote for short too! I loved the length of your hair when Kate came home! I just chopped mine off too!

  38. NO! Kim, don't cut it! I am growing mine out too! And, every once in a while I get the urge to cute. But, don't.


  39. It looks beautiful as it is. Don't cut it:)

  40. You are beautiful either way, look younger with it longer. Just my 2 cents

  41. OH dear..what was the fateful decision? LOL

  42. You're gorgeous either way! The older I get...the shorter my hair is just easier to manage and only have to blow dry and go! I like the bob...or maybe a little longer in the front and shorter in the back? You're precious no matter what:)

  43. Both are beautiful. My husband thought you looked in your 20's in the pic with the long hair. He asked if you were my role model, I said "why, yes, of course!" xo I am about to cut and color mine again. My hair grows super super fast.

  44. i think you are adorable either way... glad to have found your blog! xx pam

    p.s. i always go thru the hair length thing... i cut mine (6 inches) in the last year... almost cut it again and my sweet boyfriend who loves me no matter what i look like said "please don't cut it" and so no way... i left it.

  45. HI
    I have been on the blog up dates
    FIRST so so glad you had fun in DISNEY knew you would-
    and I am ftom TN, and so enjoy your readings, bloggings- parental guidance- love to see the peanuts-
    you are truly inspiring!
    Keep it up my FRIEND!

    Your hair looks beautiful either way!
    I do the same I let my grow- and then I get cut too;)
    You are so pretty you could wear- a crew cut, and be cute as ever!

    Hope Harry is better too
    Cindy from TN!

  46. Every time I try a new shorter length (on me) I hate it. My hair is super straight and super fine. It actually looks fuller longer... but I would love the ease, simplicity and sassiness of a shorter style. You are lucky and look fab both ways. But I do love the sassiness of the shorter style. Please let us know what you do and take a picture1!

    In regards to the 15 favorite authors it was such a hard decision. And yes EB White was right up there and Charlotte was an all time favorite!

  47. We have the same hair - I am growing it and wanting to get it cut too! I do like it both ways and a pony tail is easy. Leave it for a few days and if it still bothers you, then cut it. I love a fresh cut bob!

  48. Is your longer hair driving you crazy? Do you WANT to cut it? You are adorable either way, but I'm a long haired kind of girl, and if you like the flexibility it gives you longer than keep it. Maybe layer it up a bit? If you are just done with it go back to your cute bob. It works on you, but I think you look very pretty with it longer, and if you have nice, thick hair than take advantage of it!

  49. Hey!! Im back after a long break! I missed your blog! You are too cute! See...this is the thing with your hair... you are one of those people who can totally pull off either style. You are so lucky! You just have the face for it. I know what you mean though about the pony tail. When I cute bangs last year all i did was complain about the fact that they were in my face. Just think about if you really will miss the pony tail hehe...bc as far as looks go, you look amazing either way!:)

  50. Oh, Kim! I feel your dilemma! This has been my life-long question. Do I go for the easy to fix longer length -- that have to struggle with if I really want it to look good. Or do I chop it off to a length that isn't convenient but provides a reliable cute style. Hmm... I seem to always go back to the short. But you look fabulous either way. =)

  51. Can't go just have a cute FACE!!!


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