A peek at Roundtop

Friday, September 24, 2010

My creation

I took my little point and shoot (hence the poor quality of these photos) with us to Roundtop and took some shots of the cool things we saw.
 I literally could have spent thousands and thousands of dollars there (but I didn't).
That vessel in the top left corner of the collage reminds me of one that Brooke used in her powder room.


I really wanted that sunburst mirror.  The old glass was fabulous but I was not wiling to pay $475 for it!
This dealer had incredible old mirrors.


My biggest regret though is that I did not get one of these....


These are very large old calligraphy practice pieces from a now defunct calligraphy school in Argentina. They were so unique and so beautiful and not too expensive.  I hesitated because I knew the framing would be quite expensive due to the very large size.  The dealer told me that a woman from 1st dibs had bought several and was planning to frame them and sell them from between $1200-$2000 each.  I am just kicking myself that I did not buy one (not to sell ~just to have) because they truly were a beautiful original and unique work of art. Dave and I might go back this weekend and see if they are still there.

On the way there, these huge trucks pulled out in front of us carrying a house spilt in two.  Literally, the house was cut in half and being moved on the highway:)

I did buy a few things and will show you them once we get them placed in our house.


  1. I went here last year with my sister-in-laws and MIL...we had an awesome time!!

  2. That is a must stop when we repatriate to the States!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Those calligraphy pieces really are amazing. Is it my imagination or is there some Arabic script tucked into the sides there?

  4. Ohh I see many things I would like...Can't wait to see what you found!

  5. Can't wait to see what you got!!!

  6. WOW... looks like a great place to go and spend the day! I bet you felt like a kid in a candy store....so many beautiful things~



  7. Looks like so much fun! My parents were both antique dealers...my mom did shows constantly as I was growing up and had a shop for a while so we were always milling around at shops, barn sales and estate sales. My father restored old trunks...but his garage is still full of them, though he doesn't really do it much anymore (he and his wife have a space at a big shop). I miss getting to see all the treasures they used to find. My mom and I would have a blast at Roundtop!

  8. Kim!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment last week! It made me SOOOO Happy to hear from you after so very long.

    I am thrilled to see you guys are all well!

    This show looks amazing- I Loved the Handcalligraphy
    from the school too! Incredible- but yes- pricy to frame....
    The house split in half - I wonder what the story with that is.

    Look forward to following and catching back up.

    HUGE HUGS!!!!! Anne

  9. Oh Kim, I hope you went back and got a couple of those calligraphy samplers. Amazing. And I love the sunburst mirror too.

    I can't wait to see what you bought!


  10. Cool stuff! Can't wait to see what you bought!


  11. I am salivating over the pretty things in these pictures--oh how I wish I could come with you next time!

  12. Looks like my kind of place!! I love all of it!! You SO should have bought that art!! It's beautiful!!


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