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Monday, July 26, 2010

My blog friend, Sharon is getting ready to travel to bring her daughter Shaylee Joy home from China. I know that many of my blog readers have a heart for adoption. This family is more than half way there to raising the funds they need for their adoption but they need more fast! Sharon is hosting a great auction to help raise the orphanage fees for her adoption. I won a fabulous item a few months ago. Please visit the site and help in any way you can. I know that not everyone can adopt but I also know that most people can help make a difference in a child's life. Any donation would make a difference.

Click on the button below to go to the auction site.



  1. How sweet! I will def. go over and check out the auction! Id love to help!!

  2. Yeah!!!...sweet Shaylee is coming home soon!

    Thanks for doing a 'shout out' for them. Sharon is such a giver herself and is always helping out and donating to others, even in the midst of their own fundraising! I hope people reach out and bless them... I know from experience that EVERY gift adds up and helps a great deal!

    God bless you, Kim. You have such a beautiful heart for others! <><

  3. I love Sharon...and just went over earlier today to place a bid on a few items:) So sweet of you to post this for her. They will have their precious girl very soon! SO happy for them~


  4. She is too darling for words and looks familiar to me for some reason, have you ever had that happen?


Thank you for your kindness.