Will is home

Saturday, June 26, 2010
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Will hiding from my camera right before surgery. He was very brave and did not even want the pre-anesthesia relaxation medicine. According to the surgeon, he wooed the nurses and pretty female anesthesiologist with his dashing good looks and charming personality.


The hospital looked more like a beautiful hotel than a hospital.
They have definitely renovated since his first surgery there. And although Dave and I were both nervous wrecks, we ate a delicious lunch (southwest chicken chipoltle panninis) while Will was in surgery. We like to eat (and clean) when we are nervous.

Will was very funny coming out of anesthesia. He thought Dave's arms looked like thick elephant legs and toes. Then he said, "Maybe I am just hallucinimating." That is our new word around here....halluciminating:)

He is home and he is doing well. He is still a bit loopy and dizzy. And I think he is relishing all of our attention but getting bored too. Thank you SO much for all of the prayer and good wishes. They really helped.


And here is a little photo of Miss Katie Ru. I finally (with a TON of help from my brilliant hubby) figured out how to install some actions on my PSE6 Mac. I am not so good at that stuff. This is my good friend Shana's action Florabella Cosmopolitan. I am just beginning to play around with actions but it is fun!

Here is the same photo with Sweet Vintage Haze.


  1. Glad to hear Will is recovering, that's wonderful.

    And I love that photo of Kate with either actions - they're both awesome. She is gorgeous!


  2. so glad all is well and you have your boy home.

    Love, love, love, the pictures of Kate!

    Have I ever told you that we have a Kate too?


  3. I'm so glad all went well with Will. I laughed at his "hallucimation".

    I love the Kate pictures. She's just too cute! Did you know that this time last year we were in China?! Hard to believe.

    Gin =)

  4. So happy Will is home! I know you are relieved!

    Miss K is so darn cute! Love the dress!

  5. Hi Kim--I'm so happy to hear that Will is home and doing well--praise God! Our sweet Lucey just had surgery on Wed...cranio facial surgeon too (who happens to be moving to Texas next month--sad for us). She is doing great. I love the pictures of Kate. So adorable. Our girls share the same birthday. I have so enjoyed following your blog over the past two years and watching your family blossom. You are a beautiful family.


  6. I am so glad Will is doing well! And I love the pictures of Kate! So cute!

  7. I am so happy to hear Will is safe and sound at home and recovering well. Thanks for updating us so quickly!

  8. Happy to hear that Will came through the surgery so well and that you and Dave did too!

    Great photo of little Miss Kate!


  9. So glad Will is doing well and that he could enjoy his birthday before the surgery. Will is so brave! You and Dave are so brave.

  10. Elective surgery or not, I know you worried about Will. I am so glad that he is back home and recovering.

    Gracious, and being rear-ended three times in your car! Bless your heart. Maybe this is strange "therapy" for the AD and T! : )

    You will all be in in our thoughts and prayers!

  11. So Happy Will is home and doing great too-
    both pics o Kate are so cute with new actions she is so darling!

    hope your neck is better too, after the hit from the rear! that is not good I have been done that 3 times too inlife- it will make for a sore neck!

    Alll the pictures your posted of the children are great!

    I just KNOW you are relieved and thankful all is well with WILL!

    God bless you all have a great Sunday, dear friend!

    ps i think with Wills hair cut now he and hary really Do favour! Such cute kids!
    Ms kate is adorable!

  12. Cute Will. Glad he is OK! If I were a nurse, I'd fall for him too ;) Love your photos. I am itching to try actions. I can't even blog right now though. Soon.

  13. So glad Will is home and recovering well. No doubt he was a little nurse charmer :)

  14. nothing like a little hallulncimiation to make your day extra special!
    love that pictures of kate with cosmopolitan! LOVE it!!

  15. Glad Will is home and doing great...I thought and prayed for him thru out the day. The one photo where he is out...Harry looks so much like him...I never think of them looking a like..but in that photo its obvious that they are brothers!
    Get well quick, Will!

    Love Kate's big flower...darling phtos!


  16. Happy to hear that your son is home and doing well. It's amazing how young they look when they sleep isn't it?

    I love Kate's dress and headband, so pretty!

  17. Glad Will is home safe and sound!

  18. I am so behind on my blog reading, but I'm glad it's over and went well. Good for you for supporting him when the time was right.

  19. So glad Will is doing good. Love the elephant toes!! Too funny!

    LOVE, LOVE the pic of Kate!!! It is gorgeous!!

  20. So happy all went well with Will's surgery.
    So sorry to hear about your rear-ended accident and neck 'soreness' and hope you feel better soon.
    Thoughts and prayers go out to all of you!

  21. GOod to hear it went well, can't imagine the anxiety. Lovely pic of Kate. Isn't it fun to learn somethign new! We are never to old.

  22. Praise the Lord my friend!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for a quiet and peaceful summer for your family:)

    P.S. LOVE these pics of sweet Kate:)

  23. Happy Will's surgery went well!!! Love the photos of Kate! Looking forward to the day I can get some of those actions! They are SO fun!!!

  24. Hi Kim,

    So glad to hear that Will did well and is recovering from his surgery...... I am sure you are relieved!!

    Kate looks adorable.......and I love what you did with the actions.....it is so much fun to play and see how they can change your photos:)

    Hope this week is less stressful for you.


  25. Hope Will is feeling better soon!

  26. So glad Will's surgery went well! I can't believe he is 13! He is such a handsome boy. Hope he had a Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for all of your love and encouragement. {Hugs}

  27. All the best for Will's recovery. He is an admirable young man.

  28. What a beautiful picture. You are really talented.


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