Swimming along

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer is just moving along at a rapid pace here. Will is recovering rather well. He is a bit shy about going out in public. We had quite a battle about going to Mass this week. I convinced Will that God took care of us all week (his surgery and my car accident) the least we owed Him was an hour of worship at Mass. Will finally agreed and I think it was good for him to get out of the house.

And even though Will thinks I don't understand, I do. He is 13 and he is embarrassed of the scar on the side of his head. This is the age where looks seem really important to kids. I have perfected a little comb over that covers the scar pretty well though. Sunday night was the picnic and awards ceremony for Will's swim team. He agreed to attend with the help of my comb over;)


Will is holding his scar as it hurts when he laughs or smiles. Apparently, Dave and I are quite funny because he keeps asking us to stop making him laugh so much!


Will's head swim coach describing Will's determination. Will was the fastest in back stroke in his age group.





I mostly only saw the back of Kate at the party. She was very busy sliding and avoiding being squirted by Will and Harry...



She LOVES the water. She is overly confident and thinks she can swim (she can a little bit but not as much as she thinks she can). She makes me very nervous!

I took the peanuts to see Toy Story 3 yesterday afternoon. It was really good. I cried. It really touches on how our kids grow up so quickly and don't need their toys (or PARENTS) anymore. With Will just becoming a teenager, it really hit home. It was a tiny bit scary for Kate in parts but overall a GREAT movie for all ages.

I apologize for not making it around to visit all the blogs. Summer leaves me little time on the computer. I try to only be on here when the kids are not around and they are always around these days!


  1. You must be soooo proud of Will! He is such an amazing guy!

    Cute pictures! It looks like you are having a fun summer so far.

    I miss making my bloggy rounds too. Since I work full time during the summer, I have to really cut back my computer time!

  2. Your kids look healthy and full of summer. Enjoy.


  3. Cute pics! Glad Will is doing well. It won't be any time at all and his hair will be grown out. I can't believe that summer is half gone! We've been a little bored so I need to come up with some cheap entertainment!!

  4. So glad the surgery went well... Will is amazing and beautiful. He'll go far in life!

  5. Aww, tell Will that scars make guys look badass to other guys and if anyone asks, he can nonchalantly say, "shark attack." ;)

  6. Summer is going fast here too! Looks like eveyone is enjoying it at your house!

    So glad Will is doing well.


  7. great photos. so happy will is coming along wwll! ditto on summer!

  8. Your boys are so handsome and Kate is too cute! So glad that Will's operation went well. I know you (and Will too!) are happy that is behind you. And speaking of behind you... we need to get an extra big bumper on your car! But hopefully three rear-ends is a lifetime maximun, so you're full-up now!
    Happy summer!

  9. My kids saw the movie in 3D but I was at a work function. Now I need to see it based on your review!

    I am so glad about Will - what a trooper!

  10. So glad that Will is doing well -- he's such a great son -- he reminds me a lot of my two sons! Swimming pool fun is the best! Great photos!

    Hope you have a fun Wednesday!


  11. Oh I cried in Toy Story 3 also.....and my older children are grown!

    Yes 13 is such a difficult age....praying it heals quickly and the hair grows back rapidly for your sweet boy. I can't even remember how long I have been following your blog....for a long time though and your boys have grown up so much Kim. I know you must be so proud of them.

    And for Kate...well...she is just precious and darling always:)

  12. I cried in TS too!! :-)

    So glad Will's recovery is going well.

  13. Your comb over is so good I hear Donald Trump will be calling!

    What a sport to go to the swim team party. Glad to hear he is feeling well, smiling, laughing, and holding his head!

  14. mom the comb over was well done!
    your boys are growing and very handsome too-
    Wil and Harry are both knock outs!
    Of course Ms kate was adorable in her little pink bathing suit-
    So glad Will decided to go

    As above I hear the call of donald trump too- these pictures are beautiful-
    blessssssings indeed!


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