I have a phobia (or two) now...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have been rear-ended in my current vehicle 3 times. All three times I was just minding my own business sitting in traffic or at a stop light. All three times I have been completely stopped. All three times, someone has barreled into me and they have been completely at fault. And every time, I have really hurt my neck. Yesterday, I was on the way for a check up for my adrenal disease and thyroid and someone barreled into me and sent my car forward into the car in front to me. I am sore all over and my neck is very sore but luckily I was not badly hurt. I will say though that I am extremely jumpy and anxious in the car now. I have a rental while mine is being repaired and I am very nervous driving. The irony is that this is the kind of stressor that makes adrenal disease worse. I hope I can relax about it soon because with 3 kids, I drive a lot.

Thank you for the b-day wishes for Will. He had a good birthday.

He wanted to pick out a doughnut for breakfast...so we went to a local favorite place.


(I-phone photo~the writing on Will's arm is from his swim meet. They write in permanent magic marker the events they swim in).

Then we hung out and played with some friends. I made spaghetti, meatballs and sausage with my homemade sauce (all gluten free) for dinner. The kids always get to pick what we have for dinner on their birthday. I think my pick was usually this same meal when I was a kid. My Mom made great sauce.

After dinner, we sang happy birthday and Will opened gifts. Kate and Harry got him some Lego mini figures and silly bands. Harry also bought Will a really cool opal from a geology show they went to. We gave him a portable DVD player for some trips he has coming up this year. He is going to Paris with his school! He was excited!





(Notice that cute new short haircut?)

Tomorrow Will has surgery. When he was a baby, he had a growth between the layers of his skull. A neurosurgeon removed a large section of his skull (it grew back) and he has a scar over half his head. As his head has grown, the scar has as well. One section of the scar looks like a large bald spot and kids tease him about it. He has wanted it repaired for years. I have told him that God made us exactly how He wanted us to be and we ALL have some kind of scar. I have tried to encourage him to live with it. However, every summer when he swims some insensitive kid teases him and he asks to have it fixed. It really bothers him and I think that is why he wears his hair long. Now that he is old enough to really know what is involved, we have taken him to the plastic surgeon who originally did the opening and closing of his surgery when he was a baby and he agreed that it should be repaired. So, tomorrow, he will have surgery to repair the scar. It is elective surgery and I support Will's decision 100%, but this Mama is a nervous wreck anyway. I have unfortunately seen all 3 of my peanuts undergo surgery and it is always scary. I covet your prayers for a safe surgery.

Here is a photo of Will when he had the original surgery at 6 months old...


The surgeon actually remembered Will from 12 and 1/2 years ago. He is a pediatric cranio-facial plastic surgeon (there are not a whole lot of them) so he said it is his job to study faces and he said Will has a memorable face:)


  1. Prayers for you and your family-- your photos are beautiful!

  2. Wow...you have a teenager now! :) I will be praying for his surgery....look how sweet his little face is in this picture....he is really a handsome guy Kim:) And wow...a trip to Paris!!!! So cool!

  3. I feel for you seeing you all through another surgery , I encouraged you about Kate's surgery which is much easier than convincing myself it is also needed for my baby ,9 yr old, easier said than done , especially after seeing my own child through a tonselectomy before , I am sure it will make her sleep apnea much better and her more comfortable .
    I hope Will makes a speedy recovery it always shocks me how mean some kids can be , scars are always easier to accept as an adult , it a tough burden for a child.
    Good luck.

  4. Will does have a memorable face, it is the sweetest and kindest! I love how he smiles with his eyes :) I will pray for Will and the entire Peanuts gang. Please let us know how it went (which will be fine) if you get a quick chance this weekend.

  5. Sorry to hear about the car hitting you.. I would be a nervous wreck also..
    Love the photos.
    Is Will's necklace a phiten necklace????
    if so I have one on right now and love it.. hoping it really works..
    I have been rollerbladding and it seems to help with the aches. but the stress I will have to seee when my life is somewhat normal..
    Good luck to Will tomorrow.. I will be thinking of you guys..
    love ya..

  6. I just have to ask where did you get your dress and Kate's dress from? Love them!

  7. Happy birthday Will! I can't get over how much he looks like Harry with his hair shorter.

    I will say prayers for him, can't imagine my peanut going through surgery. And I hope you feel better soon too Kim.


  8. Sorry to hear about your accident. Prayers for your family as you face another surgery with one of your children.

  9. I am sorry to hear of the wrecks! That is the pits and I cannot think of anyone more undeserving!

    That local place is my fave! I dream of those doughnuts!

    MANY MANY prayers for Will.

    I must say, that is the cutest picture of him at 6.5 months. Even bandaged, his eyes are happy.

  10. Kim - prayers are with you and Will! I know you must be a nervous wreck! I will be thinking of you.

    I was recently rearended at a stoplight. just got my SUV back! Frustrating!

  11. he is a handsome boy Kim. I hope all goes well. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

    You can click on the comment and find my BLOG.


  12. I'm sorry to hear about your neck pain. Good luck with your son's surgery tomorrow. Hopefully you'll both be on the mend soon. It sounds like a little snuggling with your boy may be in order.

  13. What an adorable baby Will was! He still has the same georgeous eyes..love the new haircut, too. I can see why you'd be feeling nervous to drive after being rear-ended three times. I had a car once that I swore had a "hit me" bumper sticker that everyone but myself could see. Hope your neck is better soon.

    Gin =)

  14. I'll be praying for your Will and his surgery, Kim. I know very well how hard it is for moms with this too!

  15. Kim- Sending you prayers for peace during the surgery and a speedy recovery for Will.

    (and also one for people to stop rear-ending you!!)

  16. Oh my -- sorry about the accident -- that is no fun and I'm sure you will be sore for a while!

    Will looks so cute with his hair cut -- he looks cute with it long too!

    Will keep him and all of you in my prayers.


  17. I will be thinking about Will tomorrow! So sorry about your trouble too with your car! I had an accident soon after I got my new car and have been timid ever since. I definitely understand the feeling!

  18. Children can be so mean! I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and hope all goes well.

    PS- I am sure you already know this, but Sprinkles makes gluten free red velvet- perfect for you all!!

  19. Praying that all goes well. He is such a cutie!

  20. Oh my word....car wreck and surgery for Will. Sending love and prayers and comfort your way. Keep us posted on Will. You will both be in my daily thoughts!

  21. I love Will's new haircut. :) I love short hair though!! I am praying for Will and you sweet momma!

  22. Oh, I SO know how that feels. Even before I got my license, I was a passenger in NINE car accidents. I didn't get my license for practically forever because I was terrified to drive... terrified because I'd been in NINE accidents already. Said a prayer for your heck and your totally justifiable fears.

    And I hope all goes well tomorrow. Children can be so mean... praying for a smooth and speedy recovery.

  23. Ugh on the accident, prayers going up for Will and WOW he looks very much like Harry with his shorter hair cut! What a sweet, handsome boy you have.
    Have a nice weekend!

  24. Praise God that you weren't more seriously hurt, but I am sorry you've had to deal with it at all!

    Prayers going up for sweet Will. As the mama of a son who has had open heart surgery, I know it's not easy. Please update when you can, and we'll keep praying!!

  25. Aw, keeping Will in our prayers this week! Love your peanuts!

  26. Don't tell Will this, but... I think his hair cut makes him look younger :) And, mom to mom, we kinda like that! He is such a good looking young man and his eyes are so beautiful!! They just smile! My prayers are coming your way. Kids can be so mean and so insensitive, your a wonderful mom and he's going to be so relieved to have this done with. Many blessings! Mary

  27. Oh Kim...so much going on. I pray your neck feel better and that your anxiety over driving lessens. Give it time. It's kind of a shock to your whole system and it takes a while to relax again!

    I will also keep Will (and you) in my thoughts as he undergoes surgery. He does have a memorable, and very handsome, face. Tell him his haircut looks GREAT!!!

    Keep us posted. Hope you can somehow get some rest and find some peace with everything that is going on.

  28. Hope all went well today with Will's surgery!!

    Gosh, I cannot believe you have been hit in the same car 3 times.....I am just glad that no one was hurt. I have only been hit once and it was when I was stopped at a redlight. Sarah was only 4 weeks old and I was scared out of my mind. She was fine, but it was hard to get back in the car with her..... I found myself sitting at redlights and watching the rearview mirror like a hawk.

    Try not to let the stress of the week get to you...... maybe you can get a little R&R this weekend:)


  29. I hope Will's surgery went well with out any complications. I will be praying for quick healing for him and for you...
    That makes me sad that he has kids teasing him... oh, we can be so cruel to others.
    I hope you at least have an SUV with how many times you have been hit. I will be praying for no more accidents for you as well.
    Thank you for all your sweet words and oh, so much for all of your prayers for our precious Isabella...
    I am so thankful that the Lord, once again is giving me the desires of my heart and that one day soon our daughter will be home safe with her family. I know Jesus is watching over her while she waits and oh, how I thank God that she is orphaned NO more! She has her family and she is oh, so loved....
    God bless you friend and I will be praying for you all. Feel better,

  30. You guys have Shipleys?!?!?! I recognized the mugs in the background:) There was a Shipleys close to the house that I grew up in, and my sisters and I loved going before church on Sunday and watching them make the donuts. Every time I go back to Nashville, I swing by and pick up their delicious treats!

    Prayers for Will! I hope everything goes well!

  31. I am SO sorry you keep getting rear ended. How awful! Thinking of you and hope your soreness and achiness from the accident goes away soon. Hope Will is well. xo

  32. WOW! mom a teen ager NOW!
    they grow too quickly he is so handsome
    So Sorry about your neck about the neck pain and the soreness!

    So glad Will surgery went well
    LOVE his new hair cut! YES he is cute and has a quite memorable little face!

    Easier days are ahead!

  33. i forgot to say WOW oh wow a trip to Paris just how cool is that??

  34. I completely support you and Will in this decision. When I was 8, I had elective surgery on my belly-button of all things. I had an "Outie" and I got teased. So my mother took control of the situation, got it fixed, and I have had a lovely "Innie" ever since. Not that anyone has seen it in twenty years!

  35. I was out of town... I would have sent my thoughts and prayers your way!!!!


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