Black and White Wednesday~A Forest Fairy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometime this year I lost my photo mojo. There were several things that led to that one of which was my thyroid and adrenal disease. When you have no energy to do the vital things to get through the day, you don't get to the things that make you happy but are extras (like hobbies). I just kind of stopped taking pictures (took candids of the important events) and I stopped learning and practicing.

Now that I am slowly feeling a little better (although my darned thyroid is not getting better and in fact got worse!), I am trying to get back into the swing of photography. This week I am playing along with Lisa's Black and White Wednesday...


I took this of Kate a few weeks ago (around her 4th b-day). We were in a park in the middle of the city but she was frightened because she heard cicadas. Clearly this city girl is not used to nature noises.

This is darker than I usually process my black and whites and a little more dramatic. But I think it captures her mood. She was warily checking out her surroundings because of all the nature noise at 8 am on a Sunday morning:) I used Flora Bella Collection rich vintage black and white and adjusted the layers to convert it.

Here it is straight out of the camera...


the long road

PLEASE keep my friend Eloise's daughter Vivian in your prayers. Vivi is dangerously ill and in the hospital on a ventilator. Vivi and her whole family really need prayers. We have had the privilege of getting to know this family in real life and we think the world of them.


  1. What a little beauty you have on your hands. Love this shot in b&w!

  2. Cool photo! Love the B&W and in color! Think Maddy is afraid of those noises too! Gotta love our city girls! :)

    Have a great Wednesday!


  3. it is so hard to keep with everything especially when you're not feeling well. i'm glad you are starting to feel wonderful again.

    i love this capture of the forest fairy! gorgeous in b/w!!

  4. Very pretty shot, Kim! Love the conversion. Prayers for sweet Vivian.

  5. Visting from Lisa's blog, what a beautiful picture. I hope you continually feel better and are able to do what you enjoy.

  6. BEAUTIFUL Kate photo. I love what you did with it. I'm glad to hear your feeling better and I hope it's all uphill from here.

    Gin =)

  7. Beautiful! So good glad you're feeling better to get back into photography. I love, love Shana's actions. Yes, definitely praying for Vivi!

  8. It's a beautiful photo. I feel like I've been completely left behind with all the photography skills. I need to get to doing something!!

  9. Beautiful girl!! You are amazing with that camera!!

  10. Love the beautiful pictures of Kate! I was amused at your tale of losing your photography mojo (great expression) and think all of your loyal fans here would argue with you about that.

    Thank for the call for prayer for Vivian. God is clearing hearing our petitions! She had a good day today.


  11. Both of these are beautiful photos of Miss Kate! I really want to use Florabella but have never even thought about attempting layers.

  12. P.S:
    I can't believe how long Kate's hair is.... The mullet seems like a lifetime ago! :)

    She is truly beautiful!


  13. Kim, I love this photo of Kate......she is so beautiful and it shows so much emotion. The mood lends itself well to the way you processed it in Black and White. GORGEOUS!!!

    Hope that Vivian is doing better and that God has answered the many prayers on her behalf.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend:)


  14. What beautiful pictures!Sorry you thyroid has become worse. Are you watching your intake of soy and goitrogens? I have hypothyoidism and I feel horrible if I eat too much of these foods that do not bother people who do not have thyroid problems. I drank soy milk a few summers ago and thought I was going into menopause at age 35! Here is a website that explains it a little further:

  15. i love both pictures! I was thinking the same thing as Di - looks like the memories of the mullet are so distant!! Beautiful hair on a beautiful girl!

  16. kim

    AmI ever behind this little beautiful black and whilte princes is adorable brings smiles to my Face
    She is so beautiful!
    love you hope yu are feeling better too!

  17. Gorgeous shot!



Thank you for your kindness.