Princess Tea Party {Part II}

Monday, June 7, 2010
{Just be warned this is my longest post ever}
So, Kate greeted her fellow princesses at the door with her dashing prince, Harry by her side. She welcomed them with big smiles, hugs and squeals of delight.
This GORGEOUS dress that Kate is wearing was sent to her by her fairy Godmother, Aunt Staci. Kate was planning on dressing up as Ariel (the Little Mermaid) until this enchanting silk gown arrived one day. Kate talked about this dress for weeks after it arrived. She simply adores it. Thank you Aunt Staci!


Harry had a good idea to start the party with "the name game" since not all of the girls knew one another. Then we moved on to Kate's favorite game~4 little buns in the bakery shoppe. She loved playing that game!




After a few games, the girls rotated through various royal activities...

Harry's sign for the nail salon

Our lovely and helpful neighbor, Kyle was the royal manicurist.



The princesses also had the option to have Laura do their hair in a princess style with a tiara...



We also had two craft activities for the girls. First, Prince William assisted the young ladies in created an original painting. They each had a canvas and he supervised their creations...






The other craft acitivity was decorating little crown jewelry boxes and Harry was the helper...




I found the boxes in the unfinished wood craft section of Hobby Lobby. We painted them pale pink and modge~podged the initials on them before the party. (The princess frames on the table were also from Hobby Lobby for those who asked.)

Then, it was time to step into the royal dining room for afternoon tea. Our maitre'd, Harrison escorted the lovely ladies to their places. He even held the chair out for most of the princesses.

The princesses loved their wands and little bracelets I made. I reminded them that it was proper royal etiquette to place their napkin in their lap.


Maitre d Harrison


Kate told them that the "fancy" way to drink tea was with your pinky up.





After all of that yummy food we needed a way to pass some time, so Dave led a game of Duck Duck Goose.

Then, we let Kate open her gifts. She was so gracious and told everyone "Gank You so much!" with each gift. Yes, she says "gank you" and I love it.



Kate kept telling us she wanted a PINK water-gun for her b-day. I found a tiny pink squirt gun but failed to find anything else. She wants to keep up with her brothers (and their super soakers). One of my good friends managed to find this pink noodle squirter:)

All of the beautiful princesses.
Three of our princess friends were out of town and one got sick the morning of the party. We really missed them all!

After the gifts, Harry got a game of "freeze dance" going to help burn off some sugar...

And actually the little guy accompanied his older sister to the party won the freeze dance. He had quite the moves....




After freeze dance, we returned to the dining room for cake...





We sent the princesses home with their canvases, bracelets, frames, wands, tiaras, and these porcelain tea cups and saucers (which I found at the dollar store). We filled them with princess goodies and wrapped them in cellophane.


The party was so much fun. It really was a homespun family affair.
Will, Harry and Dave were all huge participants.


  1. What a beautiful party for a very beautiful little girl!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. The family picture is beautiful and you look stunning!!!!

  3. I LOVE it! The family picture is truly the "icing on the cake"! It looks like you all had the best time! Happy 4th birthday, Kate!

  4. Wow! This blows me away, what great memories your making for your kids. Wish you lived closer to help me with my parties. I am horrible at details!

  5. Magical and beautiful!
    Happy Birthday Kate!

  6. A special party for your beautiful little girl!!! You captured it all so well, Kim. I love the family picture!!!

  7. Perfect in every way! I am so glad her party was such a success. You really managed to think of every little detail. Kate's dress is gorgeous! is yours! I love all of these pics, but the family pic is my FAV!

  8. It looks like the girls enjoyed their royal treatment! Your boys rock!

  9. Kim, you took homespun to a whole new level =). I love all of the special little touches. Kate's dress is so beautiful, as is the little girl in it of course. The "Princesses" look so tiny and adorable seated around the dining room table. I love the family photo, too. I hope you've planned some time to recover. I'm worn out just thinking of the energy (and obvious love) that went into planning this special event.

    Gin =)

  10. That looks like so much fun. You did a great job planning (but I bet it was a lot of work). I think it's so sweet that Harry and Will were your helpers. Now I only wish that I had asked for a princess party when I was little....

  11. Sweetest party ever!!

    All the girls were dressed just beautifully especially Princess Katie Ru

  12. seriously kim, what an amazing party!
    kate is obviously such a graceful little soul
    LOVE your dress too xo

  13. BEAUTIFUL...
    What an AMAZING BIrthday party..
    have a great week..

  14. I love "Duck, Duck, Goose"!

    Beautiful family photo!

  15. I absolutely loved it! The dress was gorgeous, as well as every little detail. The family photo was great. I love home birthday parties! So now she is four!

  16. Love those princess crown candles! Where'd you find them?

  17. Truly a birthday to remember!

    Love all of the pictures.


  18. This post melted my heart! The boys were so helpful and cute! I hope and pray that when we have kids the older siblings are as eager as Will and Harry to help make their youngest sibling's day so special!

  19. While I was reading through this post all I could think of was what a lovely family you have. All so involved with Kate's day.

    The whole party was so sweet and princess girly. thank you for sharing.


  20. I think the party was amazing! It's just my opinion but homespun parties are my favorite. Taking the time to really make them nice is just another way to show how much you care. Love it.

  21. What a Fabulous party!!! The ones at home are so memorable and special. Great job! :) Your family photo is fantastic, what great favors, the cake was GORGEOUS, the decorations perfect. Way to Go Kim!
    :) Gabi

  22. What a lovely party! Happy Birthday to beautiful Kate Emerson Ru! Hard to believe that she is four already. Emma is right behind her, but this post is a reminder that I better get moving on her party.

    I love doing children's parties but have never done one this elegant. Everything is gorgeous. Did you make those big paper flowers??

    I love all the photos but especially the one of the five of's wonderful.

    Beautiful job Kim!

  23. What a perfect way to celebrate! I especially love Harry's sport coat - too cute!

  24. I don't know what is cuter: precious Kate in her exquisite dress, that gorgeous cake or your adorable dress! What a grand and lovely affair. It looks like the royal hosts and their guests had a delightful time!

  25. What a beautiful party! I loved having princess parties for my little girls too! Every detail of your celebration was so sweet! Thanks for sharing such wonderful princess party ideas. The pink pompoms add such a beautiful touch to your gorgeous decorations!

  26. What a beautiful party! I loved having princess parties for my little girls too! Every detail of your celebration was so sweet! Thanks for sharing such wonderful princess party ideas. The pink pompoms add such a beautiful touch to your gorgeous decorations!

  27. A stunning party with every perfect detail! As a mother to 3 boys, I'd love to receive a princess invitation too! John Deere tractors seemed to be the theme for most parties here.

    Also, your family photo is stunning as are most of your photos. You do an amazing job of creating and capturing memories for your family.

  28. Every beautiful little thing KIM!! Kate is gorgeous, Harry is a little prince! I am in love with your Dining room painting! ALl your loving hard work glad it all turned out so so well!
    At Bailey's party, we had 4 guests call the morning of to say they better nap for the nutcracker performance that night but it turned out better, I thought that she had just enough friends to enjoy without being overwhelmed.

    You are looking lovely too by the way!!

  29. What a great party! You'll all remember it forever, won't you! So sweet!


  30. Absolutely beautiful!

    I love the family photo.


  31. She is a true princess. What a beautiful cake and I adore that photo of all your family.



  32. Your blog is so much fun to read! I found it, quite by accident, a while back, and I check in on it every now and again, when I have time. We just have one small boy (who, at almost ten, isn't so small anymore!), and he probably won't go for a princess tea party for his birthday this summer! Dang! I wish that someone would actually send ME an invitation to a party like this! Your pictures are absolutely lovely; your family is absolutely adorable! My favorite shot was the last one -- of your entire family -- and I love that everyone is dressed up except for your older son, who's in a T-shirt! That's how it is at our house, too! My husband and I will look all fancy, and our son will be wearing an old, ratty Under Armour T-shirt! That's real life for you! Good job on these two party posts!

  33. well this is about the cutest birthday party I have ever seen!!! Happy Birthday sweet Kate!!! Kim you did an amazing job in planning out the beautifully done!!!!

  34. Wow Kim - it look fabulous!!

    Blessings, Ashley

  35. Precious time, lovely children and Kate seems so happy. You have a blessed family. Lots of joy to all of you.Congratulations to Princess Kate!!!

  36. A perfect princess party! Looks like all the ladies had a wonderful time. How sweet of Harry to lend such a helpful hand ~ not to mention his handsome attire for the party.

    Love your dress ~ care to share? I have several showers, graduations and weddings to attend this summer. I'm on the hunt for a few new dresses.


  37. Kim...the party looked perfect in every way....a day fit for a little princess!!!

  38. So fabulous!!! I seriously might have to copy every detail! We had a tea party a few months ago and I bought Easter hats and flowers and eggs and had the girls decorate them. They were very fancy, uhm...gaudy, but fun. This is so classy!

    Love your dress!

    Jen :)

  39. I love everything about this party! You outdid yourself and the girls looks beyond adorable. I might have to ask you where the wholesale place is and the next time I visit my in-laws in Houston I might have to make a stop there for a future party for Miss H.

    Love the family picture, but what I LOVE the most is that Harry is all dressed up for the party....okay seriously how sweet and cute is that?? He looks so handsome and that is really so thoughtful of him to dress up and help!! The best!! you are raising awesome future husbands!!

  40. Just beautiful Kim! And sweet Kate has the most perfect smile. What a poser! Lucky you. Eveley just makes a stink face when I ask her to smile. =)

    And I love the idea of having the whole family help out at the party. Fun memories.

    Thanks for your kinds words also.

    Have a great summer!

  41. Well you already know that I HATED missing this.
    I will not miss the wedding! She looked sooooo beautiful! And, so did you by the way! What a special and magical day for Kate! Ruby and Sienna have decided after seeing these photos last night, that they too want a Princess party and a cake like Kate's. Could you order that for me? Oh, and could you come and help me too?


    BTW: Did you see Jen's beach pics? I am holding on to hope for August! :)

  42. this has to be the MOST precious thing I have ever seen! Will you do me a huge favor and please frame the last picture of you as a family. It is perfection!

  43. That was such a wonderful party... and I'm so glad you took all those pictures! I really loved how Harry stepped up to be the Prince Charming. What a great big brother!

  44. Everything was beautiful! A little girl's dream, and how cute was Harry! He is such a doll.

  45. Perfect....absolutely perfect! She will never ever forget this very special are such a loving and thoughtful Mom:)

  46. Well if that's not the cutest birthday party I have ever seen! There are two girls in my house who would have loved it! Kate and her princess friends couldn't be any lovlier!!! Happy belated 4th birthday to your sweet girl!! Looks like an amazing day!!!!

  47. lovely all of it I think the best was the family portrait
    beautiful kate beautiful mom handsome guys!
    happy birthday kate!

  48. I love the party details, especially FOOD!!!! What a shame you couldn't partake!!!

  49. Hi Kim,

    My Daughter Sophie loves Kate's cake.

    May I have permission to copy the photo of the cake so I can have one made for my Daughters Birthday coming up on August 19th?

    Thanks, Michele


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