"Mama, will you please wear clothes tomorrow?"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We were eating dinner together Sunday night and out of the blue Kate says, "Mama, will you please wear clothes tomorrow so you can open the door?"

We all stopped eating for a second and looked at one another not sure whether to laugh or not. None of us knew what she was talking about. If you know me at all, you know I always wear clothes. I am extremely modest. My boys have never seen me naked. Hah~my own husband rarely sees me naked. I try to keep my clothes on at the doctor's office and I never wear a bikini!

We all chuckled a bit and then a light bulb went off and I knew what Kate meant. At her morning pre-school drop-off I sometimes drove her in my PJ's. They had a drop-off carpool line and it is just down the street so I didn't have to get out of the car. On a few rare occasions, no one was outside to get Kate and we would wait because I could not get out of the car in my PJ's.

This week Kate is attending a camp at a different pre-school and she did not know where the classroom was or who the teacher was. So, she wanted me to wear clothes so I could walk her into the school. I thought it was SO funny that she was thinking that all through the night before. Needless to say, my pajama wearing drop-off days are over. There is no carpool drop-off for her this coming year, so I will have to wear clothes :(

P.S. and answers to questions ~Thank you for all the gracious and kind comments about Kate's party. I am not usually good at planning kid parties. We do entertain a lot though. Kate wants to have a party at a gymnastics place or pump it up next year so I knew this could be my last shot for a great "at home" party. That is part of the reason I went all out. I did not spend a ton of money though. I knew the theme and looked for various items for months. All the frames and craft items were half price at Hobby Lobby. I stockpiled things as I found them. For those who asked, the crown votives (which are beautiful in person) are from a local wholesale design place here called Craft-Tex. I cannot find a brand name on them..they are "Made in China." They are reasonably priced though...if someone really wanted them, I could possibly go buy some and ship them to you.

I bought the "tablecloth" at a discount fabric store here. I just had them cut 4 yards of fabric. It was the perfect width and length for my dining table. I never even hemmed it because I cannot sew and I ran out of time to get stitch witchery or have someone else hem it. You cannot even tell.

My dress was from Garnet Hill but I got it a few years ago. Thank you for all of the compliments. It was a complete coincidence that I already owned a dress that matched the cake and tablecloth. And Kate's dress was from Strasburg.

And finally, someone asked if I made all of the flower poms poms. Yes, my good friend and I made them. They are super easy. I think we made 14 or 15. I saw a tutorial on Martha Stewart's site. I bought good tissue paper for some and dollar store tissue paper for others. In all honesty, the dollar store tissue paper ones were SO much nicer and fuller! And a neighbor hosted a Fairy Garden Party for her little girl the next day so passed I them onto her (photos of that party to come later this week)!


  1. Toooo CUTE..
    LOVE IT..
    have a great week.. and can you keep your clothes on girly..

  2. Out of the mouth of babes... Love this post :)

  3. Too cute! It's amazing what come out of their little mouths!! :)

  4. What a hoot! I can totally relate. I live in my PJs but I don't hesitate to get out of the car if I need to! HA HA!

  5. Gosh that is sooo funny. I totally get her!!


  6. Kim, I am very interested in those crown votive holders. Send me an email with the info on them, please!

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  8. Funny comment from Miss Kate! Great job on the party -- it looked fabulous!


  9. That is hilarious!! I do the same thing on the mornings I don't have to be dressed for work....I take Nick to school in pj's or sweats, no makeup with big sunglasses. He opens the door and jumps out and I pray that no one walks up to my car to say hello or chat!!!

    I am so behind on your blog and everyone elses....Kate's party was so beautiful!!! Everything was so pretty....definitely a party fit for a princess!! And you say your are not creative of crafty...... You did an AWESOME job:)

    Have a great week~


  10. What a cute story...I LOVE how their minds work. They notice a lot more than we give them credit for!

  11. That is too funny!! That is something LiLi would say.


  12. That is so cute & funny :) I am guilty of wearing pj's to the bus stop...and my slippers!!

  13. Very sweet! She is precious!

  14. So happy to know you'll be wearing clothes this week!! So cute!

  15. So funny! Don't you love how their little minds work?! Adorable Kate photo, too.

    Gin =)

  16. One word..... HILARIOUS!


  17. Oh did I ever LOL! I have never been able to wear my Pjs to school.. sadly!

  18. I wore my PJs to school ONE day... but it was Polar Express day. LOL

  19. Beautiful, but the part that touched me the most was her brothers' participation. That really was so sweet and just made me melt.

  20. Who designed your blog header? I think it is so cute and want to get one that incorporates the kids.

  21. I am behind on blogs...I was laughing so hard when I read this...LOL kids are so funny!!! I try to keep my clothes on too.

    Kate's party was gorgeous and I think you could seriously help others plan parties...you should be a party planner : ) I think you did a fabulous job!!! Everything was so perfect!!!

    Hope your having a good week!

  22. this was hilarious
    I guess you wondered what Kate meant!
    my 27 year old in times past has done me in like that before oh the joys of childrenn though
    Kate is beautiful precious

    her party was great and you did so well
    the dress is beautiful too!
    have a great day KIM!
    the children are beautiful too;-)

  23. I have to stop!! I need to do laundry, get ready for Art Camp tomorrow, start dinner, play with my children, but I can't quit ready your blog! Love it! So glad Will's surgery went well (two of my 3 have had surgery and it is the pits!!) and that you weren't hurt in your car accident! Can't wait to see what you post next. I hope it is a picture of you relaxing on the beach..you deserve it.


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