Princess Tea Party (Part I) {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, June 6, 2010
I know I am a little crazy but I took over 260 photos yesterday at Kate's party. So, I have uploaded most of them here if you wish to see them all (highly doubt most of you do~but my Mom and sister might want to). It was a beautiful party. The girls were deliciously sweet and polite. My sons were INCREDIBLE helpers. And her royal highness Kate Emerson was in her element. She shined. I am going to split this into two posts because a) I am so tired and b) I want to record it all since this is our scrapbook and c) it is just too many photos for one post. And since it is Sunday...this is my Sunday snapshot:)
So this post is all about the food and decorations. The next post will be about the girls and the activities they did at the party:)

Teacup flowers

Harry's homemade welcome sign
Harry saw me working hard on the party and he desperately wanted to jump in. So he made this beautiful welcome sign for our door.

My friend, Lori made this gorgeous sign for Kate a few years ago.

Princess Tea Party






Kate's Birthday Cake
The cake was so beautiful and I hear it was delicious too. I could not have any but we did freeze some in case I can have some in a few weeks:)

These are little wooden jewelry boxes that my friend L, Harry and I painted. Then I modge-podged each girl's initial on them and the girls decorated them with stick-on jewels at the party.

Kate's chalkboard

Tea treats

Well, my french macaroons did not have "feet" (meaning they did not come out exactly as they were supposed to). I tried SO hard. They are not supposed to be made when it is humid (and it is always humid here). So, I waited until Friday since it rained Wednesday and Thursday. I laboriously made them and the moment they were to go into the oven~our electricity went out! And it stayed out for over an hour! I was so disappointed. Everyone said they were delicious and someone even asked for the recipe but I know they were not the right texture (even though I could not taste them).

French Macaroons (setting up)
The French macaroons waiting to go into the oven.

Tea croissants
"Tea croissants"

Little heart shaped tea sandwiches (I mixed raspberry preserves with cream cheese and topped with fresh raspberries).

Meringue princess puff with dragees (made by me and Harry), Flat French Macaroons, and sugar strawberry cookies (Harry and I attempted crowns but they came out looking like giant Shrek hands:)

Candy Coated Pretzel Princess Wands
I made these pink candy coated magic wands.

I loved making and doing all of this for Kate's birthday because I see how quickly they grow and the "at-home" parties don't happen anymore. Will turns 13 in about 2 weeks and needless to say, this is not the kind of party he has in mind:)

To be continued...

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. This is breathtaking Kim!! YOU need to go into event planning as well as decorating. Can I hire you :) You pay so much attention to detail- love it!


  2. Love all the details, that cake is beautiful! It sounds like Harry was quite the helper :) Can't wait to see more.

  3. It all looks heavenly Kim...I am in MN so am catching up on blogs...will read the comments in your summer blues for ideas for us too!! Your charm comment reminded me of a neat idea. I heard several years ago of buying a charm each year representing your son's life that year and then presenting it as a bracelet to his wife on their wedding day..LOVE that my oldest son will turn 18 next week I can't believe I have let the years go buy without doing it....would love to start one for Hudson's future wife some day...just a fun idea for those boys' wives...

  4. OMW.. HOW CUTE..
    love .. Love.. LOVE .. all the cute little things..
    I am heading over to look at all the photos.
    you did a GREAT job..
    Love ya..

  5. Oh my! I am in Pink Heaven!What a beautiful party!

  6. WoW!!!! Can not wait until part duex!!!!!

  7. Oh Kim, simply beautiful!
    The table was beautiful! The cake...oh my gosh! Katie Ru is a luckly little girl!

  8. Such a beautiful party for a beautiful little princess! Can't wait to see part 2!

  9. Girl, you didn't miss a beat!!! This is truly a party fit for a princess!!! The pastries, cake, table setting, tiaras, PINK pretzels (loved those), everything was perfect! I cannot wait to see all of the pics! Take a break, enjoy some tea, as you outdid yourself!

  10. So, so, so darling - great work! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

  11. Every detail is insanely gorgeous!!

  12. Wow, everything looks amazing! What a a great mom you are to put on such a beautiful party for your little princess. Can't wait to see more pictures. You really do have a gift for decorating/party giving/etc!

  13. Kate's birthday cake was absolutely adorable! I love the jewelry boxes too. I can't wait to see more!

  14. Where did you find the little frames you used for placecards? Did the girls get to keep them afterward?

    Beautiful party!! Gale

  15. Everything turned out just beautifully. You did a fabulous job and I can tell you enjoyed planning her special day (down to the details and all the things you made). I was the same way, I don't know who enjoyed Ava's party more -- me or her :)

    Glad you had a great birthday with your friends Kate!!

  16. Everything looks awesome! The flowers are beautiful! I love hydrangeas and peonies! Really, now I'm torn on what to do for Landree's party, her and Hudson's birthdays are so close I'm thinking of having a 'together' party and then something special for just her and a few friends. But this is so beautiful!

  17. Wow Kim! Yes, I think that party planning should go on your list of possible future is all beautiful! Can't wait for part 2!!

  18. OMH!! This is adorable! Do NOT ever say you are not crafty! I bet the girls loved it! My bday is in start planning :)

  19. I want to be four again and have this party! FAB-U-LOUS! I especially love the cake...Happy Birthday Katie Ru!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! You made me hungry, although it would be hard to eat such works of art. :) Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment--I've been "following" your family for quite some time, so it meant a lot to me!

  21. Well, I am SO glad you took all those pictures... you NEED to have it all captured so you (and Kate!) don't forget a single detail!!
    Spectacular!! Truly stunning, Kim! What a splendid birthday for your precious Katie Ru :)
    Happy Birthday, Miss Kate!!

  22. Wow! You definitely have a gift! The party decor and goodies look gorgeous! These are the memories our kids will treasure and us mommies will too:)

  23. Happy Birthday Kate - what a beautiful party to remember. Everything is so gorgeous and classy! And extra special since most of the things were made by hand with love. Love the sign that Harry made. When you have time, please share where you got these things - especially the jewelry box, frames, and crowns - thank you! Can't wait to see/read part 2, Wendy

  24. These pics are worthy of sending them to Kate Landers or Design Dazzle. Simply lovely!! I LOVE those crown votive holders(do tell where you found those)

    I think it looks absolutely perfect and you are right....does anyone throw parties at home anymore for their kids. I am sure going to try and do a few at home for Miss H.

  25. Everything is perfectly elegant, yet so wonderful for a 4 year old's birthday party! What beautiful images, Kim. Love every single detail. Can't wait to see the next post about the party!

  26. Fabulous! Your sons are awesome to do all of that assisting!! And you are awesome to make all that delicious food that you couldn't eat!!!

  27. Oh my heavens! What a beautiful party setting! Kate's tea party must have been incredible!

  28. think i forgot to hit the blogger button again

    looks like the princess had a great day and party happy Birthday Miss Katie
    you are growing up too fast

    kim you did so great this was all beautiful
    Kare will look back one day and see the LOVE you always put forth to make her days special
    she is indeed a little princess
    I know she is HAPPY'


    all the pic were so great and of course she is a little princess loved it ALLL!

  29. Wow..the details are amazing. What a gorgeous party..definitely befitting a princess!!

  30. sweet kim, YOU are an amazing mommy!
    i love all the thoughtful details....all of them!
    the colors are scrumptuous together!

  31. all I can say is, you are just the sweetest mom.


  32. Oh my -- so lovely! You really know how to get the details done right! Beautiful!!


  33. Oh elegant.....I don't think I could pull something like that off....Sophia's birthday is in August....can you fly in a week before and help me? lol

    Can't wait to see part two! ;)
    Have a wonderful week.


  34. Kim, EVERYTHING is amazing!! I absolutely love everything. I can't wait to see the girls!! I am sure they had a blast!

  35. Every detail is absolutely beautiful!! You really did a gorgeous job. Happy birthday to your precious Kate!!

  36. So perfect for a little princess!

    Love the decorations and food!


  37. Oh, my!! My mind cannot even wrap itself around the gorgeousness of that table! Can't wait to see the princess...she will probably outshine it all!

  38. Seriously, Kim... this is even more beautiful than I knew it would be. Wow, just so so beautiful!! Can't wait to see the rest! ♥

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  40. Oh my gosh!!!!! The pictures are beautiful!!!!!!! Kim what a lovely tea party...looks like so much fun!!! Wish I was there :) Makes me want to be a little girl again!!!!!

  41. just wanted to see it I got tru and I did! LOL

    I always for get to hit that blogger button!
    the ones on flicker today were great too
    Thanks for sharing with us! I Agree you need to start you OWN decor business events!
    I would hire you if not in TN!
    Love the PICS they were great!
    Just know she had a wonderful DAY!
    Hugs- Cindy

  42. That is the most perfect pink Princess Party. EVER. I got chills looking at the pictures. They belong in a party book. WOW. Cannot wait till post 2...thank you for sharing!!!!!!!

  43. Oh my goodness, everything looks amazing and perfectly fit for a little Princess. I love that beautiful tablecloth and the adorable picture frame placecards..and that cake is spectacular! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to see more.

    Gin =)

  44. What a gorgeous party! I would like a party for me like this :) Love all your photos.

  45. Oh i so badly want to have a little girl all over again!!! You could totally go into the party biz... how cute are those pretzel wands?

  46. Hi Kim!

    I was wondering if you would mind sharing your recipe for the pink pretzel wands?

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world!


  47. Beautiful. The flowers are breathtaking. With Joy, Carey

  48. ok girl you are my inspiration on how to do princess parties right!! thank you thank you! I was trying so hard on how to think up ideas that wont make it cheesy!!!! gorgeous!


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