He's a teenager now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I cannot believe my oldest child is a teenager. But he is. I still think he was just like the photo below yesterday...



This last shot was from a few years ago in Virginia but I love it.

Dear Will,

It is hard for me to believe you are growing up so quickly. I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me loves the friendship we have built and how we joke around, talk about the latest music and fads and relate to one another. But another part of me misses reading to you at night and building train tracks and playmobil with you. We have always been very close and I hope just because you are growing up does not mean that will change.

I could not be more proud of who you are becoming. My friends constantly tell me how polite and respectful you are. Just today I received an e-mail from a Mom at VBS (where you were a volunteer this year). She told me what a good role model you were and how all of the parents wanted my secrets to raising such a great kid. You have such compassion and often you are the only one who asks me or Dad how our day was.

You are also great at communicating your feelings. Sometimes men (and your brother) have difficulty knowing what they are feeling and explaining it to others. But you are great at telling us exactly how you feel. That will make you a great husband and father someday.

Slowly you are leaving the toys of your childhood behind in favor of music, your new portable DVD player and texting your friends. You are really a teenager now. Just don't leave your family behind. We are always here for you and we all love you very much.

Love, Mom

Will had a small party with some friends this past weekend. We took them to an arcade/pizza place for an afternoon of fun. The he had two friends sleep over.

I wore my hair in a ponytail because Will told me I looked 20 or 30 that way.
I might just wear a ponytail every day!

A few family shots before the party.
We got a sitter for Kate and Harry so it was just Will and his friends.



I was not allowed to take too many photos.
You know how embarrassing us Moms can be with our cameras!
We had a little celebration for him at home tonight too. I will post that later. Oh~and he got his hair CUT! It looks so good. Photos to come!!!


  1. I love this post! You look SO adorable with your hair pulled back and yes you look very young. I told my mother in law what you said about her looking young and it made her very happy. Come visit me at my new blog! xooxo

  2. Hi Kim, I have been a long time follower of your blog...I don't think I've ever commented! I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your blog and posts are. You are such a good writer and photographer. I love your tribute to Will. I have two boys and I am sure when they get to be teens it will be another type of challenge then dealing with the toddler/preschool stuff! Blessings to you! ~Kimberly


  3. you do look young with the ponytail!
    Your son is such a handsome young man! Glad he had a nice birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday handsome Will!! Sounds like you had a great day!! Can't wait to see the new haircut! Your mom is gorgeous and it is so sweet that you give her such wonderful compliments! I can only imagine how lucky your girlfriend or wife will be someday to have somebody so generous and kind to stand beside them!

  5. Happy Birthday Will!
    Kim, Will is right you look great with your hair pulled back...extra bonus is that it is much cooler that way too!
    Just got home yesterday...I'll email you about the trip...it was wonderful! You guys will have a blast!

  6. WILL happy Birthday hope it was the beast! LOL

    HOW handsome you are And yes mom looks snazzy with a pony tail:-0
    She has alway been so pretty though

    Loved the family pics and cant wait to see the Blog to come

    Kim they just grow too quickly
    I know mine is 27 and married!

    I miss the days of reading too!
    this was a great post

    All the childrens pics were GREAT
    Have a great DAY!
    Love! Cindy

  7. Love your ponytail!

    And, Will sounds like a wonderful boy.


  8. He is SO HANDSOME!!! Happy Birthday to Will:) Looks like he had a great time celebrating his big day!!

    I love the ponytail....and I bet it is much cooler too!! Also love your dress with the big chunky necklace....you look BEAUTIFUL!

    Enjoy your week~


  9. Happy Birthday Will!!! He is a very handsome young man!

  10. What a great son! Looks like a wonderful birthday party and he has such a nice looking group of friends! He's right -- you DO look about 20 with that ponytail - very cute!


  11. Will was right about the ponytail. Very wise and suave at just 13. Impressive. Happy birthday, Will!

  12. Got out my laptop so I could see your post. Love that pic of Will, but you know I love all of your pictures!! Congrats Will on your new teenager status...and be easy on Mom and Dad! And Kim, you do look cute in that pony tail...Maggie has had her hair in one for the last 2 days...she is so excited that it is long enough. Call me tomorrow...good luck tonight!!

  13. Looks like Will had a great birthday! My oldest son turned 16 yesterday too. Last year we went to that same place for his birthday. Your hair looked very cute in a ponytail. And one last thing.My youngest son, 12 had his hair long and (finally :)) got it cut short a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to see Will's hair.

  14. What a wonderful young man he is turning out to be! Hope he had a wonderful birthday.

  15. That first picture!?! WOW!! Stunning!! Those eyes!! What a handsome and obviously wonderful young man he has become... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL :)
    P.S. I'm going to echo everyone else, you DO look young in a pony tail! How come that doesn't work for me?!?
    Great pix, as always, Kim :)

  16. Love the first picture of Will...he looks so handsome and grown up. Time just seems to fly by....as far as the pony tail....I live to have mine in one! lol It is just way too easy! ;)

    Have a good week...

  17. You can tell through your photos what wonderful children you have raised Kim! They always look so happy and put together. A very happy birthday to Will!

  18. Happy birthday to your handsome guy! It looks like he had a great time celebrating with his friends!

  19. Happy Birthday Will! He truly is one of a kind and exactly what a young man should be. You and Dave have clearly done an amazing job.

    Love the ponytail and that dress :) You can tell you are feeling better, your smile tells it all.

    Thanks for your comment on my latest post, it meant alot to me.

  20. He is so handsome!!! His eyes- the girls will swoon! I remember watching him China- how many kids his age could handle that responsibility! you have every right to be the proud parent you are! BRAVO!

  21. They certainly do grow up fast...but it's funny how we don't get any older : )
    He is such a handsome guy...love that first picture it's gorgeous!!!! Looks like everyone had a fun time!!!
    I'm a ponytail girl myself...not sure if I look any younger but it sure is easier for the summer.

    Happy Birthday Will

  22. I feel like I've watched him grow up before my eyes. I can only imagine how you feel!

    He is a very handsome young man with a very-young-looking-ponytailed mom!

    Happy Birthday Will!

  23. Will is so handsome and a young man of character. Happy Birthday to your teenager.

    Kim, love the dress, necklace and the pony. Work that style!!

    Glad Dave had a great Father's Day too!

  24. You'd think since I've been following your blog for years that the picture of Will a few years back wouldn't have shocked me, but it did. He is sooo grown up now- my goodness! I hope he had an awesome birthday!!

  25. Don't you love when your children tell you that you look young?!?!? Yea you!

    And Happy Birthday a day late to Will!

  26. Sweet post. Happy Birthday, Will!

    Yes, you do wear the ponytail well =)

  27. Happy Birthday Will!!! I wish you lots and lots of fun , happiness,and that God may satisfy all the desires of your heart. God bless you with health and wisdom to live guided by His precious teachings.
    Have a blessed day !!

  28. Sooo HANDSOME..
    They grow up sooo fast..
    love it.. the photos..
    Have a great weekend..

  29. I am so sorry I missed this wonderful post!
    I LOVE the photo you took. He is so handsome!!!!
    Will - your Mom is right.. You are SPECIAL!!!

    Praying for you today!


  30. I remember when he was born - how time flies and what an amazing young man he is becoming - reminds me of his dad at when he was (almost) that age.

    Happy birthday to a wonderful young man - may God Bless you as you continue your journey


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