I am back!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank you to all of you who e-mailed me last week to check on us, I tried to respond to as many as I could but I know I missed several of you. I am so sorry. With the all of the peanuts home and Kate sick, I did not have much time to be on the computer. Blogger even e-mailed me 3 times to see what was going on!!! Isn't that funny? I cannot explain here why I went private for a week but please know that I had a good reason and all is fine. While I love blogging, my children and their comfort will always come first. If I ever go private permanently, I will invite those of you that I have come to know (through comments and interactions) to the blog. Blogger only allows 100 invites which is why I have not gone private thus far. This was quite sudden and I apologize.

We started the week with pink eye and an upper respiratory infection (Kate). But we did manage to sneak in some fun over Spring Break (after a few days of antibiotics and eye drops~we did not want to spread the germs)....

We spent a day at the Rodeo!

Kate on Pony

Miss Katie Ru loved the pony rides....
I had been saving this Matilda Jane dress just for the rodeo! See the cow print on top?

Bumper Cars
The boys loved the bumper cars. I thought it was so cute that they rode together (I actually teared up with pride watching) but then they told me it was because Harry could not reach the pedals (LOL!). Nonetheless, they had so much fun together!

The boys also LOVED riding the mechanical bull!


Kate had her first taste of cotton candy!
The peanuts really liked me that day~ It is not often I let them eat that stuff!

The next day, we went to the aquarium.....

3 peanuts @ the aquarium


Then Kate got a fever and a virus and we stayed around home again.
I seem to recall her being very sick this time last year too. I hope she gets well soon...it breaks my heart to see her so sick for so long.

And just so y'all know that it is not all cotton candy and carousel rides around here (and I am a normal and flawed Mom)....at the end of this very long week....I raised my voice (yelled) at one of the peanuts in the produce section at Target! They were playing with the carts and Kate got hurt. She was sick and cranky and I had calmed her down from a 10 minute tantrum. I was at the end of my rope. I am not proud of it at all and I hope I never do it again. But I know that when I read that other Moms lose their patience or have bad days, it makes me feel more normal. So, there you have it...I never thought I would be that Mom...but I was. I immediately went home and started researching some fun summer camps because it will be a very long summer with three kids ages 3-12 all day every day. I am a Mom who need breaks.

And finally, 2 years ago today my sweet men Dave and Will took off to China to bring home our Kate Emerson....

suitcases 028-1

If you did not follow the blog back then, you can read about their amazing journey in the archives. It is labeled China trip. Grab a cup of tea and box of tissues.


  1. The pictures of the rodeo are wonderful! The boys look like they had fun, and Kate's dress was too perfect!

    I love the rodeo and tried so hard to plan a trip back home in time to see a show or two, but it didn't work out :( So getting to see your pics makes me smile a BIG TEXAS smile!

  2. Glad you are back, and hope everyone is on the mend.

    We love the to go to the Houston Rodeo as well as the Ft. Worth Rodeo....we hope to take Hayden when she is a little bit bigger. Was that a Matilda Jane Kate had on??

    That is such a cute picture of your "boys" going to get Kate....we hope we are leaving very soon for Taiwan.

  3. So, were you amused that at least one of your followers had to contact someone who I knew knows you well to check in on you. Michal and Kenna's mom :)

    Kim, I'm a single mom who lives in Arlington, VA and who SOOO wanted to move to Richmond to buy your beautiful home you built!! tee hee hee

    My life of working full time and being a full time mommy, take care of the home, yard and dog ... and NOT as organized as you... I've not started a blog. But I do so love following others. :)

    If you email me, I'll send you pics of my beautiful girl from china so you can see her too.

    If you do start to go private... and the group is limited to other bloggers... GIVE ME TIME TO DOWNLOAD your "finds" and blogs and I use your site for shopping and connecting to other blogs. tee hee hee

    Hope your Katie Rue is well soon!!

    Mommy to Eliza Grace from Shannxi, China

    Eliza Grace is 5 years old.

  4. What a great looking rodeo...how fun! The peanuts are as cute as ever : ) I hope Miss Kate gets to feeling better soon.

  5. SOOOO Glad you are back..
    Looks like a great Spring break.. besides the sickness..
    LOVE Kate's dress.. it is adorable and perfect..
    And as for the part in Target.. well we all have our moments.. noone has a perfect life..

  6. Glad to see you are back! The rodeo looks like fun - we went to the rodeo too - had a blast as well - no mechanical bull though! Sorry to hear Kate has been ill - but she's on the mend and that's what's important!

  7. Welcome back! It looks like you all had a very fun filled week-I'm looking forward to our Spring break in April...

    Oh the Target story...thank you for your honesty! The other day in Macy's my dear little Sophie was being impossible and I grabbed her hand a little too hard and of course she had to yell, "ow mom you hurt me!" I quickly scooped her up and left the store...Oh the fun!

    HOpe Kate feels better soon!


  8. Oh my stars, I am glad to hear all is well. I was away on business this week and thought I missed a going private announcement....which of course is totally understandable. I rarely comment but wanted to let you know that I really do appreciate you sharing with the blog world. My husband and I are in the process of starting a family, but we know there is a little girl in China for us to adopt.

    Thank you again for sharing. Now I am off to bookmark those design blog links I love.....I only wish you lived closer and could counsel me on decorating!


  9. Kim,
    So glad you are back! The pictures are awesome! I love Kate's dress - too stinking cute. I am starting to think she manages to make everything look cute!
    Sorry to hear that Kate is not feeling well. My pediatrician told me that March is awful for illnesses :( Who knew? Here I was getting excited for spring!

  10. Sounds like you all had a good week....other than poor little Kate being sick:( So glad you still got to have some fun.....as always your pictures are beautiful!!

    We all lose it from time to time.....and have been "that" Mom!! I am a firm believer in summer camp type activities....it is as much for them as for you. I know Nick needs things like that to keep him busy and entertained:)

    I am definitely going to head over and read all about your the journey to Kate!

    Hope you have a good week Kim:)


  11. I hate fevers! They make me nervous!! Sunshine hit nearly 106 a couple of years ago, and I was a mess. She recovered quickly, but boy oh boy, it was an interesting afternoon. :)

    I hope Kate is feeling better soon!

    Looks like you had a great spring break! We had ours too, and Brill napped 4 times (she's napping now!!) this week, because we've exhausted her having so much fun!!

    Take care,
    Snick :)

  12. So glad you are back! I hope all is well.

    I often worry about having my life so public too, but then I hate to limit it to just certain readers. It's a toss up! Let me know if you go private...I am a daily reader and would LOVE to continue reading!

    Great rodeo pics!!! My cousin is a professional steer wrestler and won at the Houston Rodeo last week! I can't wait to take my P man to real life rodeo's!

    I hope Kate is feeling better soon!


  13. Hope Kate in on the mend soon. Whatever this virus is its hard to get rid of. 3 of my 5 little ones still have a fever and the cough that goes with it. Were on day 8! Please if you ever go private email me a invite.

  14. I love that photo of all three standing together. Entertaining kids of different ages is certainly exhausting. Definitely look into those summer camps :)

  15. Great post-oh, you're so fine for snapping at the kids-we ALL do it! Gosh, i have 3 too all under 6years old and boy do i have those yucky days! I think-what am i doing? How can i do this??? But, they make you laugh and you feel better.
    Having that glass of wine helps as well! haha!
    Love the MJ dress-just had my first trunk show and waiting for the goodies to come in the mail!
    You're a great photographer-i'm slowly learning from all of you!

  16. I visit your blog often to be inspired by wonderful photography, parenting tips, recipes and home design. I am so grateful to learn so many wonderful hints from the talented women that blog! Happy that 3 peanuts in back!! Happy Spring!!!

  17. Welcome back!! I missed reading your blog and viewing your lovely photos!! I think my heart skipped a few beats when I tried to view your blog and it said you went private.

    Hope Kate feels better soon.

    Enjoy your day.

  18. Glad you are back and everything is okay. Hope Miss Kate begins to feel better soon.
    Kim, you are so hard on yourself..you are human after all!
    Looks like you all had a fun Spring Break!
    Welcome back Peanut family!

  19. Glad Kate is doing better..sounds like a great spring break. You are a great mom and normal mom. We all lose our patience. God knows I do :)

  20. Glad you're back! Please remember, you're doing the hardest--but best--job ever as a stay at home mom!

  21. I was waiting patiently while you were having some family time during spring break and I am very to happy that you are back. :-) I LOVE your blog! I hope Kate feels better soon and I wish the peanuts a good transition back to school after a week off. I was one of 'those moms' especially while my husband was deployed for 6 months, not always easy to raise kids the right way... Welcome back!

  22. I just spent the better part of 2 weeks indoors with flu-ridden children! I really hope Kate is feeling much better. It breaks my heart to see the children not feeling their best. It looks like you were able to enjoy some Spring Break and the Matilda Jane dress was perfect!!

  23. Glad to hear things have settled enough for you to be back blogging again! Our spring break is winding down and I'm not gonna lie, I can't wait for it to just be me and three little ones at home during the day... I need a BREAK myself ;)
    The pictures are great, I love the one of the three of your peanuts lined up... so sweet!!

  24. So glad you are back and had some fun over spring break! Great photos -- those peanuts are so cute!

    Hard to believe it's been 2 years already since the guys headed off for China. Take care.


  25. Oh the bug made it's way here as well. One minute my little one was ALL SMILES, the next she was vomiting and feverish!! Hope Kate on the mend! Love the pic of the boys!! I had to giggle at the merry go round w/the crocodile INSTEAD of the well known HORSE....only in TEXAS!!!!I hope if you go private, you send me an invite! I just love how VERSATILE your blog is!!

  26. I love all these pictures that you always share!

    I'm glad you're back to Blogging! I was surprised when I saw that you went private, but like you said, your kids come first and you do whatever you need to do. :)

  27. The pictures are great Kim.....what a fun week despite Miss Kate being sick....Sophia is sick as well and on the Z-pac....as far as yelling at a peanut.....I am guilty of that as well....sometimes we all snap....we feel bad and we try to not do it again....but it is all part of parenting.....you know that....I have begun to panic that I have purchased all the wrong camera gear.....should I have gone Nikon? Oh dear...I'm not quite sure what to do....I have yet to try to textures and Bokeh....but I am wondering if the Bokeh is exclusive to Nikon? I looked in my Olympus manuals and saw nothing about it.....I did also purchase BH's textures.....now if I could jsut get the courage to give it a try.....should I download a trial of lightroom? So many decisions and all I can think about right now is getting to China.....sigh....lol

  28. I am so glad to hear that you and the family are doing okay. I enjoy your blog so much, being a fellow houstonian myself. May God continue to bless your family.


  29. I'm so glad that you are back on blog land. I always look forward to your posts and pictures.

    Hope Ms Kate is feeling better and that life has settled down some.

    Happy Sunday!

  30. Kim, So glad to see you back in blogland...but totally understand the need to step back from time to time!!! You are wise and know the right thing for your family...even if that is a little cotton candy from time to time!!!

    I, too, appreciate the need and value of a little away time in the summer for the kiddos...keeps them busy...and gives everyone a little space...good for the soul of all!!!

    I love that Kate was dressed in theme for the rodeo....cute squared!!!

    Again...gald you're back!!

  31. You take such great photos. Do you use Phot Shop?


  32. Kim,

    I too wondered what happened last week and completely understand!

    Thanks for sharing your journey to Kate! We also were in China two years ago meeting our precious Gracie! Time certainly does go by so quickly!

    I have also been following your photography and I have to say I see so much improvement!

    I hope we can meet each other again sometime and let our kiddos play.


  33. So happy you are back! I have missed your blog this week.

    Kate's MJ dress is just FABULOUS! I cannot wait until Emma arrives home! I will have so much fun dressing her up too! I hope Kate is feeling much better!

    We have 2 summer camps lined up so far!

    I am that mom who loses her patience too - unfortunately! It is not when I am at my strongest. I have 2 boys 20 months apart, and some days I know it is their mission to push all of my buttons! ;)

    Welcome Back!

  34. Glad to have you back! Glad to hear Kate is feeling better and that everyone had a good spring break. Love the pictures!

    As for being "that" mom I think a lot of moms have been there -- I know I sure have.

  35. Love the rodeo pictures : ) Addison has little MJ dress...so cute on Kate. I hope that Kate is feeling better today?
    The last picture is adorable!!!! So fun to look back and reflect on that wonderful journey that led you to Kate : )

  36. Hi Kim! I have been away too... I missed your blog. I hope Kate gets well soon. Having sick children makes me so unsettled. (Oh, and my kids knocked a cart over once too, and I freaked out!) I love these photos. They are so great technically (which I aspire to), but mostly, they have a mother's eye for what is authentic and meaningful. Have a good week!

  37. Glad you are back! So sorry to hear about Kate :( I will keep her in my prayers. I was worried too, when I saw you were private. Strange, almost like I was losing a good friend.... :)
    The pictures look great, and do not worry, we all have those "Mom" days!


  38. So glad you are back! Hate to hear about the pink eye! I have had that a couple times over the years and it is just the worst. Looks like the kids had a great Spring Break. You are such a wonderful mom :)

  39. I found your blog about a month ago, I have enjoyed reading your blog one of my favorites! I especially loved learning about your family's journey thur the adoption process. I have had a feeling that maybe one day my husband and I will maybe adopted. Who knows what the Lord has planed, but it has alway been in a special place in my heart.

    Thank for sharing!
    Stephanie Davis

  40. I am so glad that Kate is feeling better, and you are such a great Mom!!! You are such an inspiration to me (and honestly I'm a Mom who needs breaks, too) and I'm so glad to have met you through blogging while we journeyed to bring our babies home.

    Wow, it's hard to believe it's been 2 years already. Where has the time gone? We're getting ready to celebrate a special Gotcha Day anniversary in a couple of weeks with Bruce and are so excited.

    Take care.


  41. Glad you are back and Im glad you guys had a fun time over the break.

    Glad to hear your a normal mom too. I think here in blog land we tend to post the good things and the bad things never really come out-- and I know we all have the bad times but just dont necessarly want to write about them- but it is nice to know you are a real person that is flawed just like the rest of us. It is hard to keep our cool all the time and I too lose it so dont feel bad-- maybe I need to research some summer camps as well :)

    Christy :)

  42. Glad to have you back. Looks like you had a very fun week and yes, you are normal. Thanks for being honest and sharing your life- we all understand where you are coming from. I love the last pic- we left for China 3 years ago. Crazy how fast our life is flying- EK is about to be 4 :). Hope you have a great Monday!

  43. I SO remember watching them go and was crazy with excitment for you when they came home!!!

  44. So glad you're back! Isn't the rodeo fun? When my husband was in dental school there, we went every year. Now, we hit the State Fair of Texas every October and have a blast. Hope everyone is feeling better!
    Take care,

  45. I am pretty new to your blog, but I love it. I especially enjoyed hearing your journey to Kate. Adoption has always had a special place in my heart. 

    Thanks for sharing!
    Stephanie Davis

  46. HI!
    I don't post many comments, but had to share humereous moment that happened when you went private.
    I read your recipe and decided to make it for a Friday night dinner with my best friend. Her husband is working hard on a project at work and she needed a break. I invited her and her two children over to get out of the house and have dinner. I did not write down the recipe, but the thought flashed through my mind that it would be just the luck if 3 peanuts went private tonight! The next afternoon I checked in and viola!
    I did remember most of the recipe.
    Thanks for sharing it! It is very good!

  47. Glad to catch up on your spring break fun. Looks like the kids loved the rodeo - makes me a bit homesick for Texas! Hope Kate's feeling better soon.

  48. Well I sure have those days occasionally when I get frustrated with my kids.

    Beautiful pics of your sweet family. Love the rodeo ones, Kate looks so cute on the pony. :)

  49. Has it really been 2 years already?! I remember "meeting" you on RQ - we tried our best to search out Will and Dave in China but didn't manage to find them while we were there. Katie's 3rd birthday was Friday and I remember wanting to have her with us for her 1st birthday but missed it by a week. Can you imagine life without the girls? It seems like they have been a part of our family forever. How blessed we are!

  50. Her cowgirl dress is adorable!! She is always dressed so cute. Do you make her clothes?

  51. I know a Lori dress when I see one! Gorgeous!!! I hope Kate Emerson feels better soon. I had mono in Kindergarten, my phonics has never caught up LOL!

  52. So glad you are back!!! Looks like you had fun with the peanuts in between the illnesses. Love Kate's rodeo dress. I do so remember when they left to go get Kate. It was a happy day and sad day all in one!!!

  53. Lovely pictures! Glad you are back blogging. I've been following for a year or so now and enjoy your anecdotes about your family, adoption, decorating . . .

  54. Welcome back! I love the photos from rodeo, great shot of the bull or is that a longhorn. I should know this. :) Rodeo is one of my favorite events in Hou... so much fun. Kate's rodeo dress is perfect. When I'm at rodeo I always daydream about what I would dress my daughter in. :)

  55. I just love her dress!!! My little June Bug has one very similar:) she is just too precious!

  56. I read this and cried and cried!
    But I know 2 other children from China and I cry every time I read or watch their movie too!
    YES! the tissues were needed!

    LOVE you kim and Kate!


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