The layered look

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Traditionally, I think I have always been drawn to a clean and more edited look in my decorating. In fact, I remember a visitor to our home commenting once on how I must like the "minimalist look." It was years ago and I actually felt a little insulted until I realized he was right. I haven't usually liked a lot of visual clutter. The images below have appealed to me because their light and clean look....



However, lately I am finding myself craving a much more cozy, layered look. I am currently looking for inspiration for two decorating projects this year (a sitting room and Kate's room). And I am finding myself drawn to a more cluttered (for me) and layered look....

Jane Coslick Design & Restoration 2
Jane Coslick Design



This one REALLY has me wanting to hang our pots in our kitchen but I am not sure Dave will agree to drilling holes into our marble backsplash. What do you think, honey?


Living Room Country Living




Align Center_MG_6106_2


I actually blame Nancy Meyers for this change in my style. Her movie sets really make the layered look so appealing....

The kitchen from It's Complicated.
There are the pots again...really I LOVE that look!

Living Room~
It's Complicated

The Holiday


And of course...Something's Gotta Give

Just to be fair, she does feature the clean sleek look in the Holiday too (see below).

Oh how I love those black steel french doors!!!


So, I am having mixed feelings about my decorating style lately. That is not like me, usually I know what I like and I choose easily. This is making it hard to pick things out and make decisions. Luckily, these projects are going to have to be done slowly due to something coming up soon (I will explain). How about you, are you the clean and edited type or the layered and cozy type?

I sincerely apologize for not crediting these photos. I have collected them over time in a personal file for my own design inspiration and I did not label them. I have learned a lesson and will always label the source from now on.


  1. no doubt about it, I am the layered, cozy look, but I have begun to desire more order as I get older. You are right, her sets are just to die for!!!!!!!!
    Love all the pics!


  2. I just saw you have NO.35 Style in your side you know her?

  3. I think I'd be with Dave on not drilling into the marble, butI too love the hanging pan idea - how about a hanging rack suspended from the ceiling?
    With love from Wales,
    Alice Ming's proud Mama

  4. you already know i think you have stellar style. i too, love nancy's sets -- she is incredibly talented. i love the store interior she did for it's complicated, too!

    as far as hanging pots ... here are my two cents. it all depends on what type of pot you use and where you hang them. a majority of my pots/pans are le creuset. while they are beautiful i think they are way too heavy to hang, even when well secured. second, i think you have to consider the dirt/grime/grease/dust that will collect on your pots when they are out in the open. i have a huge pot/pan collection that i'd love to display but nothing bugs me more than having to wash that pan before i use it because some critter crawled into the cabinet. yikes, i sure sound crabby about this! =)

    i LOVE the layered look. i think you can do the layered look and keep it simple. a few extra throw pillows, a great cashmere throw blanket. in the kitchen, i've found that adding a few glass jars (or something similar from target) filled with flour/sugar/coffee/apples/oranges/etc adds that pop of color and depth i often crave. it's nice though because i can easily remove them when i am in a clean mood.

    i love the inspiration photos in this post (link below). it actually made me think of kate when i first saw the photos! some lovely light pinks would be beautiful!

    oh i can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. a layered look done well ... imho

  6. layered and cozy look most definitely! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pic #3 (it's just gorgeous and inviting) however number #4 just makes me wanna jump in and sleep til the cows come home!! Love the openeness to it all!! I love rooms that "flow"! It looks like it's on a front porch! Real Southern look!

  7. I love that look too! I am starting to get my living room more towards that look. I hate having a room that is not used. I want friends/family to feel welcomed and relaxed.


  8. I am definitely with you...I like clean. Although layered-clean is much more cozy. I love the designs that have been inspiring you! Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

  9. I LOVED the kitchen in "Its complicated" and have always wanted to hang brass pots..but oh, I don't have brass cookwear...I am much more the layered look

  10. My home is certainly the layered look ... some of your photos here look much like mine with the built in book shelves. I LOVE books and have them in every room in my home (with exception of the bath rooms).
    I do wish my color palate was more of a ligher one. I love whites, but do not have that going in my home. Hoping some day for a beach house/condo to decorate in that fashion!

  11. Beautiful rooms!!! Oh, if there was no such thing as a 'budget'!

    You've got me wanting to redecorate my whole house now;-).

  12. I love love this entry! I am anxious to hear what is coming up!

  13. Hello friend,
    I can't seem to find you email address, so I figure this is the best way to say thank you! Thanks so very much for the prayers for EKW. She is still in intensive care. I couldn't agree with you more about the short precious time we have with our children on earth. We really must treasure every moment--even when we are pulling pasta out of their hair or wanting to pull ours out!!

    I'm praying for Dave and Harry too! Something is always going on with our active families! Do keep a close check on Harry. I'm a bit scared of the stomach bugs now because of little EKW.

    Jello, popcicles, bullion broth. You've certainly tried all of these. May sound strange, but a warm bath or steamy shower may help in general with hydration. Hope he feels better soon!

  14. I like layered! So cozy to come home too...

  15. Oh Kim this is eye candy to me! I am a mix of both, I love the layered look but I also love the clean look. I have compromised and layered with lots of white. I can't wait to see what you come up with , you have incredible taste and style.

  16. Kim I like the clean layered look, but our home is very hubby cluttered lol

    ANxious to see what you do next

    Sure hope Harry is better soon, as well as dave too

    I will pray that Harry does not dehydrate!

  17. You don't have to drill into the backsplash. In fact, the pots will hang better from little hooks secured into the bottom of your cupboards. When you don't want them anymore- you just unscrew! No one will ever see them.

  18. I am drooling over these pics Kim! You know me well enough to know that I like layered and cozy...but that I still get mixed up on what style I am! As I have told you before, you have been my inspiration over the past year or 2with decorating and trying new things. (I actually read so many decorating magazines now...) You have such amazing taste already, so I know whatever you do will be gorgeous!

    How are Dave and Harry? And BTW, I got those thank you notes so long ago I have no idea where they came from. They always seemed too girly for the boys, so good thing Maggie came along!

    I found the best present for Kate for her birthday today...I can't wait to show it to you!!!

    Ok, that is the longest comment ever, maybe I should have just called. School is out tomorrow, so I may just do that then!


  19. I would have to say these are all gorgeous!! I think that third photo down of the kitchen and dining area just has to be my favorite. Just beautiful!

  20. I like both styles! I also love Nancy Meyer's movie sets!!! The Holiday is one of my fav movies. Also fan of Something's Gotta Give and Its Complicated, and really enjoyed the 'scenery' in both. : )

  21. I'm a layered and cozy look kinda girl. I have to feel a personal touch with no clutter. & I live in paradise where square footage is not easy to come by, so I have to be practical and functional all the while keeping clean lines.

    But I really like different aspects from all the looks. I just love decorating.

  22. I am a bit layered and cozy myself
    : ) I do have some area's in my house that are clean...I guess it depends on the room...the pictures are all beautiful!!!

  23. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Lovin' your style!

  24. Just seeing these photos gives me the 'redecorting itch'... but since our budget is more than tied up in adoption expenses right now, I will just have to drool over your photos!

    And though I do LOVE the layered look, I also appreciate the minimalist look. I think there is a nice balance somewhere in between, that keeps it all cozy. Plus, I've seen photos of your home and it is very refined and beautiful, with elegant and traditional touches that still create a warm and inviting I can't wait to see what you come up with after you redecorate. Do post befores and afters!! ;)


  25. It cracks me up that people ask you if you like the "minimalist" look b/c people are all the time asking me about my layered style like there is something wrong with it!!! I guess you just can't win for losing with some, huh?! Oh be honest I love both looks and have always thought the pics of your home are simply stunning!

  26. Never doubt your ability to decorate. From what I have seen of your home, you do a fabulous, should be in a magazine, designing job. I'm more the layered look, but I'd love for you to decorate my little cottage with your excellent clean lines look.
    Best wishes

  27. I nearly fell out of my chair! I have so many of these same photos in a personal file in my laptop...and just showed the Southern Accents dining room one to a friend yesterday.

    I hate visual clutter, it stresses me. I still have not put back all the stuff I took down from the holidays.

  28. "Something's Gotta Give" 'cause I want that living room! I really love my home and the furnishings, but I am constantly thinking that I need some "fluffing"!

  29. Great looks, very functional. I like the layered look as long as it's not too cluttered. Functional, yet comfortable and clean. Nice post.

  30. I'm going the opposite direction and getting rid of a lot of the visual clutter in my house. I'm taking down my pot rack (although I had to take the pots down a long time ago because they were so heavy) and getting rid of the hanging light pendants and toning down all the colors....13 years ago when we moved in it was all about color, and now it seems that a calm and more minimalist look is more fashionable. You were already there--it's always good to be ahead of the curve in decorating!

  31. Wow these are amazing! i think this is my style for sure. Just love the way it looks!


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