Black and White Wednesday~Scout

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Lisa hosts Black and White Wednesday each week. I have wanted to participate for a few weeks but Wednesdays are hard for me to post for some reason. Yesterday, Dave had to go to urgent care and was on crutches for a badly injured foot (another Judo injury) and today Harry is extremely ill with constant pukes (fun, huh?) So, I am stuck home and decided to convert a photo of our wonderful dog, Scout. She is a schnoodle and we love her. You can see more B&W Wednesday here.

P.S. If anyone had any suggestions for how to keep Harry hydrated, I would welcome them. He is even vomiting small sips of water. Poor kid has had two recent bouts with strep throat and now this. Why do my kids get sick so much? We eat so healthy and take good supplements and wash our hands constantly!


  1. What a sweet little picture of your puppy. What a face!

  2. I saw on Jennifer's blog that Dave had hurt his foot - praying for quick healing:)

    Blessings, Ashley

  3. Sweet Scout!! I think that next week I may do one of Brandi. Hope Harry and Dave are on the mend. We are on snow day #3 and I am going insane...

  4. Great photo of your pup. He's such a cute dog! Found you through B&W Wed.

    Sorry about your kiddo being sick! I have four kids, and although they've been relatively healthy this year, I have definitely had bouts where I am left wondering, "why are they sick so much," as you said. Hang in there! I pray for a quick recovery!

    Angie :)

  5. Such a beautiful picture of your dog. Love the way you can see her curls above the eyes.

    Hope everyone in your home is feeling better very soon.

  6. Ah, I had to stop myself from reaching out to pet that sweetie pie!

    Stunning photo!

    Sorry to hear about the tummy troubles cuz that's no fun!

    Try popsicles maybe or icies ~ it forces them to slow down. Even little ones can have small nibbles supervised.

    Take care!


  7. I love the photo!!!

    To keep us hydrated when we had the stomach flu, my parents used to give my brother and I popsicles or shaved ice/ice chips. I remember that even while I was sick, the shaved ice felt good going down, even when we didn't have the syrup on top of it as an added treat.

    Hoping Harry gets better soon.

    Take care.

    Mommy to Two Boys

  8. I'm so sorry about both Dave and Harry. For Harry, since this has already been going on for a while, my suggestion would be to give him fluid immediately after the teaspoon...while he's still in the bathroom. Don't wait 20 minutes for his stomach to settle first....get it in him right he can absorb some fluid by the time the next wave of nausea hits. Matt had terrible trouble with dehydration as a smaller child when ill. He'd wind up in the hospital for IVs until I started doing it this way. Use an electrolyte solution (homemade or store bought)...I don't allow Gatorade, except under these conditions :)They seem to be able to hold it down better than some other fluids.

    Hope he is feeling better..keep us posted.

  9. oh no! i feel your frustration. we do all the right things yet we still get sick. i asked my doctor this the other day {when i went back for the third round of antibiotics) and he said every year there are different flus/colds out there and no one can have immunity to everything. then he says, you know, stress makes you more prone to getting sick. great.

    quick healing to your guys!

  10. Oh Kim,

    So sorry Harry is not feeling well. I have SO been there! If the vomiting won't stop, see if the doc will prescribe tigan suppositiories (I know, not pleasant) but it will stop the nasty and he will sleep and begin to tolerate hydration.

    Beautiful picture of Scout. We just got a puppy! I will post on that soon.

    Hugs to Dave, hope he is feeling better quickly.


  11. Love this picture of your sweet puppy :)

    Hope Harry is back to himself soon!

  12. We just got a puppy so I am all about the dog pictures these days! She's adorable.

    Have you tried popsicles? How about ice chips? I hope he gets better soon. The stomach flu is the WORST in my book.

  13. What a great conversion! That is one incredibly cute doggie!

    Sorry to hear about the poor sickies at your house. Hope everyone is feeling better fast!


  14. What a beautiful girl your pup is...lovely black and white!

  15. Love your pup so cute. Sorry sick kids about Popsicles.

  16. i hope Harry is feeling better soon...i am sure he will get this "bug" out with all of his vomiting. i know how horrible that is. we used to get this every 6 months or so from the boys, and now i am bracing myself for emma to bring home these horrible germs...even though i constantly make them wash their hands and use hand sanitizer whenever they come home from ANYWHERE!!!

    Love the black and white. Scout is a beauty, and i love the texture this photo has! i have really been enjoying Lisa's Wednesdays.

  17. Scout looks adorable! As a former high school English teacher, I am over the moon with excitement when I noticed Scout's name! I've read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at least 9 times cover to cover! What an amazing book!

    Best, best wishes to everyone in your home!

  18. Love the black and white- beautiful dog! So sorry your husband and son are not well. I would call about the suppositories too. Sure hope you get them both back on the mend!!!

  19. Poor Harry! The mom's above gave great advice! Hope he feels better soon!

    Oh the picture of Scout just made me giggle! Part Schnauzer/Poodle right? That sweet face is just adorable!!!! We have a schnauzer and she has a personality out of this world!!! Her and my little one are TWO PEAS IN A POD! They are hysterical together! Don't we just love our FURRY family members!!! No....not Uncle Harry or Aunt Matilda....I'm talking about our 4legged family members!! LOL!!!

  20. That is a gorgeous photo. Love his sweet eyes!!


    Kim, Barrington would have these sessions and I could not get him to stop. Until we get a few sips of Pedialite into him, then he settles down,. For him, its been 'miraculous'! haha

    I keep it in the house now because even at 17, he still had such a weak stomach. This summer it reached a bad place... the doctor thought it was acid reflux so now he takes medicine for that and he has gone a long time without throwing up. (He is the pickiest eater on the planet.) I have to fight to get some well balanced, healthy things in worried about what will happen next year at college, but suppose he will learn to make good decisions for himself.

  21. Popcicles friend! I think a few people have already said that, but that's our trick. Hope he's feeling better soon!

  22. Sweet puppy picture! I love how his curls stand out in blk&wh.

    Sorry about your sick ones. I guess you've tried Pedialite?

  23. I'm sorry your child is ill : have you try to put some re-hydradation solution in his water ( you know the one used for babies ?)... You must be tired with those illness ! Have you try pro-biotic as complements? Is really good to help immunitary system...

  24. I am very sorry to hear Harry is not feeling very well! The foot injury does not sound like fun either.

    For some reason I have a horrible time getting my post together before Wednesday. I have to get more organized.

    Love the picture of Scout!! My little puppy has been the best little model. It's the eyes that get me everytime :)

  25. I am so sorry that Harry is sick. My daughter had the stomach bug last week, and here is what our pedi recommended to help keep her hydrated.... give him 1 tsp of pedialyte, wait 10 minutes to see if he can keep it down, if after 10 minutes he keeps it down, give him 1 more tsp. Repeat these steps, waiting 10 minutes. If he does not keep the pedialyte down, wait 1 hour and then try 1 tsp of pedialyte again. We also gave our daughter tiny nibbles of crackers.

    This seemed to help keep her hydrated. Hopefully it is helpful for Harry, as well!

  26. When we get stomach flus we rely on pedialyte popsicles... Since our 4 year old doesn't like the taste of the pedialyte, we mix 1 part unflavored pedialyte, 1 part 7up or sprite and 1 part water.
    Hope your guys feel better!

  27. It is so painful when your children are sick - my kids do better with Sprite or 7-Up - but still small sips. I did a sepia photo of our dog that turned out beautiful. My husband asked me last night if we wanted more children would I be up for adopting, I thought of your blog.

  28. Oh no! First the husband and now the child. No rest for you. As I am reading your post, my daughter is sick in bed with 103*. I have not have a full week of work since Christmas break. I have delt with double pink-eye, bladder infection, sinus infection and strep throat. I have no idea what she has now. I was thinking about you because you wrote before about having a gluten free diet. Could you write more about it. Is it hard? How has it helped your children? LiLi gets the WORST sinus infections. She is just miserable. So just your thoughts on the subject.


  29. Scout is a beautiful dog, love the b&w photo.
    we also eat healthy and take supplements but the kids still gets sick, both girls just had the vomiting last week. popicles does the job. Hope he feels better soon.

  30. Scout is so cute.....she seems like such a wonderful family dog:)

    Gosh have had such a bad winter..... I hope that Harry is feeling better soon and Dave too!

    Thanks for playing along this week:)

  31. Sounds like you have so much on your plate! Hope Harry gets better. It's so awful when those you love are sick and YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

  32. My theory on why my kids used to get sick frequently -- I used a cleaning service and I don't think they were as careful about using clean rags and water. When we had to let them go we had a long sick free spell. Now I provide all my own cleaning supplies, towels, etc.

    Hope Harry is better soon.

  33. Scout is sooo cute! Sorry for Dave's injury and poor Harry! Hugs~

  34. Oh goodness, poor Harry. I don't know what to do when they can't even keep down a small amount of fluid.
    This is a terrible year for flu bugs. Your poor boy.

  35. This is a great photo of my buddy!!!

    So sorry that poor Harry is sick again.. How about ice cubes??

    Tell him I will be lifting him up! Dave too!

    Love ya,

  36. I am sorry that "Nurse Kim" is back on duty again - that's no fun!

    Scout is an adorable dog! When we got our Sophie, I suggested the name Scout (as in the literary character) and the boys wanted to call her "Scout Trooper" (as in Star Wars).

    So, we stuck with Sophie :)

    Ice chips?

  37. The kids are looking at the computer & they SWEAR this picture is of our dog. (She's a cavachon) I am having a hard time convincing them it's on someone ELSE'S blog - why would they be blogging about OUR dog?!!

    Now Mya is in on it too! They all THREE keep saying it. It's crazy!?!?! (Mya just said, "Sophie's sad.")

    Good grief.

  38. Your pup is adorable! Beautiful pic.

    Sorry your son is not feeling well...sounds like he's had a long road with one thing or another...poor guy.

    You've gotten some good suggestions...I've ended up in the ER with both boys for IV fluids. I do pedialyte, gatorade, and sometimes ginger ale (probably a no-no but it's been the only thing that's worked on occasions) in small amounts every 20 minutes.

    Unfortunately, once they start to dehydrate it can actually worsen the vomiting...kind of becomes a viscious cycle and they need IV fluids to get out of it. Don't believe the 'if they are peeing they're OK' it's not true...they can be dehydrated and still be urinating.

    Rx Zofran is a wonder drug and very safe in kids.

    Hopefully you're past all this and Harry is on the mend;-).

  39. Sorry to hear about Harry and Dave. My 4 year old and I were down with a stomach bug 3 weeks ago, it lasted a few days. She was throwing up and I had diarrhea...
    She got sick again 2 nights ago, all night and parts of the day. I remembered the nurse had told me to give her gatorade cut down with water. 7.5 ml every 5 minutes for 4 hours then 15 ml every 5 minutes for the next 4 hours. Then reintroduce solid bland food (applesauce, rice...).
    She did not even keep the water/gatorade ('gatorader' as she calls it :-) )down either this time but I kept on giving it it her when she was awake. It is a little 'painful' for you to have to pour that every 5 minutes but it is good for them. As long as Harry urinate at least 4 times a day, then he should not be dehydrated.
    THis time, after having been sick all night (every 30-60 min), she took 2 good long naps during the day and felt much better after. She went back to school but now my 6 year old is complaining about a headache and not feeling good...
    There is definitely a lot of stomach flu going around everywhere...
    Good luck and hope you are all better soon :-)

  40. oh I am so sorry Harry isn't feeling well. Can he eat, water rich foods? What about pedialyte?

  41. Cute little Scout!
    You poor girl, nurse Kim to the rescue!
    I am off to email you my remedies!

  42. Kim, that is such a sweet picture of Scout. I'm so sorry to hear about Harry. Could he possibly handle very small doses of sprite or gingerale? Maybe not if he's not keeping water down?! Poor guy!

  43. Sweet pic!! Sending feel-better wishes, eesh.

  44. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about Dave and Harry. I hope they are both feeling better soon!

    Great picture of Scout. What a cute little dog.

  45. Kim! I feel your pain...Kate is always ill and I am a total germaphobe who cleans constantly! I cook all organic, gluten free, dairy free meals, and do everything that is right...right down to all of us taking a slew of vitamins...this is Kate's kindergarten yr and she has missed 17 days! I also do not know what to do...I only have one sick day left, too! If you get any good suggestions,please pass them along! Hope Harry feels better soon and it doesn't spread to all the rest! Lynn

  46. So sorry to hear that Harry is not feeling well. Others have had some great suggestions, so I will just offer my prayers that you have a healthy house soon! :)


  47. Love Scout.

    It's been a hard winter for so many people. Hopefully you all will be on the road to recovery soon!

  48. Poor Harry! I hope he feels better soon. As for staying hydrated... do you think shaved ice would work? That helps me a ton when I get like that.

  49. Love the picture-gorgeous in B/W!!
    So sorry Harry is sick!

  50. I know the hospitals try ice chips...with my son, we were desperate so we put an ice cube in a wet washcloth and let him suck on that - or moreso keep his mouth wet. Honestly, even if it comes back up, there is a chance something will stay down!
    Stay well yourself to get everyone on the quick road to recovery!

  51. Adorable picture of Scout!

    Sorry to hear Harry is sick again. Both Carson and Kamree have been sick and now Cory isn't feeling well either. Will spring ever get here?!

    Hang in there!

  52. Scout is so adorable! This photo makes me want to reach out and scritch her little head, or maybe take a nap with her...she looks so peaceful =).

    I'm so sorry to hear about Dave and Harry. I hope they both recover quickly.

  53. Harry is a beauty : ). Does he shed? I heard poodle mixes are great non shedding dogs. My friend just got a teacup poodle mixed with something. SO cute.

    I hope your baby feels better soon! So glad you hooked up : )

  54. That is an amazing photo of a very sweet looking pup!

    Sorry to hear you have a sick kiddo... that's the worst!

  55. Feel better Harry! Sending good health your way....and Dave, too!

  56. What a gorgeous dog and amazing picture!

    Feel better soon Harry!!


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