Sunday Snapshot~Harry

Sunday, January 31, 2010


As cute as he is, he despises having his picture taken (that is why these are not so good. Well, that and it is too cold to go outside and take some new, good photos). He just is too busy to stop for a picture.

He'd rather be playing baseball, soccer or nerf guns...


He also really likes his Nintendo DS.


Harry is an incredibly sweet big brother. He plays hide and seek with Kate. He invited her to a "sleep-over"in his room last week when she was feeling left out because Will was at a sleep over.

Harry and Kate enjoying the fire.

He did AWESOME in the school spelling Bee! I was SO nervous that I only taped his first word. But he lasted several rounds. He made it to #16 in the whole school surpassing many 4th and 5th graders (he is in 3rd).

It was so incredibly stressful to watch the kids up there. They were all nervous and you could tell that their nerves contributed to many of the mistakes.

With his friend and co-competitor. Aren't they cute?

He went out on the word "miraculous" which kind of surprised me because he is my spiritual guy. We pray together every night. He blesses me with holy water and prays over me out loud (and I reciprocate). This week he was even thoughtful enough to pray for the giant pimple on the side of my nose:) What a sweetie!

I am just wild about Harry!

Ni Hao Y'all
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  1. Harry sounds like a wonderful young man. You must be one proud mamma!

  2. Your Harry reminds me so much of my Eli!

    He's a cutie! & How sweet that he invited Kate to his room for a sleepover! I can see why you're proud! ;)

  3. Harry is sooo HANDSOME.. and such an amazing kid..
    Great job to him on the spelling bee..
    Great photos..
    love how he prayed about your pimple..LOL..
    Have a great week my friend..
    Love ya..

  4. What a great little guy...cute, sweet, generous, kind, compassionate, and smart, too! Congratulate him on a job well done! You must be so proud of him!!!

  5. Great job Harry in the spelling how you know that God is in the simple things too...even pimples!

  6. He prayed for your pimple?!?!! BwwwaaaaHaHaHaHa! What a guy!

  7. What a sweet post about your sweet Harry. Love the pic of him and Kate. He is quite wonderful and loved all your pics! Happy Sunday!

  8. I "suggest" you make some more videos! He is so cute...

  9. Oh that Harry... One of a kind. You all must be so proud of him!

  10. I am very impressed by people who are good at spelling!

    Harry is as cute as he could be!

  11. What a sweetheart! He seems like such a gentle little soul. I know you are so proud of him :)
    Love that he prayed over your pimple (maybe he could pray for mine on my cheek?) :)

  12. I always look at this boy and say what a great child he is. I think it is just the imprssion I get from your blog. He is good at everything he does.

    And I laughed so hard at him praying for your pimple. Lilah LOVES to let me know about them too. Just when I think I have them all covered up nicely. She can find them! :)


  13. What a proud moment for you. Harry is a wonderful boy. I love how you write about him.

    Wanda (at Last...)

  14. Yay Harry! Way to go in the Spelling Bee!

    Your son sounds like a delight. And he is absolutely adorable- those freckles!!!

  15. What a sweet little guy....and so handsome:)

    It sounds like he did a fantastic job in the spelling bee....way to go Harry!



  16. I know you must be so proud of him!! I think that is a hard word too.. I won't even try it here! haha

    He looks like he has a little grin even when he is relaxed. Like he is just cool with life in general. You can't help but like him on sight!

    Love your photography Kim! One day when I can talk John into a new camera..I hope you will tell me what to get!!

  17. Way to go Harry!!

    I love spelling bees!!!!

    The little one has started to spell words too, just like the big one! Albeit at a much slower pace, heh!
    Snick :)

  18. Harry is such a handsome little guy, and seems like such an amazing and interesting kid! He just makes me smile =).

  19. Haha! That made me laugh out loud. Good boy, praying for Mommy's pimple. :)

    Congrats, Harry, on the spelling bee!

  20. What a sweet boy you have, and very smart and handsome!!!! I adore his freckles. :)

  21. What a sweetheart -- a great son and brother!

    Hope you all have a good week!


  22. WOW! Harry is such a special boy--I love him:)
    Congrats to him on the Spelling Bee that is an awesome job!

  23. What a handsome and smart boy you have!
    Great job on the spelling bee Harry!

  24. I can see why you are WILD ABOUT HARRY! He sounds like a precious boy in every way ... oh ... and those freckles are over the top cute!
    Blessings from Hong Kong,

  25. I tell you, the heart on that sweet Harry is something else.
    How he must make your heart go pitter patter with all of his sweetness :)
    What a wonderful Snapshot of an incredibly special young man.

  26. Harry is just precious. You are so blessed!

  27. Such a cute little guy, and so sweet as well. Him praying over your pimple cracks me up! Great job, Harry, on the spelling bee!! I remember doing that when I was about his age and I was so nervous!

  28. Oh my gosh what a handsome little sweetheart!!! Congrats on the spelling Bee!!! He did fantastic!!!!!! Whooo hooo Harry!!!! I had to laugh out loud that he prayed for your pimple LOL that was funny LOL
    I think the pictures are girls love their DS too...: )

  29. Congratulations to Harry. That is quite an accomplishment and one to be very proud of!!
    LOL about him praying for your pimple - what a great guy! ;)

  30. What a sweet little man. How cute that he invited his little sister to a sleep over.

    I think I was almost more nervous than my son when I was watching him perform in some way or another ~ it's tough being a mom ;)


  31. Anna asked me if my forehead has always been this big? Ryan thought that I was buying tank top for my 10 yr old because it "was't big enough for me" . Maybe Harry could pray for my flaws as well, lol!

  32. Good looking son! And smart! And a great brother! Very loving family; you have gone well!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  33. Way to go, Harry! (on the spelling bee!) I am proud of you :)

    I have to laugh reading how sweet Harry is this morning. My own 7 year old leaned over on the breakfast table this morning where his sister was quietly eating her fruit & said to her, "we get to go to school and you DON'T" & then he turned around & walked away! So mean ;)

    Love the Sunday Snapshot - it's too COLD here to go outside & take any decent pictures!

  34. Good Job Harry!!! Your just as handsome as you are awesome!!! BTW his "co-competitor" is just GORGEOUS!!!! What a beautiful little girl!!!

  35. Way to go Harry! Just thinking about the spelling bee gives me that nervous in the pit of the my stomach feeling!

    Prayers for Pimples...he really is a love!

  36. Awe, sweet Harry! I would be very proud too! And nervous as well! It is super cold up here too! Like 2 degrees or something!!

  37. Your son Harry is such a cutie - love his smile. Great photos - especially the first one. Hope Kate's eczema and infection is better, Wendy

  38. OH, I can so see why you are just WILD about Harry! I would be too!

    He is such a handsome boy and his charm jumps right through my computer screen....he is sweet to his sister, can SPELL better than many adults I know AND he prays for pimples?
    Do you ever hire him out...even just for an hour?

    Great post. Beautiful Boy!


  39. You gotta love a kid who prays for your complexion! What a huge heart he must have!!!

  40. Congratulations Harry! Way to go!

  41. How old is he? My Kaish, who just turned 10, has been on a FIRM 'no pictures' kick lately... It is driving me batty! At least you have the baby to snap! I go crazy bothering my neighbor kids... : )

  42. Kim
    What a cutie Harry is and he is very smart too:)
    Know you are one proud mama!
    Loved the he prays over you so sweet and I love that!
    What a darling!


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