Harry's Party

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Take 12 or 14 kids a foggy, cold, damp, rainy and muddy day, some silly string, firecracker popper thingies, a football, a kickball and some chips and there you have Harry's party!

It was the most disorganized party that I have ever given. But one of Harry's friends excitedly described it as "epic." So, I guess everyone had fun.

Oh and Harry must be tres' cool because like the Obamas, he had a PARTY CRASHER!
Some high school girl just joined the party. She played kickball and asked for refreshments. We had no clue who she was and she thanked us for letting her crash the party:)


I will never do silly string at a party again. Let's just say there was a lot of clean-up. I invented a contest to see who could make the biggest ball of silly string. They caught onto my motives quickly.




Harry opted for these sour candies since he is allergic to real cupcakes and our source was out of Gluten free cupcakes. His guests had cupcakes though.

And Harry did get his traditional "birthday pancakes" this weekend too.


The next day we went to celebrate Ella and Isaac's 1st birthday. It was such a nice celebration. A year ago I took these shots and asked you to pray them out of ICU. Now they are 1 and perfectly healthy!



Why is it that she plays with toys at other houses but will not touch a toy at our house?


Kate was so sweet "reading" to Isaac.

My creation
Aren't these cakes adorable? Happy 1st Birthday Isaac and Ella!!

P.S. A few side notes about our Christmas Party...Someone asked if our floors got damaged from the dirt and gravel. YES, they did. They were terribly scratched. Orange GLO worked a miracle at covering some of the damage but the scratches are still very noticeable as it wears off.

Also, I need to share a little story about the bartender we hired. She was from the local university school of restaurant and hotel management. Her name was Praise. She was friendly and adorable and I was curious about her name. She shared with me that her parents are Christian and they named their children Hope, Faith, Praise, Noble Truth and Zion. How cool is that?

Tomorrow, I am posting a do's and don'ts of Christmas gift giving for the husbands. They wait until the last minute anyway. So, come back then and maybe leave me a suggestion today if you want me to leave a hint for your hubby:)


  1. Happy Birthday Harry! Your party looks like a blast.

  2. What a fun party! Boys and silly string -- they just go together!

    Here's a "don't" for the list -- don't tell your wife that you'll pay for her to have the spider veins in her legs fixed as a Christmas gift!!


  3. I love silly string!
    Looks like a fantastic time.
    Wishing you and your beautiful family a happy and healthy 2010.


  4. Lovely photos. Kate is as always adorable and well dressed. If she only plays with toys at other people's houses, how does she spend her time at home?

  5. Great party.. but you always throw great parties..
    have a great week.

  6. Maggie, Kate spends her time at home following me around and watching me do whatever I do (laundry cooking, cleaning). It drives me CRAZY!!!! She will read with me or do puzzles with me but she is not a toy gal.

  7. Looks like Harry and his friends had a wonderful time celebrating.

    We had a similar experience with silly string on New Year's Eve.... I made the mistake of allowing it indoors.... WHAT A MESS, but the boys had a blast:)

    The twins are adorable...can't believe they are already a year old!! The picture of Kate reading to Isaac on the floor is adorable.

    Sorry to hear about your floors.....UGH that stinks.


  8. Happy birthday, Harry! And oh my goodness, just looking at that silly string gave me clean-up nightmares. *grin*

    As to Hanukkah... no, we do not celebrate it, but one of my great-grandmothers was Jewish, so we try to honor that heritage as much as possible. I do not know the proper prayers, so we don't celebrate the holiday, but I do display a menorah and remember the dreidel game from my childhood. We've taught the Tongginator.

  9. What a fun and EPIC party! You have done some fun celebrating lately and only more to come!

    Love Kate's dress from ON... I bought the same one for Sophie and she even wore the same blouse underneath if it is from Little English.

    Happy Birthday again, Harry!

  10. So glad that Harry's party was a success, too. They look like they had a lot of fun.

    Kate's b/w dress is adorable. The birthday twins look just precious and healthy. Hooray!! And those are just the cutest cakes.

    I hope you were able to take a good long nap on Monday. :)

  11. It's something about boys! They can make fun out of the "least" little thing! They just CREATE fun!! I just love it!!!!

    I had to laugh at Kate "playing" with Ella and Isaac's toys! It's amazing how "toys" become all the rage at someone else's house or when another child is over visiting and all of a sudden they get "protective" of the toys THEY NEVER EVEN LOOK AT!!!

    I have a friend who named her children JOY, FAITH and HOPE! I thought that was so special! I love the name Praise! Hey I had to throw this one in for you! My oldest daughter knew a girl who named her child Myunique Angel!!! (My unique angel) GO FIGURE!!!!

  12. I can't leave w/o saying how HANDSOME and BEAUTIFUL Isaac and Ella are!! Mom looks FABULOUS too!!I can't believe it's been that long!!!! I love the collage you did of their 1st birthday! What a keepsake!!! Happy Birthday Ella/Isaac!!!

    PS And Kate's dress is from where?? You know you can't escape a post w/o this question!! LOL!!!

  13. Harry looks like he had a blast at his birthday party! Great pictures!

    Sorry to hear about your wood floors....I hope that you do not have to get them redone.


  14. it looks like the boys had a blast at harry's party!! sometimes it is nice to not have everything planned our perfectly, it is more fun! those first birthday cakes are adorable!!

  15. Happy Birthday to Harry!!! Looks like a fun party : )

  16. Really does look like Harry's Party was Fun!
    I know he will remember it FOREVER!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Late Birthday, Harry


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