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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Twins! Isaac & Ella

Our good friends welcomed their twins into the world on December 8th.  I told you about them then.  The other night I was fortunate enough to go visit them (and take some photos too).  If you could say a few prayers for them, I would appreciate it. Isaac and Ella are very healthy but they are not eating on their own and they must be hospitalized until they do.  Michelle and Joel were hoping their babies would be home for Christmas.  As you can imagine, it is tough "camping out" at the hospital constantly.

As it stands they are being fed primarily through a feeding tube and it could be several weeks before they come home.

They are so blessed with these beautiful babies from God!

Daddy's hand

P.S.~ Thank you for all of the kind comments on the post below... to answer a few questions~

Emily B~ Unfortunately, our tree is artificial.  We used to have a real tree but Dave and Will got sick every December.  We realized they were allergic to the tree.  This one if from Sam's Club (two years ago).  We looked at pricier and fancier trees but this was the nicest and most natural looking one.  I still miss having a real tree.

Amy~Our garland is not actually popcorn.  It is a "crystal" garland that I bought several (10) years ago at Crate and Barrel. I bought a ton of it to account for varying sizes of trees and or breakage. However, I have seen a very similar one at Target and I am pretty sure Crate and Barrel still sells it every year.  Look into it.  To me, it really adds a lot of sparkle to our tree.

Hillcrest Acres~The boxwood wreaths are from Ballard Designs and I added the white ribbons and hung them from all my glass front cabinets in the kitchen.  I love them.  I bought the little countdown to Christmas at a boutique in Virginia (last year) but it might be made from Two's Company?  Not sure...just guessing there.


  1. Oh Kim! These two babies are like Christmas miracles! They are the sweetest little angels. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to want them home, but have to wait until they are healthy enough. I will lift your sweet friends up in prayer. I know one day, when these two are running around, this will be a distant memory for your friends. You took some great images, ones that I know they will always treasure. You are such a blessing to your friends! Merry Christmas, Kim!

  2. Oh my...beatufiul babies is right. Ella and Iaac are dreamy. So perfect. What lovely images you captures of these sweet babies.

    I will be parying for this family and a speedy homecoming for the little ones.

    Blessings to all,


  3. oh they are darling, I will say a prayer that they begin to eat.
    Babies are just true little miracles...

  4. The babies are just beautiful, and they will eat on their own very soon I'm sure! I spent two years doing a fellowship in the NICU, and I can assure you that they are very blessed if this is all they are waiting on to be discharged! It would be such a blessed Christmas if they could be home though!

  5. What precious babies! The are just beautiful.....It sounds like they are doing really well....the feeding should change over time, but I am sure it is really tough on your friends to be home and not have their babies with them....especially as the holidays approach!!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to this family during the holiday season!


  6. I will certainly pray for those beautiful babies.....{{{hug}}} they are just gorgeous!!!! I am allergic to so much and we had to go to artificial tree's...I miss a real tree ; ( but not worth being sick.

  7. Oh they are just precious...made me smile when their little faces popped up on the blog. Praying they eat on their own, maintain their body temperatures and just start growing like little flowers.

  8. Gorgeous babies you have shared! They will cherish the photos forever, despite the challenging start for the babies! I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers...and hope that Santa can get them HOME by Christmas!

  9. Thanks for the post Kim!! Please tell your blog friends we appreciate their thoughts and prayers!! They are gaining weight quickly and finishing all of their bottles given, so it is a bit frustrating that they will not increase the bottle feedings so they can come home!! Thanks again, and I absolutely love the photos!

  10. What beautiful babies. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Aren't they the true meaning of Christmas....miracles.


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