Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I take so many photos during the Christmas season and although most of them are poor quality (indoor, dark lighting, snapshots)...I really treasure every single one. So, the last few years I have made a Christmas video that our family watches on New Year's Eve. I will share it here (it is almost done) but I am also posting photos of Christmas Day because I know most of you will not want to sit through that video and I don't blame you:)

On Christmas morning (at abut 6:30), I heard the boys talking in Harry's room. They had a plan. See, we take turns opening gifts as the whole family watches. So, Kate opens a gift and then Harry and then Will and the Mom and then Dad. It teaches the kids patience and gratitude but it takes a long time. Anyway, their plan was to look for a gift that might look like a DS for Will and let him go first so that he could immediately charge it and they could play together later in the day.

We woke up little Miss Katie Ru at 7:00 and down the stairs we went....




Kate was still 1/2 asleep but she was excited about her pink kitchen. All she asked Santa for was a pink kitchen and a yo-yo.....



Dave gave her some yo-yo lessons after breakfast and she caught on rather well. Her biggest challenge is her height at this age:) And she is tall for her age!

Kate also loved her Princess make-up kit from Aunt Dooney, her pink tea kettle from Mimi, apron from Ruby and Ainsley and kitchen stuff from fairy Godmother, Staci! Her pile was quite pink this year (see above).

Will opened his DS first. He had one but it was lost in our move a year and a half ago.

He was thrilled with movie tickets in his stocking to go see Avatar with Dad. They saw it last night and loved it.

Will is obsessed with bacon and found some bacon gumballs in his stocking. He also loved his nerf guns, pottery wheel and DS games.

Harry loved his nerf gun...

and his watercolor set.

Here he is thanking Dad for tickets for the two of them to a hockey game.

He also got several DS games that he has played with quite a bit. I force him to take breaks. My kids never ask for much for Christmas. Harry had two things on his list and I think Will had five on his. I can honestly say that we do not go overboard at Christmas and I am so glad.

Harry knows how much I love a foot massage. He saw this and bought it for me with his own money. Please excuse my first morning no make-up look. I was thrilled with his selecton!
Will made me a beautiful pink and green star sculpture star. I did not get a photo of it but will take one soon. I love it.

Every Christmas we have the same things for breakfast~a baked french toast casserole and an egg, cheese and sausage strata. I alter them to make them gluten free but they are a yummy favorite family tradition.

After breakfast, Dave painted Kate's nails with her new purple "sprinkly" (she means sparkly) nail polish. Is he the GREATEST or what?

Kate's yo-yo lesson. Dave is a very patient teacher.

In the afternoon, we headed over to Uncle Joe's and Aunt Wakita's house...
The kids wrestled with cousin Jamie.

Kate tried to Judo flip Harry. She has picked up quite a bit by watching the boys.

We hung out with cousin Olivia too. Olivia, Kate and I played a painfully long game of Princess Memory. Let's just say Kate is a little like Dory.

A few more presents were opened and
hugs were given.
We had a fabulously delicious dinner!

We were treated to a lovely after dinner concert.

And we posed for a few family photos.

We had a really wonderful Christmas. I am so glad this post is done. It exhausted me! I am quite impressed if you made it this far.


  1. lovely traditions and lovely familly!
    i love the pic of your daughter and his manucurist daddy ! fabulous !

  2. Again, beautiful! Sweetie, if you put the time in creating this great post, of course, I'd stick with reading it to the end! Have a Happy New Year!

  3. What a lovely Christmas, I loved the decor video!!!! So many ideas for next year.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Looks like a most blessed Christmas, surrounded by loved ones and lots of Christmas goodies :)
    I owe you an email... it's coming soon!
    P.S. What an awesome dad!! Kate is a fortunate little girl to get a sprinkly manicure from her daddy :)

  5. What?...oh sorry...I was having a hard time with the phrase early in your post..."We woke Kate up at 7"...I dream of 7... :-)

    A lovely post full of fabulous memories of a day well spent and remembered for the rest of your days. Beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful New Year!!


  6. I enjoyed all your photos! Yours are better than mine but maybe partly 'cause my 4 were up at 5 am! Tia got that same kitchen - she loves it too as her request was a PINK kitchen!

    Happy New Year!

  7. You have such a beautiful family and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your Christmas. Wishing you the best for 2010.

    Mommy to Two Busy Boys

  8. I always love to read your Christmas posts because it always seems like you all have such lovely Christmases. Everyone looks like they had so much fun - can't wait to see the video!

  9. Looks great! I have yet to get my Christmas post done. We'll see how that goes ;)

  10. BEAUTIFUL photos.. and looks like a WONDERFUL day..
    that cassorole sounds yummy.. you will have to share..

  11. We showed my dad and hubs the pictures of Dave painting Kate's fingernails. How impressive and sweet!

  12. Beautiful pics, beautiful family and memories made!

  13. Lovely.

    I need that breakfast recipe. Looks delish.

    We have the same kitchen set: LOL, we have a lot of the same things, no?

  14. Precious and I love your slide shows :)

  15. You got really great photos. Mine stunk this year ( well hubby's).

    Your home is gorgeous!

    Do you ever post your GF recipes? I have Celiacs and would love to see your french toast casserole one. Yum!

    Sue : )

  16. love all the Christmas photos! So sweet!

    My boys like their DSs too, but it is off and on...they may go 6 months without touching them and then play them nonstop.
    glad y'all had a great day!

  17. Beautiful Christmas photos, Kim. I love Kate and that yo-yo!Of course the pink kitchen - too cute ( I want one) ... and your husband painting her nails :).
    I think I have bought my boys every one of your boy's gifts in the past.
    Oh, and I see you found a new black long sweater! I recently bought a new one at Bloomingdales- was going to get the Lilly, but tried on the Bloomie cashmere one and like it better - on sale too! I wore mine the other day with a white ruffle blouse and jeans also ;) We are very similar!!

  18. I loved every one of these sweet photos! I'm glad you and your beautiful family had such a wonderful Christmas. I love the fact that Kate is so girly, but not so much so that she won't bust out a few judo moves in a georgeous red dress. Funny!

  19. lovely pictures....I was laughing when you posted you "woke" Kate up....I look forward to the day that I have to wake my girls up...ever!!!! They usually wake me up...and very early. Thats why I drink a lot of coffee. ::sigh::

    My girls love their DS. They have had them for a few years now but they still love them..infact Livi has two and the old pink gameboy. We lost her first I ran out and bought her a new one...only to find the old one the next day. Oh well....

  20. Such a beautiful family and lovely Christmas day! Glad it went off without a hitch :) Love the kitchenette!

  21. You captured all of these wonderful memories beautifully!! Miss Kate looks like quite the pianist. So cute!! It looks like the perfect Christmas Day.

  22. Looks like a wonderful day filled with wonderful traditions:)

    If you don't mind - where did you get Kate's dress from? I need to find a flower girl dress for a friend whose wedding I am planning - and what she has described is almost identical (except in ivory or pale pink). Thanks!

    Blessings for a wonderful New Year!

  23. What a wonderful Christmas. I did not know they made bacon gumballs. So were they a hit or miss?

  24. What sweet pictures :) Our girls have that same pink kitchen... they LOVE it :) I also love Will's Texas jersey in the last few pictures :) :)

  25. Kim, I am cracking up at some of the similarities between Kate and Sophie... and again, they had some duplicate gifts... like the exact same pink retro kitchen and a yo yo! Ours was a yo yo ball, but still Disney Princess!!

    We even have our traditional egg, chesse and sausage strata as well each year with monkey bread!!

    Love how family oriented and special you make your holidays with your kids. Would love to meet someday if our paths ever cross! I just know that Kate and Sophie would have so much fun!

  26. I love the expressions on the kids faces as they opened their gifts. Priceless. You always capture the moment in such a beautiful way.

  27. Beautiful Christmas!

    I have one question, where did Santa pick up Kate's kitchen set?
    Santa brought Eme one and it already broke, not happy about that...

  28. What a lovely Christmas you had! Kate's pink kitchen is just precious!

    Have a Happy and healthy New Year!

  29. Love the way you captured all the special moments on Christmas day of the kids! The daddy/daughter ones are just too cute! I can't wait to see the video!!!

  30. I loved every picture and word!!

  31. My boys are the same way... only ask for a few things. Funny that my ten-year-old asked for a yo-yo like Kate!

    I am working on posting my pictures today... lots o' work!

    Happy New Year!

  32. I enjoyed your Christmas day post! You looked GREAT for first thing in the morning. : ) Love your and Kate's matching pajamas. Everything looked gorgeous.

  33. I love your retellings Kim! You have such a wonderful family! I am inspired by you! Thanks (as always) for sharing with us!
    The picture of Kate seeing the kitchen is absolutely priceless! A keeper as an enlargement, for sure!
    Happy New Year!

  34. merry christmas kim!! what a beautiful christmas day! i am just about to get to my post today too:)

  35. Hey KIM!! Happy New Year! I was changing some settings on my blog and your blog popped up on an old list. I didn't know you had opened it back up!! I have missed seeing Kate updates and watching your family!!

  36. Kim, thank you so much for sharing your Christmas photos! It looks like you all had a wonderful holiday. I love that picture of Dave doing Kate's nails, that is just precious!

  37. We open one at a time too...more of a tradition than anything but I love the realization that it breeds patience and gratitude. Thank you for that pearl of wisdom!

    So glad your holidays were wonderful- your pictures and the memories will certainly always be cherished by the peanuts.

    Happy 2010.

  38. what a warm and cozy Christmas! I am so borrowing your idea of tickets to movies and events next year, what a fabulous, personal gift!

  39. Wonderful Christmas memories. Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

  40. Santa brought our girls the same pink kitchen. They love it! Looks like a lovely Christmas.

  41. What wonderful, wonderful photos!! I melted when I saw Kate's pink kitchen!! She'll never forget that! Love that you gave the boys gifts of time with your husband.
    And you are gorgeous without makeup.... I should be so lucky! That is indeed a very patient hubby to teach a little one to yo-yo!
    Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Happy New Year!!


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