Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2009
We wish you all a safe, happy and healthy New Year!!! I know this year is going to bring some very special things for some of my good friends. In fact, a few of them hope and plan to meet their daughters this month. I am so excited for them and their families.
Thank you for spending another year with us at 3 peanuts. I realized that in a week, I will have been blogging for 3 years. In fact, my first posts are about Christmas 2006 before Kate came home. This little blog started as a way for far away friends and family to be able to share in our adoption of Kate. It has grown into a journal/scrapbook for my children and a creative outlet for me.
We had planned a quiet night of a good dinner, fire, roasting marshmallows and playing games at home for New Year's Eve. However, at the last minute our good friends put together a fun little party. There were lots of boys running around with nerf guns and sitting outside around the fire pit. Will and Harry did not want to leave. We all had a great time!
I also showed the peanuts the Christmas slideshow I made for them. I am not sure it is really appreciated now but hopefully one day, they will be glad to have them. It is a little rusty. I still prefer Windows movie maker to I-movie but it is the best I could do with the time I had and my lack of knowledge. I need a tutorial or two at the genius bar someday. I cannot incorporate video clips from the flip no matter how hard I try.

On New Year's Day we usually write down a hope/dream/goal for the coming year. I save them and we look back on them to see what has happened. This is a fun tradition to do in your family. However, if you are anything like me, thinking about your goals might induce a small mid-life crisis.


  1. Oh Kim, your video is wonderful and what a great way to combine a months worth of Christmas time memories. I might just have to steal your video idea.

    I hope you and yours have a GREAT 2010!


  2. Great photos... Great fun..
    Happy New Year..

  3. Happy New Year to you all! I remember reading your blog from the very beginning! :)

    I love making goals at the beginning of the year as well. Hope you all have a great year!

  4. Hope your precious family has a happy and blessed 2010. Your video is wonderful. You and your family will be so glad you captured these memories. I love your choice of music (especially Pachabel's Canon)

  5. Happy New Year, friend!! I'm so ready for the holidays to be over!!! Anyway, do you use a flip? I have been thinking about getting one for our trip but I wasn't sure about he quality. What do you think?

  6. I love the montage! I watches ALL ten minutes. VERY special. Your family is darling.

  7. Happy New Year to you Kim! I hope you and your family have a wonderful year.

    Let's try to catch up soon - once all the kiddos are back to school!

  8. The video is precious. I am sure they will really appreciate them when they are older. Enjoy the New Year with your family!

  9. I enjoyed watching your Christmas video! You packed in sooo much fun and so many traditions this holiday season!

    I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year.....the video was darling....I still need to decide how to keep my blog for a keepsake. Is there anything out there besides "blurb" that you know of?

    I did pick up some magnesium for Emmie, but like me she forgets to take it as well. How much does Will...oh shoot...or is it Harry....I'm thinking your email said Will....lol...forgive me....I'm getting old.....lol....how much does he take on a daily basis?

    Perhaps I will send you an email with a few questions.

    Here's hoping the peanuts have a wonderful 2010! ;)


  11. We too put our dreams and goals into a time capsule and reread them at years end. It’s always fun to see if we have accomplished what we’ve written.

    Wishing you all a bright and joyous new year ahead!


  12. Kim

    your video is beautiful!
    I think your children will one day look back and know that all is appreciated!:)
    YOU certainly have did more than justtake care of them.
    So Glad you had a Happy New Year!
    God has blessed, and you are a wonderful person, I KNOW just in your readings!
    Happy New Year, My sweet Friend!

  13. You are not "rusty" at pic taking nor video's if you are, then the REST of us can't even snap a camera! you are GREAT!
    you have a real talent for photog! that is really appreciated too by other viewers!
    Thanks for the sharing!
    you are very talented!

  14. I loved the video.....what a great idea for remembering a special day. Have a blessed New Year my friend!

  15. I was crying 1:28 into your video!
    What a memorable Christmas, Kim.
    Happy 2010!


  16. Happy New Year to you!!! I LOVE your video. What a beautiful Holiday Season!

  17. Happy New Year! And Happy Blogiversary.

  18. Your posts just make me smile... and remind me how thankful I am for my own family. In fact, starting my own blog has made me look deep into myself and what is important (and silly too!) to me.

    Thank you and have a wonderful 2010!


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