3rd Annual Christmas Card Bloopers

Monday, December 14, 2009

I need to post about the parties this weekend (and I will) but I am completely focused on getting my Christmas cards in the mail today and tomorrow. I always post the bloopers from our shoot. The BIGGEST blooper this year is that I only ordered 175 cards and my printed list is at about 200. I really wanted to cut my list a bit this year because there are people I never (ever) hear from on it. I did cut it but I did not take into account new friends in our new neighborhood and schools. I contacted Tiny Prints to see if I could order more today. They would arrive on the 22nd. What do you think?

Okay, back to the photo bloopers. They are completely unedited (except for a crop on the last one).

I must admit...Kate was the source of all the trouble!


When we arrived at the park, she started hatching her plan...


I will just dance around in circles and ignore whatever Mom tells me to do....



After I am done dancing, I will agree to a couple of shots.
But I am not gonna make it easy on her!

In fact, I am going to laugh really at hard at all her (and Dad's) efforts.

Our parents are NUTS!


"Will, how long have they been doing this to you?"

"C'mon guys let's make a run for it on three!"

"Hey boys, look at this cool face:)"

"First, I will stick out my tongue."

"Then, I will go for the fat bottom lip. That one is always good;)"

"Now, I have to wait around while Mom get those boys organized."

"I know Mom LOVES this pose but I am going to make it silly this year..."

"I will not smile..."

"These kisses are so sweet that I cannot help but smile just a little."

"If she doesn't stop soon, I might strangle myself."
(I am sure you readers are thinking the same thing about now:)



Good thing she is so cute. All is forgiven. And I did get one decent shot.
It is not my best shot but I was just getting over that salmonella.
I will post it just a few days before Christmas.

For our past bloopers, click here and here.


  1. So cute, I never tire of your beautiful shots. I can't wait to see the winner!

  2. LOVED these... the running documentary is hilarious :)
    And you did get some really cute ones... can't wait to see the one you chose for your cards this year!

  3. Precious pics, Kim! I love how spunky Kate is :) I can tell she is quite the ham! Love the documentary, too.
    I just mailed your card today, so look for it in the next day or so :)

  4. Seriously, these are the cutest bloopers....ever! I love the last several pictures! Kate is such a little cutie pie!

  5. These pics are too funny! I love them!

  6. hilarious and tiring all at the same time and made me think of our "paid" two and half hour card photoshoot www.ylkphotography.blogspot.com

    We had a runny nose and Hayden was in the worst mood and would not participate as a good model. It drove me crazy and I was certain that if we had one good shot that I would be thankful. We did end up with 35 on our disc but let me tell you Hayden made Miss Yony work for her $$$ that day. I was really hoping that as she grew older it would get easier...I see that it gets funnier and more challenging. They are really cute and really funny, but that is because they are not my pics or my kiddos I guess.

    Can't wait to hear about the party!!

  7. You have a lot of great shots! The bloopers are so funny and I'm sure you will love those for years to come!


  8. I love these! We are doing our Christmas Card bloopers on Friday for Favorite Foto Friday. I sometimes love the bloopers better than the "good" pictures.

    Love her sweater!! So cute with the sparkly buttons!

  9. These are awesome!! Bloopers are my favorite...I think many of these would make a great card! ;)

    And I love the photo of Kate's legs crossed...such a little lady!!

    Merry Christmas! <><

  10. These are awesome!! Bloopers are my favorite...I think many of these would make a great card! ;)

    And I love the photo of Kate's legs crossed...such a little lady!!

    Merry Christmas! <><

  11. Even the bloopers are terrific! I love that Kate's personality is shining in the photos. Clearly the boys are experts!

  12. Oh my gosh - your commentary is hilarious! And I can't JUST hear Miss Kate too. I love that you have a little helper..hmm..looks familiar!!!

    I LOVE the second to last one. Love the dimples. Love the standing on the tippy toes. Love it all!!

  13. These are absolutely adorable..... Kate's little personality just comes shining through!!! Can't wait to see your card:) Hope you got them all written out..... and I would say go for it and order what you need. TP is so good at pumping out there orders. If they say they will be there, they will!!



  14. Always love your bloopers - and you comments that go with them;)

    Blessings to Your Family this Holiday,

  15. She is so funny, and too cute for words! That smile, and those dimples..so sweet,you could just eat her up! And let's not forget her handsome brothers! Any one of these would make an adorable Christmas card.

    Gin =)

  16. Too funny!! I love them. I have to say, I'm not sad to have missed out on our annual photo shoot ;)

  17. My blooper list consisted of about 200+ photos...& then I ended up using the first photo taken....go figure. I love the pics, the silliness and all! Beautiful outfits as well!

  18. Kim

    Kate is a darling( Even not wanting her pic taken!)

    I love all the shots even the bloopers are the best some times!
    Priceless and for you to treasure in years to come!

    love it all!

  19. I always love to see the ones that don't make the card. I also posted our shots. Too cute!!


  20. Kim- Love the bloopers!

    I think you should order more cards and after Christmas cut your list for next year.

    (this from a girl who is anxiously awaiting her cards arrival on the 22nd....although I admit- my excuse is just that I ordered late!!)

  21. Oh my...I LOVE the 2nd to last one. The fact that she is on her tiptoes is just precious...

  22. great pictures, many could have 'made the cut' I think! : ) I love Christmas cards

  23. Landree does that same dance! I FINALLY got a picture today that I can use of her on our cards. We even had professional pictures taken and I wasn't happy with one of all of us in it. I guess better later than never. My cards will go out late once again. I say go ahead and order people love getting cards even if they are a little later :)

  24. My favorite is the first one of all 3 next to the door.

    all 3 of your children are gorgeous.

  25. Love your running commentary! It is so true how it takes alot of bloppers to get just one good one!

    Such a gorgeous family. Handsome boys and a darling daughter.

    It is so hard to cut back on Christmas cards. I always end up with a few extra cause I don't want to run out.

    : ) Jody

  26. That is too funny! Great captions, too. Will and Harry were pros throughout the entire shoot. I really like the one of the three in front of the door (4 up from bottom). If there is one better than that, I can't wait to see it!

  27. You are cracking me up with your narration. lol Kate is so darling and I am blown away with how the boys cooperated and looked so right for every shot! Kudos guys!
    Merry Christmas!

  28. Classic photos - what a beautiful family.
    Am new to this and have been following your blog for a few weeks and find it so fresh and a wonderful read.


  29. You know what? Even though she was all over the place, you can really see her personality :) This year my middle guy was the "source of trouble"... patience!

  30. I love the Blooper Posts! Just darling!

  31. I love this post every year!! And, I LOVE that last pic of Kate. Please send my way!!! Seriously, how can you go wrong with the Peanuts!!! Ruby almost got strangled at our photo shoot too. Why is it we can take pics of everyone else's children?

    Can't wait to see the card! And, of course to hear about the fabulous party!!!


  32. These are all priceless! Love all of Kate's expressions :) and those little crossed legs - too cute. The boys look handsome as ever!
    Christmas card shoots have always been a nighmare for me with my 3 boys, and they get worse as they get older!

  33. What a little ham! Too cute, your boys are such good sports. My 3 brothers would have lasted 2 minutes and I would have had bunny ears , a wet willy and who knows what else!? Love all your shots:)

  34. What a personality! And I totally want to learn your secret - how did you get your boys to willingly pose for so long? And if you say "good parenting," my sister (mom to four) may collapse from sheer defeat.

  35. Too funny! Great memories even if they are bloopers. : )

  36. Oh my-this post made me laugh!! What adorable pictures!!!

    Where do you get Kate's headbands? Etsy? I am looking for cute headbands for my 4 year olds that don't go around the entire head...can you help??? Thanks!

  37. She is really is such a cutie!! I can't wait to see what you chose, because you really got some cute bloopers!!

  38. love seeing her little personality come through on the photos, so cute!!

  39. How cute ... looks like they had fun :)) I can't wait until I get to chase around our little guy next year!!

  40. caroline walked by as i was looking at your entry & she said 'mama, can you ask her where she took those so we could have a photo shoot there'
    tell me i haven't raised her well!

    love these shots kim
    love them
    her little crossed patent leather feet...precious

    merry christmas friend

  41. these are adorable!! {oh and just order the cards ... have everything ready to go so all you have to do is add stamps}... i adore the photo of kate & the boys infront of the door and she's blowing up her cheeks. precious!

  42. So funny! Kate and Lucy could have competed for acting up during the Christmas photo shoot! Good thing the are cute!!! Hope all's well and you are enjoying the season!!!


  43. Ahh...Kate! She is adorable and the boys handsome - I love all the shots and the commentary that you put with each!

  44. too cute.....my cards this year aren't very good...but....someday I hope to have all 4 cooperate! ;)

  45. I love these "bloopers". Kate's personality just shines!

  46. I'm just sitting here giggling all by myself at this sweet dimple faced angel....I love the bloopers!

  47. What a little ham! Love her, and the boys are so handsome. Merry Christmas!

  48. LOL just adorable!!! Love this post.

  49. love them all:)
    Love your dress from your party pics, as I am sure many other posters have said... It is so you!:)the color, the style is just very flattering.
    I too would be one to put a sign up about the shoes... A shame no one would leave them outside:)
    Merry Christmas Kim, I am so glad you got over that awful illness last month and have enjoyed the holiday season.

  50. Loved the photos & loved the captioning.....sooooo funny! and they are all so dog~gone CUTE~!!!!! That wooden door was an awesome background.....loved it! thanks so much for sharing the fun with us :)


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